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More Excellence (2020-06-21)
My new favorite socks - good for the trail or for standing on the job for hours. Perfect for M1904 Marching Shoes & M1940 Cavalry Boots, among other footwear.

Steve - US
Socks as stated (2020-04-23)
I can't speak to the pattern's accuracy, but the socks are what they claim to be: wool-blend with a thicker weave on the sole and toe for comfort and durability. They were pretty comfy for a whole-day event that ran the temperature gamut, and were thick enough to prevent any blisters despite my boots not being fully broken-in. A shame there aren't any smaller sizes in stock.

Ropp - US
Very Comfortable (2019-04-04)
Very cushioned and comfortable, they're perfect. I do hope, however, that the khaki ones get restocked at some point.

Negrete - US
US Cushion Sole Socks (2018-03-30)
Perfect for the WWII reenactment freak in my son

Roberts - US
Great cushion-sole socks (2018-03-24)
These are the best cushion-sole socks I've ever owned. I've tried other repro cushion-sole socks, military surplus cushion-sole socks and supposed current issue cushion-sole socks. All of those were disappointments. Some were relatively thick but of a loose open weave that didn't last long. Others felt cheap and others shrunk. These socks are thick and sturdy and comfortable.

Payne - US
Amazed at the super fast delivery. (2018-02-21)
Good socks. Top portion is a bit thick compared to originals, but there aren't a lot of options for GI socks so they will do for now.

VanDelinder - US
Fast delivery (2017-11-07)
The socks arrived fast and are good quality.

Chavez - US
Socks (2017-10-14)
Great socks. Fast delivery. Satisfied.

Betty - US
Great Socks! (2016-05-01)
Love the way they feel! Great, comfortable socks!

Craig - US
Excellent Socks, Wel,Worth The Money! (2016-03-08)
I bought two pair of your WW2 GI socks to go with a pair of your Officers' Oxfords---the quality was amazing, and I'm glad for the investment. (I'll be on my feet a LOT in those shoes---they're great and well-made, but the cushioned socks will no doubt help.) Delighted customer here!

Williams - US
Fantastic (2015-05-20)
Look and fit great. Couldn't believe it when they arrived a day ahead of schedule.

Gaston - US
US Cushion Sole Socks (2015-05-05)
Excellent reproduction of a timeless classic with very high quality look, feel and fit. Highly recommended.

Kose1 - US
US Cushion Sole Socks (2015-03-30)
Nicely made and very comfortable! I see more of these in my future...

Craig - US
SOCKS (2015-01-02)
Absolutely perfect in every detail.

DiMaio - US
US cushion sole socks (2014-08-01)
Well made, good fit. They proved to be very comfortable on long hikes, still wearable in warm weather. I''ll get some more in winter!

Phillip - UK
Mr (2014-07-23)
Good following-up and delivery of ordered goods, in spite of different billing and delivery address. Goods were well handled and wrapped. Solid socks!

Vandersloten - BE
Comfy (2014-05-14)
looks and feels great on those long marches

Dipardo - CA
US Cushion Sole Socks (2014-03-09)
Good quality. One of the 3 pairs was heavier material and longer. Otherwise, happy with the socks.

Krupa - US
Great Product (2014-01-07)
Awesome product, great quality. I'm glad I ordered a size larger for a petfect fit
and of course usual fast service.

Bill - US
US socks (2013-07-13)
the best i have seen so far, this pattern was not the most supplied during the war, but there fit perfectly and are really strong and comfortable

hadjadje - FR
Mr (2013-06-28)
Very good quality item and fast delivery, Thank you

Tromans - GB
GI Socks (2012-12-05)
Great repro socks. Looking forward to wearing them soon.

O''Neal - US
Dr. (2012-10-11)
Nice socks, will keep me warm, comfortable and soldierly

Andersen - GB
Socks (2012-05-15)
Great socks! Comfy!!

Layman - US
US Cushion Sole Socks (2012-05-03)
I now have five pairs of these. I have washed them in Woolite, and they turned out fine. They are the real deal! Treat them gently, and they will last, forever. The cuff is a bit tight. This is especially noticeable after the first washing. Once they shrink the first time they will hold the size.

