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Fast Delivery (2021-10-12)
Best medical itiam out there. Ill be using it in my display .

Pace - US
Excellent product and exceptional shipping (2021-03-30)
These are solid pieces, they will last. Shipping speed was incredible.

Chris - US
fast delivery (2020-11-09)
great item. authentic

dudrow - US
AMAZING (2020-09-17)
The best reproduction available, they look amazing!

Calvin - NL
Super (2020-05-24)
Thank you once again for the fast delivery of items bought. Always satisfied with the products.

Grazioso - US
Amazing quality (2020-04-16)
very nice addition for my medical supplies!

Meadows - US
Best quality (2020-03-22)
Outstanding Quality, look real

Kenneally - US
Well made (2018-08-24)
Very nice reproduction. Solid metal body keeps it from being crushed.

Vest - US
suryette (2017-03-28)
very nice repo. looks awesome in the medical kit.

Pace - US
Very fast delivey. Great item. (2016-11-07)
This is a great piece. It filled out my 43 medical kit very nicely.

McCloskey - US
Fantastic Item (2016-10-11)
Fast delivery and great looking item!

Amir-Kabirian - US
syrettes (2015-07-20)
nice reproduction. Good addition to my Airborne kit. Box printing is a little light and hard to read but it works for me.

Pace - US
Perfect for a medic kit (2015-05-09)
sold metal body, plastic cap comes off like it should. Is the perfect addition to my medic kit.

Adam - PA, USA
5 (2015-04-17)
Fast shipping. Excellent condition at time of delivery. Very good reproduction. Very happy with purchase.

Lanier - US
US Morphine syrette (2015-01-21)
Bella riproduzione di un accessorio, non indispensabile ma utile complemento dell'equipaggiamento del re-enactor G.I. Prezzo ragionevole per questo piccolo oggetto.
Beautiful reproduction of an accessory, not essential but useful complement of equipment of the G.I. re-enactor Reasonable price for this small object.

Paladino - IT
Great repro (2014-12-21)
Awesome, just what I needed to complete my Medic impression

Nappi - US
morphine syrette (2013-11-12)
And again good quality reproductions for a reasonable price. Fast overseas shipping - I´ll get back to WPG, fer sure!

Doc Saxon - DE
1910 Canteen Cover (2013-07-23)
Well done. I can't tell it from an original, Thank you WPG

Patterson - US
US Morphine syrette (2013-06-18)
great! I will purchase more in the future. great service and friendly folks very satisfied I will be a continual customer

Reese - US
US Morphine Syrette (2013-05-19)
Good reproduction, plastic needle cover was cracked.

Radford - US
Mr. (2013-05-10)
Labels need better adhesive, or perhaps thinner paper. My syrettes have plungers, but no needles. Shouldn't these have at least a needle simulation?

Morphine Styrettes (2013-03-07)
Great reproduction. Perfect for any medic project

Kano - US
Morphine... (2012-10-05)
Looks great and accurate.

Dieckmann - US
MORPHINE (2012-08-30)

Mastropolo - US
5 (2012-08-15)
great repro, terrific service, recommend highly

Wieder - US
Morphine Syrettes (2012-05-22)
Always great reproductions! The label needs some reglue, but no problem at all. Everything is fine for this reasonable price.

J.B. - DE
my most recent order (2012-05-04)
I found this product most satisfactory

Daniel - US
Morphine Syrette (2012-04-25)
Terrific item for your D-Day gear. Solid construction and came with an extra label so you can take the original off and save it. Then copy the extra label and stick it on for that wet battle in the rain or forging though that stream during that accurate re-inactment. I'd give it 10 stars if I could.

Jansen - US
SGT (2012-03-22)
Awesome item at a great price! Wish shipping inside the US was as fast as it is from the UAE! Great job guys, keep up the great work and customer service.

Luta - US
US Morphine Syringe (2012-02-23)
Good reproduction....Thanks

Mollberg - US
Morphine syrette (2012-02-21)
Nice item. These are going in a museum-type display and can pass for originals up close.

Dwyer - US
US Morphine Syrette (2012-01-10)
Great reproduction. The perfect filler for my USMC medical jungle kit.

Gonzales - US
U.S. Morphine syrettes. (2012-01-08)
Hi, the U.S. Morphine syrettes excellent repro, great addition to building up a U.S. ww2 medics kit thanks.

Morphine syrette (2011-10-07)
A cool little item to make your gear/outfit seem more like the real deal. The detail is great, and it was sold at a great price.

ODonnell - US
Syrette (2011-08-26)
All I can say is WOW! Great little piece to add to ANY collection. Came to Mississippi in 4 days! Looks just like the real thing and comes with an extra label! good job WPG!

Jacob - MS
US Morphine syrette (2011-07-19)
Great pouch filler, looks great althought label could do with being stuck down better but no problem. best price available, cheaper for me to buy and import than to buy in my own country!

Seager - GB
Morphine syrette (2011-06-30)
Great little repoduction, fair price, extra label good addition, fantastic quick delivery, well done WPG.

thornycroft - GB
US Morphine syrette (2011-06-09)
Great little item. Good repro

Kohlmorgen - DE
Mr (2011-04-28)
good kit faithful repro a nice detail to medic gear, no really you should get some !!

Brown - GB
syrette (2011-04-26)
Great addition for any medic. Now all you need to do is reproduce the ATROPINE 2mg syrettes

Paul - Pa. USA
A great addition. (2011-04-18)
I had to reglue the label as well, but otherwise a great product, and as always great service.

Cook - US
Morphine Syrette (2011-04-13)
Great repro item,finishes off my impression..looks great...very quick shipping,highly recommended

Baker - GB
syrette (2011-02-09)
Nice addition to my kit! Your repro's are great. Already placed another
order for the Gammon Grenade.

Wheeler - US
D Banks UK - Morphine syrette (2011-01-12)
Good reproduction and a great filler for the medical kit. Great for visual effect. Spare label was very thoughtful.

Banks - GB
us morphine syrette (2010-12-12)
It fits in perfectly with my original wwii first aid kit.

Brody - US
Dummy Morphine Syrette (2010-10-14)
This was as important as bullets for the G.I. I was wondering when someone was going to make them. Good design. The lead body is indestructable. The needle can be easily re-placed. The extra label was very thoughtful. Thanks for coming through with the essentials!

Speer - US
US Morphine syrette (2010-09-20)
Really nice and detailled, great pouch filler!

Nick Becht - DE
Syrette (2010-08-29)
Very impressive little product. Will buy again

McDowell - US
Morphine syrette (2010-07-30)
This is the third one I've ordered,an Excellent Item!!

Jones - GB
syrette (2010-07-02)
arrived ok. Looks great in the med kit

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