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good (2019-05-10)
The bag is really well made, with all correct details...the only note - material is too stiff, and it's hard to fasten snaps when stuffed.

Max - PA, US
Gas mask bag (2019-05-09)
Delivered quickly. Product was as advertised.

Haggen - US
Super (2017-11-07)
Very good reproduction of M7 Assault Gas Mask Bag. Really pleased.

Ambrosio - ES
Fast delivery, good repo (2017-05-09)
Good reproduction and fast delivery. Thank you!

wgl - ...
Superb as usual. (2016-05-31)
Gas mask bag is the best reproduction I've seen since owning a private Ryan made film prop. This one is fantastic and you can't much closer to the original than this.

Derbyshire - UK
Super Trader (2016-04-01)
Thanks for the trade - everything was fast and furious: the shipping, the delivery and the quality of an item :)

Wegner - PL
gas mask bag (2015-11-10)
Well another piece of quality kit, It'll look great with my collection and on show at events thanks wpg

Michael - uk
M7 assalt bag (2015-07-20)
Looks like my original. Nice looking bag.

Pace - US
Perfect (2014-05-14)
Love this m7 bag for my dday impression ! Also love the fact they got the straps correct with using 0d7 not od3 like most companies

Dipardo - CA
M7 Bag (2013-03-29)
Very nice bag!

ChrobaK - US
Assault gas mask bag (2012-08-23)
I'm very pleased. Excellent reproduction.

holback - SE
great service (2012-05-18)
thanks again for the very fast delivery AND for the realistic postage i buy stuff from ebay from the us and norm get charged FAR more for postage and it norm tkes 3-4 times as long to get here compared to u guys great effort keep it up
dennis (australia)

graham - AU
M5 Assault bag (2011-08-30)
Looks great, I have not used it yet, but out of the box it looks like the original one I have.

Hurst - US
US M7 Rubberized Assault Bag for M5 Gas Mask (2011-03-23)
just like my original...

Stanley - US
SAC DE TRANSPORT M7 (2010-11-15)
Hello, I am trés satisfied with my purchase on your site,
Delivery hyper rapids(express) of the seriousness, the tres beautiful really great reproduction,
Of other purchase in venir.encore thank you for the rapiditée.
Mr ARDUIN:-)))

Masque à gaz M7 (2010-11-15)
Bonjour,je suis hyper content de mon achat sur votre site, livraison hyper rapide du serieux,super reproduction du M7,d''autre achat à venir.encore merci.
MR arduin :-)))

M7 Rubberized Bag for M5 Assault Gas Mask (2010-10-24)
This is the dandiest reproduction I have ever seen! You out did yourself on this one Jerry. I am sure that even an expert could not tell the difference! I found a Finnish Gas Mask that looks pretty close to the M5. I painted it black and viola! I am ready for zee D-Day!!!

Speer - US
M7 Assault Gas Mask Bag (2010-10-13)
This bag is an excelent reproduction of the original. The markings, stitching, weave of the straps and rugged construction faithfuly duplicates the original. Only thing I didnt like was the "D" rings. They are funky shaped. But very happy I bought it, cant wait for a D-Day re-enactment to use it!

Fox - US
Outstanding! (2010-09-09)
Fantastic reproduction! I'm very happy with this. I've bought a few items from WPG and they come up trumps everytime. Well done boys. keep it up.

Armstrong - GB
Tony 83rd I&R (2010-08-19)
WOW! Very nice repo! I am pleased with the bag. Very fast shipping.

Torres - US
US M7 Rubberized Gas Mask Bag (2010-08-15)
Looks perfect! Can't wait to bring it out in the field!

Panacy - US
M7 Assault Gas mask Bag (2010-07-12)
Item looks very nice.

Hufenus - CH
M7 gas mask bag (2010-07-06)
slight smudging of lettering on bag. overall great bag.

McGaughan - US
US M7 Gas Mask Bag (2010-06-07)
The rubber seems a bit more pliable than the last run. It's a nice copy and should hold up well.