Speer - US
Excellent Quality (2012-03-25)
Since the previous pairs I've bought shrinked noticeably, I've ordered this time one size up; still they are the best cushioned sole I've ever wore in my boots, never had such a good quality when I was in the military. Absolutely recommended but wash with care.

Lazzaro - IT
U. S. Cushion Sole Socks (2012-02-02)
Just as expected. Nice pair of socks. Very pleased.

Friar - US
Socks (2011-12-18)
Bought for my son for x-mas. Delivered promptly.
Socks look of good quality. Time will tell.

Sandmeyer - US
good socks (2011-06-24)
nice to wear, nice repro

frederic - FR
US Cushion Sole Socks (2011-05-23)
The socks are a nice color, have enough cushioning, and stay up. These are the best socks I have been able to find anywhere, fast shipping, and great service-as always. Thanks.

Bolt - US
US Cushion Sole Socks (2011-04-18)
Very good, very comfortable, very strong

US cusion sole sox (2011-03-29)
Nice socks color od goes great with my combat uniform. nice socks for roughout boots. looking forward to my next purchase. fast delivery no complaints here. THANKS JERRY and WPG.

GI Socks (2011-03-28)
Nice socks dead on color and definatly heavy duty.should last a long time thanks again for great quality merchandise.

Randolph - USA/Florida
socks (2011-03-18)
quickly shipped an accurate

hadjadje - FR
Cushion Socks (2011-02-28)
These will definitely be my marching socks. Great quality. Thanks.

devers - US
Recommended Quality (2011-02-25)
As I''ve yet had to verify, these are simply excellent, very comfortable, warm & durable. I haven''t never wore USGI cushion soles in winter before trying WPGs. Unique in color from any other surplus or repro of this style; guaranteed.

Ricciardi - Italy
Excellent Socks (2011-02-20)
I previously wrote an uncorrect review, ''cause I''ve mistook them with a similar item from a whole another vendor -actually a Vietnam Repros retailer. I still do not believe they had cushion soles back in WWII, but anyway these are Really Appreciable. Yet a bit too tight at calves, they stood quite heavy tests on the field (I work in rough terrain, cold & rainy season) outstandingly. And You''re glad to put them on, ''cause pleasingly comfortable. Not least, they''re what it seems to me accurately Olive Drab.
I''ve promptly doubled my order.

Ricciardi - Italy
I hand judgment over to experts (2011-02-12)
I don't exactly know if these are meant for WWII reenactment, I've always assumed they were basically two types of socks: lightweight khakis & wool, grey or OD. I guess these are mostly suitable for Vietnam, anyway I use 'em for everyday work wear.
I must say I do prefer the current GI surplus, these ones are a bit too flimsy to stand well usual perspiration, they're well made but not comfortable to me with boots.
A remarkable detail: to my profane eyes, these look like correct OD versus nowadays OG, which should be a strike point in favor of reenactment's purpose. As they say, just my two cents..

Ricciardi - IT
same color (2011-02-12)
funny. they are basically the same color as air force issue socks but so much more comfortable once you get them on. very pleased with it all

cowling - US
Socks:: (2011-01-19)
Havent put them on yet, but look great!

Chaban - UA
Perfect (2011-01-15)
Perfect in jump boots!

Boisseau - CA
Repro Socks (2011-01-08)
Ive been looking for a good repro sock for a little while and these are great.

Eshelman - US
Socks (2010-09-09)
These are extras....can't beat the comfort !!

Santucci - US
US Cushion Sole Socks (2010-09-10)
Very great repro socks

Anisimov - RU
nice socks fast delivery !

Gibson - US
perfect (2010-06-06)
fine quality socks

Schatull - DE
cushion socks (2010-04-15)
These socks are a bit tight around the cuff, so I had a little trouble to get them over my heel, but once I got them on they were fine. Much better than the ones I picked up at a surplus store that would not stay up!

Schober - US
US Cushion Sole Socks (2010-04-12)
a great replica

Anderson - US
. (2010-03-16)
very helpful, good communication , hope to order something again soon

verschueren - BE
very good (2010-01-28)
a very god pair of socks - i think they are better than the originals.
sizing is perfect.

Schatull - DE
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