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M1 Bandoleer (2012-11-06)
It's perfect!

Rossi - IT
good (2012-10-13)
nice color

Hao - CN
bandoleer (2012-09-10)
workmanship is adequate but not exceptional. good value

Wolfer - US
m1 bandoleer (2012-07-16)
awesome awesome repro, durable and plan on purchasing more.

huss - US
Nice (2012-05-17)
They were a title thiner then I thought, but I guess it makes sence. I have nothing to compare them too, but my father a veteran of viet nam, said it felt the same as thie ones he was given. I guess the army feels if it anit broke don't fix. But I am very happy with these over all.

Pegis - US
Great Bandolier (2011-12-06)
Finally a bandolier with just right OD3. I like it 'cause there ain't no markings on it and it came with cardboard inserts. Highly recommended for G.I. Impression and reenactments. SPEEDY shipping. Gonna order some more!

Chapman - US
Bandolier (2011-11-09)
Perfect. Identical to the originals. The shipping from UAE is unbelievably fast. I will order from here again.

David - US
Great bandoliers! (2011-06-25)
Great bandoliers!

Bengtsson - SE
M1 Bandolier (2011-06-19)
This is a very good product. No one would be disappointed. No One.

Hergert - US
bandolier (2011-05-03)
Looks like an original, fast shipping

Arroyo - PH
Saddler Sgt. (2011-04-28)
Great bandoliers, good color no markings, just like the originals

Scroggins - US
US M1 Ammunition Bandoliers (2011-04-27)
Good price and the cardboard inserts are a bonus.

Cassar - CA
M1 Bandoleer (2011-03-25)
Very nice item. Great color and the cardboard inserts fit great,and the shipping was amazing! 4 days from the time I placed the order until it was at my door, and it came from the UAE warehouse!

Nice (2010-12-16)
Nice color, and not marked just like originals.

Wadkins - US
cool (2010-04-05)
just what i wanted

zarilla - US
US M1 Ammunition Bandoliers (2010-03-08)
Very nice product; will get more

McDowell - US
US M1 Ammunition Bandoliers (2010-02-27)
Excellent item. Cardboard boxes are a nice detail most companies won't bother with.

Quartier - BE
bandoliers (2009-11-23)
nice one like it

Great (2009-11-05)
Simply perfect, cheap and good.

Strang - NL
M1 Cotton Bandoleers (2009-10-22)
Look like my originals. Nice job all around!

Michaud - US
Great quality (2009-10-20)
Very happy with the appearance of the bandoleer. I shuld have ordered two! Service was excellent.

Smith - US
M1 Ammunition Bandoliers (2009-08-23)
nice item and i liked the carboard inserts, stiff and larg but with a little use it fine.

hertzog - US
Nice (2009-08-03)
Little bit larger, but nice item.
Thank you!

Kobayashi - JP
Bandolier (2009-04-10)
Good quality and nice color. The cardboard inserts also does the trick.

Ibanez-Fhn - NO
M1 Ammo Bandolier (2009-02-09)
The fabric in the bandoliers is very good. The cardboard inserts varied in quality of construction somewhat. They are too tall for use with blanks, so I cut them down. Other than that they are very good.

Brown - US
M1 Bandoliers (2009-01-23)
Got mine today. They look nice. Great price too!

Williams - US
bandoleer (2009-01-18)
Great buy. Works great and looks great.

Apple - US
US M1 Ammunition Bandoliers (2009-01-08)
Very nice!

Small - US
US M1 Ammunition Bandoliers (2008-12-30)
These are great replacement for my originals. The quality is great. These are also a great value.

Kegel - US
great value (2008-02-22)
Just rec''d the bandolier, what a great value, excellent construction and looks just like the originals
thanks a lot

Derek - Los Angeles