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Fast Delivery (2022-10-24)
Great items for my collection. I use WPG to fill in holes in my collection...almost or very,very close to the real thing.

Simon - US
quality (2022-06-10)
good price and good quality

Rose - US
Nice Lanyard (2022-01-19)
This is a really simple little lanyard rope but the material is great and it does the job. A+

Eric - US
Genuine kit (2020-12-27)
Brand new, genuine kit. Can't go wrong.

Dickinson - FR
super /fast delivery (2020-07-14)
product was great


Rose - US
Great item! (2019-03-05)
Lanyard was BETTER than I expected: well-done splicings and the large loop ample enough to circumnavigate my overstuffed gut. Perfect compliment to my original Brit clasp knife!

Brown III - US
Like the original (2017-01-18)
A very nice copy, indistinguishable form the original in weave and colour. Thanks.

Cole - US
Hard To Be Better! (2015-09-11)
It's still nice and strong, and came ultra-fast. I'm very pleased.

Blum - US
Nice (2014-12-01)
Nice looks great

musselwhite - US
Jack Lanyard (2014-10-30)
Top. Nice lenght. Good quality. Already bought several for use in our group

Van Riet Ralph - BE
Exact (2014-07-31)
Original lanyard, can't complain. 5/5.

Harrison - CA
jack knife lanyard (2014-07-10)
Great item to have not to loose jackknife.

Fenech - MT
lanyard (2014-06-29)
A good item to have and perfect quality too.

Fenech - MT
Basic, but indispensible item for your clasp knife or compass (2014-04-04)
A great repro. Well made and strong. Mandatory equipment for users of the MKIII or later prismatic compass.

thejungleisneutral - Au
UK WWII Jack Knife Lanyards (2013-11-11)
simple,and true!...

Shestopalov - RU
UK WWII Jack Knife Lanyards (2013-10-30)
Looks good and very fast delivery.

Jack Knife Lanyards (2013-09-27)
Quickest deliver ever. Great item, should do well in the field.

Faltesek - US
Knife lanyard (2013-06-27)
Originall stuff for silly money.

Przemek - Poland
UK WWII Jack Knife Lanyards (2013-01-15)
Pretty good lanyard, thanks WPG!

Michael - RU
UK WWII Jack Knife Lanyards (2013-01-15)
Excellent knife with strong sharp edge.

Michael - RU
UK WWII Jack Knife Lanyards (2013-01-03)

Pigliapoco - IT
UK WWII Jack Knife Lanyards (2012-02-28)
Nice lanyard, it works great.

Irving - US
Lanyard (2012-01-24)
Well made, quality rope with good splice. thanks Jerry.

Armbruster - US
UK WWII Jack Knife Lanyards (2011-11-10)
Required accessory for my jack knife, at a great price. Thanks!

Page - US
UK WWII Jack Knife Lanyards (2011-10-18)
Very nice! Quick shipping, too. Thanks!

Ray - US
jackknife lanyard (2011-08-22)
Pretty rough line compared to others I've seen. Kind of stiff and dried out. Had to soak in warm water to get it pliable enough for the twists to work out but it's ok now.

Embrey - US
size (2011-08-21)
lenyard is well made but is a bit short. Possibly as today peropel are build larger... Maybe a idea to sell regular size and Long size in the future which are made 20cm longer...

Vrolijk - NL
WW2 British Jack Knife Lanyard (2011-08-02)
Thank you for the great reproduction and prompt shipping. It's cool.

Maloney - US
UK WWII Jack Knife Lanyards (2011-07-13)
its rather short if you are have a waist of 110 cm

Vrolijk - NL
lanyard (2011-07-08)
It looks alright to me

Taylor - CA
Lanyard (2011-06-25)

Bengtsson - SE
Perfect! (2011-05-04)
A well made item that finishes off the knife perfectly.I tried for ages to make a lanyard and failed miserably!!! These ones are perfect!.yet again great service and a great product!

MacAngus - GB
UK WWII Jack Knife Lanyards (2011-03-08)
Only a lanyard but it's the real McCoy.
Perfect, as expected.

Ashford - SE
Jack Knife Lanyard (2011-03-02)
How can you go wrong with this one. A nifty little addition to the kit bag.

Partenheimer - US
matching set (2011-02-24)
knife and lanyard, match made in heaven!

Kane - US
Lanyard (2011-02-16)
Just what I needed. Thanks again WPG!

Newman - US
SE (2011-02-11)
top item, top service, very happy again guys, my brother loved his, thanks

blackman - AU
Knife (2011-02-03)
Good item as advertized

Pace - US
x (2010-06-30)
First class transaction et very fast delivery. I will be back.

jack knife lanyard (2010-05-13)
Very pleased with the item. I may purchase some more.

Mr (2009-10-23)
First time buyer and I will be back. Great easy to use website, items too numerous, reasonable prices, lightening fast delivery, and a quality product.

Gutoski - US
lanyard (2009-10-08)
Great item, good repro

Pace - MT
UK WWII Jack Knife Lanyards (2009-04-21)
Excellent item

Micallef - MALTA
UK WWII Jack Knife Lanyards (2009-04-21)
Excellent item.

Micallef - MALTA
jack knife lanyard (2009-03-26)
fast delivery and quality, practical product.

Now all I need it a jack knife. (2009-01-13)
Like the lanyard, but have to explain to people what its for. :-)

Shell - US
UK WWII Jack Knife Lanyards (2008-12-02)
very good items

Ho - Hong Kong
orig item (2008-11-07)
perfect price fast delivery best service

Stanek - Czech Republic
Jack knife lanyard. (2008-10-21)
No other way you should carry your jack knife. All Tommies should have one.

Stalnaker - US
uk jack knife lanyard (2008-05-13)
very good, all brits shoul have one.

david - uk
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