Brimecombe - US
M7 Gas Mask Bag (2010-06-07)
Very good reproduction of M7 Assult Gas Mask Bag & very fast shipping.

Wells - US
M7 Gas Mask Bag (2010-06-05)
Product seems extremely well made and the look is incredible. Can't wait to get this to use in the field!!

Eisenmann - US
M7 rubber assault bag (2010-06-03)
I had to buy this to replace my original bag since the straps on it were tearing apart. This repro is great and compares very well to my original. Hardware and fabric is top quality. I haven''t really taken it "into the field" yet to see how it holds up but I''m sure it will. Well worth the money. With a bit of use and some wear and tear it will be hard to tell from an original unless closely inspected...This M7 repro is recommended to all who can''t afford the real deal but want something authentic looking for re-enacting or display that is fairly cheap. Excellent quality for the money, and a great buy for sure!

Jake - PA
M7 gas mask bag (2010-01-03)
extremely pleased with my M7 gas mask bag. Very stiff, but I suppose originals were the same. Seems like it would be very waterproof, although I have not had the chance to test this.

Vaughn - US
really good (2009-12-26)
Very good reproduction but I wouldn''t have needed the longer straps altough I''m 6''1"

Nick - Germany
M5 GAS MASK BAG (2009-10-20)

Jones - US
M7 Gas Mask Bag (2009-10-07)
Top-notch museum quality reproduction made to minute details. Tough materials, too.

Lynch - US
US M7 Rubberized Assault Bag for M5 Gas Mask (2009-08-19)
delievery extremely fast! item exactly what my son wanted (WWII reinactment)

Irwin - US
Gas Mask Bag (2009-08-07)
Great! Got here fast and is very nice!

Baber - US
M7 Assault Gas Mask Bag (2009-06-03)
Excellent reproduction of an M7 Assault Gas Mask Bag that compares very favorably with an original in my collection! Shipping was very fast(three days)and I would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to do an authentic "D-Day Impression"!!!

Brian - Michigan U.S.
rubber gas bag (2009-04-10)
appears first rate. havent used it yet nor do i have a gas mask to put in it yet. will let you know.

Tysenn - US
The gasmask is very good produced! (2009-03-28)
Very fast shipping, a very nice service and communication!!!

US M7 Bag (2009-02-19)
Superb repro, excellent job.
Thank you

M7 Assault Gas mask Bag (2009-02-18)
Very good reproduction of M7 Assult Gas Mask Bag & very fast shipping. Thank you. :-)

Peter - SG
Mr. (2009-01-22)
Great, Recieved very quickly. Looks Just like the real WW2 issue ones and well made. Very pleased with the service. Excellent.

Jenner - UK
US M7 Rubberized Assault Bag for M5 Gas Mask (2009-01-21)
Very good reproduction. I`m happy :)

Blokker - Netherlands
assault gaz mask bag M7 (2009-01-07)
Article received very quickly ! the gazmask bag really looks like an original ? That's what I call a real museum reproduction !!!! Thanks a lot , every thing was perfect as usual ! Sincerly yours , J.F GAUTIER ...

jean - FRANCE
M7 Gas Mask Bag (2008-11-23)
It is very well made and arrived within a week. I am very satisfied.

McMillan - US
M7 Rubberized Assault Bag for Gas Mask (2008-11-07)
Item looks very nice. But one of the snaps won't stay closed.

stanea - US
CO, C Company, 502nd PIR, 101st AB (2008-01-11)
FANTASTIC products, especially my Mae West and M7 Assault Gas mask Bag!! Keep up the GREAT work

Kapustka - US
m7 assault bag (2008-10-21)
as good as it gets! looks and functions just like the originals.

mainieri - US
Pleased with order (2008-03-05)
Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I was with my recent order. (i.e. a Mae West & M7 gas mask bag). I''m looking forward to future purchases from you. Thanks. Tim

Timothy Knapp - PA, USA.
m5 gas mask bag. (2007-08-20)
Very good reproduction. I bought this about 6 months ago and i''m very happy with it. Good job.

Adam - CA USA