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Super (2021-10-26)
Just what I needed. Great service.

Sultenfuss - US
Quite good and comfy (2021-10-12)
Good quality, might reassess after 3-4 years.

Wangtragulsang - TH
nice skivvies (2021-09-02)
I wear a modern size 32 (so I'm really a 32-34), and I bought these in size 32 and they fit perfect. These fit true to size, they can be made smaller in waist with the ties, but not larger (i.e. no elastic/expansion). Great construction and color. Comfortable cotton, not coarse muslin. And as is usual, extremely fast shipping to the US.

Boxer shorts (2021-04-13)
Great underwear very comfortable

Langston - US
Best Boxers & Stoutest Skivvies on the Market! (2020-12-10)
These are the best GI boxers/skivvies on the market now! 3 well sewn buttons and the fit is to size. I've tried others and they were wanting in accuracy, came in S/M/L sizes rather tan waist size, and had issues with buttons falling off. The only thing I would change is to make the draw strings an inch longer on each side to make it easier to tie a proper bow, however it's fully functional as it is. Prompt delivery and air tight packing as we expect from WPG!

Manchester - US
fast delivery (2020-11-09)
2nd pair, like them.

dudrow - US
great (2020-09-25)
great boxers. very pleased with them

dudrow - US
Best repro out there! (2020-02-29)
I've owned at least one pair of every brand of reproductions, but the WPG repro is closest to my six unissued originals. WPGs boxers are exact to the cut and finish. Some reviewers have had a problem with the shade of color; but originals are all over the spectrum of olive drab and WPGs shade is perfectly acceptable. Give these boxers a try, and you'll probably start wearing them every day, they are that comfortable!

Jebediah the GyroCaptain - northern Illinois
Super fast delivery (2019-01-25)
Got it before the event I was going to.

Meek - US
WW2 Boxer shorts (2018-11-08)
I'm Happy with my purchase. These are hard to find. Thanks

Green - US
Great reproduction (2018-10-01)
Just the job - comfy period underwear!

hindle - UK
Excellent quality, good fit. (2018-09-05)
These are nearly identical to my originals, except that these fit even better, and the front gap isn't so big that your junk flops out constantly (problem with the originals.) Love them.

Haynes - US
Nice reproduction (2018-08-21)
Good quality shorts...fine fabric...just like the originals.
Just one thing...they are not khaki...rather pea green

Doppler - CH
Just what I needed (2018-07-03)
Looks authentic, and for a good price. Fast shipping too!

Sleik - CA
Fast delivery (2018-01-14)
As advertised, fast shipping.

Excellent Quality (2017-02-27)
I have purchased the same WW2 boxers from J Peterman's. WPG's were of better quality and for half the price. Will have no reservations about purchasing from WPG again.

Willinghan  - US
good (2016-12-29)
It is a good finish. The current lot can be thin dough. The color turned green as well. I want you to keep this.

chief Koda - JP
quick delivery (2016-11-22)
well-made product

Price - US
Boxer Shorts (2016-10-18)
Great seldom seen item to have

Crawford - US
Excellent reproduction (2016-06-17)
Excellent reproduction, ordered my jeans size and fits perfect

Gijs - NL
very confortable (2016-01-09)
good product, great look, fast delivery

Chan - US
Good! (2014-04-06)
Good quality boxers! Order your dress pant size. These should be worn with the waist band over your belly button. Otherwise, the barn door flaps open... Side ties help for a better fit.

Trocino - US
undies (2014-01-08)
Very comfortable to wear, except bottom fly is open to wide, your privates will peep out. but besides that very very nice

Leon - Melbourne
G.I. Boxer Shorts (2013-09-21)
I received my boxers today. This generation has 3 buttons now like the originals making them look great! Still the cheapest available with improvements being made!

Farrell - Ca. U.S.
When I wear underwear it's usually not this sexy (2013-08-08)
what can I say... it's underwear looks good for the footlocker.

Blake - US
US M43 Jacket. (2013-03-08)
Very good quality & fit. Very comfortable with a good weight. Will do business with you again Jerry Lee.

Morrison - GB
US WWII Boxer shorts (2013-03-08)
Very pleased with the quality & fit, excellent job Jerry Lee.

Morrison - GB
Decent Reproduction G.I. Boxers (2012-11-07)
WPG's reproduction boxers are decent/affordable replicas of the originals but could be better. The main issue with these is that the fly has no overlapping material so if you're not careful the barn door will end up wide open. I've elected so sew some extra material behind the fly to correct this issue. Still good reproduction boxers, though!

Clark - US
Dr. (2012-10-11)
Fine product, nicely finished, prompt delivery, still sad that you have discontinued the officer's epaulettes for the wool shirt!

Andersen - GB
Nice (2012-07-16)
Looks great, Out of my size so I ordered one size up, On the look out for the correct size, but Great for living history demo and layout

Hurst - US
US GI OD Boxer Shorts (2012-05-22)
Super fast shipping and great repros!

Adams - US
US G.I. OD Boxer Shorts (2012-05-03)
I bought two pair of these about three years ago. I wore them as pajamas, I loved them so much. I now have enough pairs for both my WWII Marine and Army Haversacks.

Speer - US
Properties Designer (2012-04-11)
Great stuff, great service. I definitely will buy from this company again. Only complaint is that I would have liked to see those manufacturing/distribution jobs here in the US considering that the products are about WWII...

Scourtes - US
Boxers (2012-03-15)
The fit is fine in the waist,and they are true to the originals in look. I just don't like the way they gap when you wear them.

Thomas - US
Thanks! (2012-03-06)
Comfortable and lightweight! The fit is easily adjusted with the waist ties, though they don't run too much larger than I was expecting to begin with. Thank you!

S. Patrick - US
boxers (2012-02-19)
fastest delivery

verschueren - BE
US GI OD Boxer Shorts (2011-09-18)
Good reproduction, mines were way to big, be sure to check your size!!

Genderen - NL
US GI OD Boxer Shorts (2011-05-26)
Very good quality. A bit larger then I thought. I normaly wear size 38, but the shorts in size 38 are a bit too big.

Kohlmorgen - DE
USGI Boxer Shorts (2011-05-07)
Real comfortable cotton. Very pleased with the construction.

USMC711 - US
Interesting (2011-04-18)
These are really interestingly constructed! Great service.

Cook - US
MR (2011-04-10)
Excelent shorts very pleased with WPG for a speedy and prompt sevice. Will definatly use WPG again. Thank you

Grimsby - GB
Great G.I. Shorts (2011-04-08)
great underwear better yhan the ones I have bought else where not only wear renacting but every day

Hunnewell - US
US GI OD Boxer shorts (2011-03-29)
Thanks WPG for a very nice authintic looking pair of shorts should last for long time.quite satisfied fast delivery also.

OD Boxer Shorts (2011-03-28)
really nice shorts and very comfortable light weight but real sturdy.

Randolph - USA/Florida
us gi od boxer shorts (2010-12-12)
Identical to my originals.

Brody - US
boxer shorts (2010-08-18)
great- just wish there are soome 30-32s in the works. I would wear these a lot if they were abit smaller, But for reenacting, this size (34) is OK
great product, thanks formaking it, for those of us who like top to skin correctness

Mc Mahon - US
US GI OD Boxer Shorts (2010-08-03)
Excellent quality and fast delivery

Lauria - US
shorts (2010-07-17)
very nicely made, comfortable

Sferruzza - US
Boxer shorts (2010-07-12)
Good wearing boxers. Fit me well. Very accurate repop as I have an original pair to compare them too.

wagner - US
wales (2010-06-07)
good quality and just like my originals...

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