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Glows faithfully (2022-05-17)
Good, potent lume. Just like the original in appearance.

Vrdoljak - CA
Great (2021-11-07)
Another fine product.

Faltesek - US
Fast Delivery (2021-10-12)
Spot on. No posian paint it to make glow. But spot on great.

Pace - US
Totally satisfied! Jerry Lee has always provided great service! I highly recommend WPG!!!!! (2020-05-24)
Thank you for the lightning fast service! I am completely satisfied!

Field - US
Super (2020-05-24)
Thank you again for the prompt shipment. As always, quality items.

Grazioso - US
great item (2019-03-14)
great item to add to the impression

jim - US
Excellent Product (2018-09-03)
Great item, works just as needed!

Somers - US
fast delivery! (2018-07-16)
good quality stuff.. I'm very pleased!

Bill - US
US Luminous Discs (2012-03-07)
It looks ok.

Irving - US
Luminous Discs (2011-12-20)
My husband will be happy to get these discs. They will add detail to his uniform.

Teresa Groff - US
US Luminous Disc (2011-10-20)
Finally got around to buying. Have seen them on other members of our reenactment unit. The glow should work well for night patrolling movement. Definitely recommended.

Miller - US
Looks great (2011-08-30)
Looks great, Now I just need to attach to the uniform.

Hurst - US
1 (2010-12-22)
Nice product.

Thornton - US
WALES (2010-05-26)
Good item for the re-enactor...

US Luminous Discs (2010-03-21)
Great item, perfect

Scheiflinger - AT
Luminous disk (2010-02-02)
Great quality, glows like Tsjernobyl!

Henk - NL
Mr (2009-11-13)
Great peice of gear just what I wanted, rec 12 Nov 2009

Toohey - AU
discs (2009-09-16)
exactly as I wanted...perfect

Albright - US
Luminous Disk (2009-08-30)
No complaints.

Meyer - US
Amaising (2009-07-18)
It's a practicle thing! Almost real! I think it's very good reproduction.

Pntek - HU
I hope... (2009-05-25)
I hope that it'll work in the night! ;)

Pntek - HU
A! (2009-05-24)
Really good, perfect in the dark.

Harnpattananpanich - US
great item (2009-04-08)
Great peice of gear. Verry pleased

Hurley - US
US LUMINOUS DISC (2009-03-19)

Keras - US
Luminus Disc (2009-03-19)
Bought one and it is a very good item. Recommend it for the quality and pricing. Thank you!

Collins - US
Luminous Disc (2008-12-11)
Excellent....very pleased with the item

Dockall - US
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