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Well made helmet netting (2023-07-14)
The reproduction looks just like an original. The item is well made. The shipping was very fast.

Irwin - US
Great quality for price (2020-12-29)
Good quality nets. Really looks the part on late WW2 British and American helmets. Excellent service, as usual and remarkably fast shipping.

Charlie - UK
Very Fast service ... (2020-12-22)
Always enjoy shopping with WPG a step back into history.

McKay - US
good&nice item (2020-06-09)
good&nice item..

lee - KR
helmet nets. (2019-07-20)
Fast delivery, great merchandise.

Meyer - US
US Helmet Nets (2019-06-08)
Robust, high quality, nice color, I will highly recommend it to everyone!

Finney - US
5 (2017-11-15)
Very nice, very strong, but very short too.

lejeune Pierre - France Picardie Oise
Great net (2017-09-13)
Thick string, we'll made, look (and smell) original. Great price, great net

Mc - US
Super (2017-08-02)
this order was received Thanks.

Blakewood - US
helmet net (2017-03-28)
looks great, just a little tight putting on helmet once on the fit is great.

Pace - US
OD-7 Helmet Net (2017-03-21)
I ordered this for late war impressions. At first it appeared to be an impossible fit. I soaked it in water, then tried again. It just kept stretching as I kept tugging. Just like a new pair of blue jeans it fits nice and tight. I have the OD-3 khaki one also. Over time the khaki one is now 4" bigger on both sides. Pure cotton is an amazing fabric. It is tough yet elastic. This is a good one.

Speer - US
Excellent Product and as Always, Fast Shipping! (2016-09-22)
Initially, we had some trouble fitting the netting on an M-2 helmet we were restoring, however after talking to Jerry and working the netting a little more it fit fine. Excellent Reproduction WWII Helmet Netting!

Reinprecht - US
Great (2016-07-27)
Great item Thanks.

Davidson - US
Helmet Net. (2014-11-01)
Great quality reproduction. Nice color and great fit on an M1 helmet. The size is correct: Stretch side to side, put the bales through a hole on each side and work your way around the shell cinching. An extra pair of hands helps.

Zachary - US
reenactor (2014-08-27)
the net seems a bit bigfger than the first one I bought many years ago. That makes fitting it far easier. The netting is bigger than my two originalks, and the first net, more like 1/2 (approx.) than the about 1/4 of originals that I own.

However, it is a strong net and should serve well

mc - US
Helmet nets (2014-07-27)
Nice, were great nets.

Rainey - US
Helmet net (2014-03-29)
As always brilliant service can't say enough

Law - GB
US Helmet Net (2013-11-23)
Somewhat small, but looks good overall.

US Helmet Net (2013-05-28)
Wonderful quality nets, just like the originals. Super fast shipping. Plan to shop here again in future for sure.

Ian - Auckland, New Zealand
Awesome (2013-04-07)
Looks great on helmet!

Rouhselang - US
Cam Net (2012-11-04)
Looks like the one I was issued back in the day but a little small.

Ryan - CA
Nets (2012-10-05)
Great item, looks just like Clint Eastwood's in "Kelly Heroes".

Dieckmann - US
Andrew, AUS (2012-10-02)
Net fitted perfectly on my M1 helmet - a helpful hint - use clothes pegs to hold the net in place as you stretch it over the helmet - works a treat!

Dunn - AU
helmet net (2012-10-01)
bought mine over a year ago. it was too small for the helmet. i followed the advice of soaking it but it was still to small. it barely stretched. i had to use some wires to set it in place before putting in the liner. i removed the net for another impression and am now too lazy to put it back. I sure hope they are making it bigger these days.

Noy - Philippines
Net (2012-08-02)
When I got it out of the bag it came in, it was a small bundle of mesh. I thought "what the heck is this?" but if you have 2 people, soak it in water for and hour then each person grab 2 corners and pull, not too hard to rip it but just to stretch it. It looks really nice though.

Zang - US
US Helmet Nets (2012-07-25)
Nice repo, very realistic look on an actual WW2 front seam, fixed bale Helmet. Very satisfied.

Doyle - US
Jason, US (2012-07-15)
Excellent, will likely buy another in green. Took some perseverance, what with all the stretching, but turned out well and I expect it was a similar story with the originals.

Zan - US
US Helmet Nets (2012-06-19)
Good quality and price perfect fit and great value

casariego - ES
Jeep cap (2012-06-03)
Great service and excellent shipping

Law - GB
US Helmet Net (2012-05-02)
Nice item and easy to install.

Fenner - US
US helmet net (2012-05-02)
A great item and at a great price. Fits well and installed easily. I have mine on a British helmet.

Fenner - US
Us Helmet Net (2012-05-02)
Another great item at a great price. I used mine on my British helmet and it really added to the effect. I found it fairly easy to fit.

Fenner - US
Helmet Nets (2011-12-09)
Nice Repo!! Hint to installing..Soak it in cold water for about 15 minutes..It will super streach! Next if your working it alone..I found a pack of small spring loaded plastic clamps with a flat wide mouth at the dollar store..I clamped the net over the front lip with three clamps..streached it over the back and clamped that.. then clamped one side and streached it to the other clamping that as well. I coninuted to streach the net to the desired shape by unclamping a few at a time and pulling at that point and reclamping working my way all around the helmets..This worked Great and Fast!

Tom - Wisconsin - US
OD Helmet Nets (2011-09-04)
Great product, very good appearance. Speedy service!..........I've ordered some more!!

Lee M - GB
Helmet Net (2011-08-11)
Hard to install, but nice. An extra few inches on each end would have helped.

Helmet net (2011-08-04)
Like others have said it is somewhat hard to install, you just have to keep stretching and it will eventually fit. It also helps if you use the Bales as hooks, just put one of the squares over the bale and that will keep it from moving.

Michael - US
Helmet net (2011-07-25)
Good price. Fast shipping. Very difficult to install. Instructions would help.

Hamann - US
Helmet Nets (2011-06-30)
Nice color selection

Carine - US
US Helmet Nets (2011-06-26)
looks good but a very small size and does not fit helmet

Law - GB
US Helmet Nets (2011-06-09)
Excellent Repro, very nice

Kohlmorgen - DE
us helmet nets (2011-05-29)
the helmet nets look good but try as i might including soaking them i could not get them to fit. they need a minimum of 1-1 1/2 increase in size per side.

robertson - US
helmet net (2011-05-03)
Realy nice color, perfect for my US M1 or my doughboy helmets

Arroyo - PH
US Helmet Nets (2011-04-27)
Good price and the net looks great on the helmet

Cassar - CA
Helmet Net (2011-04-07)
Awesome guys! you did it again! Thanks WPG!

Kibler - US
US helmet net (2011-04-06)
Great item. Fast and friendly. Regards

helmet net (2011-03-24)
Pretty tight fit. Had to soak it before stretching over the helmet. Looks wonderful.

Krause - US
Great price (2011-03-14)
Great price and exactly as described.

Cassar - CA
too small (2011-02-08)
but finally worked to fit my helmet.

Daniel - DE
Really small (2011-02-08)
It was too small.. Got it all wet but it still didnt stretch enough to fit. Had to cram it between the helm and liner with a screwdriver ripping a thread in the process. I may have done it wrong.

Noy - Philippines
Great (2010-12-16)
Good fit looks great. Good for Dday impressions.

Wadkins - US
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