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Excellent! (2020-09-12)
Perfect for my numerous daily cups of joe. Very fast shipping. As described and in good order.

Boyce - US
Durable British Blue & White Enameled Cup (2020-06-22)
I ordered the British blue and white cup to include it as part of normal tableware. As a history major, I enjoy incorporating parts of kit spanning the 18th century to modern-day into everyday use (tin mugs, US GI canteens, musette bags and 18th century haversacks for book bags). I have added this cup into the rotation and it has served well for water, coffee and tea; I have 100% confidence that this cup will stand up to use and survive usual wear coming from everyday carry. Shipping is extraordinarily fast. Thank you WPG for the wonderful product!

Alex - US
Quick delivery, well made. (2019-05-12)
It's an enamelled mug. I would almost consider it an accomplishment if someone could mess it up!

Valente - CA
British Army Mug (2019-04-09)
Very nice and authentic.
Very thanks!

Emidio Britto - Brasília, Brasil
As always, Jerry's products never disappoint. (2019-03-19)
The blue and white cup has met all my expectations.

Dabney - US
Super (2018-06-04)
Excellent in all respects.

Brown - US
Good product, fast delivery (2018-05-26)
Looking forward to many brews in this mug. Spec is correct, delivery was fast.

Kibell - AU
Excellent (2018-04-03)
As good as any originals I've seen. Paint and appearance is excellent.

Simon - US
Fastest Delivery (2017-05-15)
Best cup for display. I don't think I've ever gotten something from so far so fast.

Faltesek - US
rating5 (2017-02-20)
spot on good post

Courtnell - UK
Excellent (2017-02-18)
Perfect for what I need it for. Larger than I anticipated, as if thats a bad thing

Obrien - CA
Always GREAT! (2016-10-28)
I buy a lot from them and they are always great and ready to solve any problems.

Stacy - US
Great Deal (2016-07-21)
Very fast delivery. Great for displays.

Faltesek - US
nice (white and blue) mug, good price (2016-05-16)
A very nice looking mug...too nice, almost! (I'm finally getting some age on it via tea drinking, though.) Well made, looks accurate to me. Hard to find an original in usable condition (i.e. not all chipped up and rusting), so it's nice to see these repro'd. Suitable for Brit or just classic camping.

Steve - US
Good (2016-04-25)
Nice repro mug, correct colouring, and a good size for coffee addicts or all the other tasks a Digger finds for his mug.

Simmons - AU
Good addition (2016-02-02)
This mug nicely complements the original brown mug (MOD1954 broad arrow marked)I was fortunate to find in a local surplus store in the last century. It is highly unlikely I would find an original white mug where I live so this reproduction is much appreciated.

Lyon  - US
British White Enameled Mugs (2015-04-16)
It's a good lookin' repro! Just some break-1n for the right look.

Craig - US
pilar (2015-04-02)
This mug looks good to me. Don't know where else you would find one.

Deno - US
British White Enameled Mug (2012-12-16)
Very Nice product excellent service

Guidobono - US
British White Enameled Mugs (2012-09-24)
Great communication, pleased with items!

Romanovskiy - UA
British White Enameled Mugs (2012-09-11)
Sometimes small details like this cup makes all the difference. Great value, super fast shipping. Really nice looking.

Rubio - ES
Brown out of stock (2012-09-10)
Nice mug, though I will be stripping it and painting it gloss brown.

Pahapill - CA
steel enameled mugs (2012-09-09)
Good product, fast shipping as usual. Thanks

Daniel - CA
Mug (2012-08-11)
Great quality. Ordered on Sunday received on Thursday. Well done.

Hykel - CA
Mug (2012-07-05)
Jolly good ! Can't wait to brew-up.

Kennedy - US
fine repro (2012-06-16)
Perfect, just like original, except I can drink out of it. Would be nice with an undated broad arrow mark on bottom.

Salisbury - US
British Mug (2012-05-21)
Very Nice Repro..

Tom - Wisconsin
5 (2012-04-26)
Nice item as advertised. Fast delivery

Smith - CA
ww1 mugs (2012-04-12)
very pleased with mugs hope to be ordering more for my groupe

wilson - AU
Review (2012-03-20)
Very pleased with both the product and the price.

Mcginness - GB
Cup (2012-01-24)
Nicely done, great for both wars!

Armbruster - US
British White Enameled Mugs (2012-01-14)
Very nice reproduction and a great price!

Guidobono - US
Enameled Mug (2011-12-09)
Beautiful Repo!! Well worth the price!

Tom - Wisconsin - US
Brit White Enamel mug (2011-08-22)
Fair quality, arrived with a small chip in the enamel just below the rim inside the cup and a what appears to be a tiny pebble covered with the enamel in the bottom.

Embrey - US
90 (2011-06-15)
The mug holds up great, looks exactly like the originals and cleans up easily. It is a big hit for my mess set up as the guys dont complain about doing the dishes after I cook.

Lombardo - US
British White Enameled Mugs (2011-05-28)
I am very pleased with the mugs. I was amazed at how fast you were able to deliver them from half way around the world. As always thank you for your service.

Irwin - US
British White Enameled Mugs (2011-04-11)
Really nice enameled mug. Very reasonable price and really good item.

Ribbenrott - SE
White Enameled Mug (2011-02-25)
Very nice. Very authentic. Handy for the rum ration.

Libicer - US
Tea time. (2011-02-15)
Great repro.

Pearson - US
Mug (2011-02-03)
Well pleased with it

Pace - US
White tin mugs (2010-10-17)
I bought two of these nice mugs. They're what I use for tea now. Unlike my crockery mugs, I can put these on the stove if I'm too leisurely in drinking my tea.

Woods - US
British White Enameled Mugs (2010-10-10)
Very nice product at a reasonable price

Smith - Canada
Just like the originals! (2010-09-28)
Looks and works just like the originals!

McDonnell - US
Looks Good (2010-09-02)
Just like the original. Drinking some Earl Grey out of mine right now.

Jicha - US
A mug for Tommy (2010-07-04)
Looks really great. Thanks

Wallin - SE
41RMC (2010-06-17)
I love this, I was happy to see it has the blue lip and handle even though it wasn't in the description on the website.

Sorich - US
White cup (2010-05-02)
Just what I needed.

Godi - US
William (2010-05-02)
A great cup for a good price.

Kelly - AU
Comment. (2010-03-22)
Fine piece that fit right in with others used by my unit.
Extremely quick response to my order.

Albers - US
my thoughts (2010-03-22)
lovely looking

Owen - US
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