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first aid kit (2020-08-18)
It is probably my own fault, I had no idea the kit is soldered shut and is intended as a "single use" item (it is ripped apart, destroying the can, when opened). I had planned on carrying it in the 1913 car as a "period" piece but as a legitimate first aid kit. I will still do it, but now with the knowledge it is not reusable/re-stockable. But it is a well-made thing!

Haynes - US
Great product (2018-11-08)
Great product as usual. Thanks for doing such a great job supplying WW1 items!

milam - US
Like a period one ! (2018-10-24)
Great repro of the first aid packet ! Congratulations !

Fast delivery (2018-04-01)
Great bit of kit.

Ryan - AU
Decent (2018-03-08)
Looks about as good as you could make a new production pouch. Haven't had the chance to test it to see if it will fit an original.

Richardson - US
Carlisle Bandage (2018-02-09)
Incredible reproduction! Too bad it has to live in a canvas pouch.

Mick - Arizona
super (2017-11-30)
very nice beautiful copy
shipping very fast
thank you WPG

Outstanding (2017-11-28)
Thank you very much repeat business assured

Grazioso - US
great copy (2017-11-21)
very nice like a original thank you WPG regards

fast ship, very good reproduction (2017-11-14)
Nicely made, compares very well to originals

Goff - US
Fast delivery (2017-10-17)
Good reproduction.

Woodcock - US
Superb! (2017-10-11)
Fine reproduction of the first aid packet. Truly outstanding.

Burduck - US
Amazed (2016-05-08)
Jerry the items are great and I received them in good condition thanks as always.

Arnone - US
Fast Delivery, well made Reproduction (2016-03-09)
Good reproduction. Fit and feel is perfect.

Allen - US
US Pre-WWI First Aid Packet (2015-11-07)
Thanks for all the detail. Great job.

Foster - US
Great item (2014-12-21)
A last piece to complete my doughboy impression

Nappi - US
1908 first aid tin (2014-03-27)
Nice item, and I was glad it was back in stock. Thanks a lot!

Cassady - US
Pre-WWI First Aid Can Pouch (2013-08-20)
When I received this item I though that it was the same as the M1912 USMC Pouch. I examined the two of them side by side. The US Army M1904 Pouch is completely different from the USMC 1912 Pouch. The USMC Model has side seams and the US Army Model does not. They appear to be prototypical of the M1910 US Army and M1940-41 USMC F.A. Pouches that I have for the Carlisle Dressings. This is as it should be! Historically accurate, down to the last detail. Thanks again, Jerry.

Speer - US
US Pre-WWI First Aid Packet (2013-07-18)
Nice item. It helps complete an impression with a nice detail like this one.

Duggan - US
US Pre-WWI First Aid Packet (2013-05-22)
Ok, I''ve got to comment on this. I ordered on of these first Aid Packets, and it came from overseas destroyed by US customs. I contacted WPG about it, and they no absolutely replaced it for me no questions asked, and fast. I Loved the Customer service I received from them on this issue, that was the way it should be. Top Notch. As for the Product, it is an excellent reproduction piece.

Jeremy - OHIO USA
US Pre-WWI First Aid Packet (2012-11-27)
Great item: I'm happy with that!

Cappone - IT
1910 US Navy Sealed First Aid Dressing Tin (2012-09-22)
This looks real good. I couldn't tell if the ring was still attached when I was looking at the photo, but you remembered! This is an esential item that only you thought to produce. That is why you will always be the leader, Jerry. Thanks for super fast shipping.

Speer - US
First Aid (2012-04-22)
Looks very good!! Fits the outfit for 97/11 Wild Bunch!!!

Leefmans - NL
Ver good repro (2012-04-20)
This is a great looking repro kit - well constructed, of good quality material. Quite pleased!

Hughes - US
George, TX (2011-07-25)
Exceptional reproduction. This has the look and feel of the real thing. Much better quality than some of the other reproduction first aid kits out there.

Renfro - US
very nice (2011-06-24)
have some originals and this one is great copy

frederic - FR
first aid packet (2010-01-04)
Awesome packet, looks great like it was just issued out, not perfect but rugged military quality.

rogers - US
WWI 1st aid pack (2009-11-11)
Another great reproduction by WPG.

Jim L - US
1908 first aid packet (2009-06-11)
Great job!!! Looks absolutely original. No dings or dents either. Thanks

Braiwick - US
Pre-WWI Navy 1st aid Packet (2009-04-15)
Well made item. Heavy and looks exactly like the originals..and it is sealed with a bandage (non-period) inside. Good job Jerry.

Beckley - US
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