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1911 campaign hat (2012-02-19)
nice quality,authentic look and fast dispatch,good value too!

attew - GB
Diablo (2011-12-08)
I would say very accurate to the original considering the cost! Fit is good and as with the other comments, a little laquer shuold do nicely!

Pickett - US
campaign hat (2009-02-14)
I really like this hat, it soon takes on that certain look seen in the old photos.

tim - uk
Reduce the Price.. (2008-03-24)
I received my 1911 imported campaign hat/cover a couple days ago and the description is accurate…”style”. This is not your typical 3x Beaver felt campaign hat. Stetsons are quite a bit more expensive. Buyer should not expect it for $60. This hat passes the 10’ visual reenactment rule for passing authenticity. The stitching and the crown are correct and the location of the too small eyelet for the chinstrap is equally accurate for this imported hat. The eyelet is too small for WPG’s chinstrap or any other commercial chinstrap. Forego the leather chinstrap and use a light tan cotton shoe lace or leather lace. Early campaign hats used the cotton adaption integrated into the headband or plain holes vs. the eyelet provided in dark blue. The hat does not maintain its shape in damp weather. I recommend you follow the aforementioned treatments form the other remark. I made a few adjustments by using an electric razor to reduce the “fuzz” raised by the damp rubbing. I used 3 parts water to 1 part water soluble clear lacquer in a cheap spray bottle, and applied it sparingly in light coats. It was difficult to locate old style petroleum base lacquer. Some white residue will show after drying. Use a natural hair type boar brush to remove the residue. It takes time, be patient and repeat the process until your hat retains the “broken in” appearance you desire. WPG, as a new loyal customer, I recommend the price be reduced by ½ and placed in your close out section. You’re a quality outfit, don’t stain you reputation with lesser quality products.

Carl - USA
Campaign Hat (2007-07-14)
I did improve the appearance and wear of the current hat by first, wetting (but not soaking) the hat with hot water and brushing it with a very stiff scrub brush to raise the nap. Next shaved and burned off the nap. When hat was thoroughly dry, applied several coats of spray varnish. Compares very favorably to the original.

Customer - USA