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Super (2021-03-23)
Fast shipping og product EXACTLY AS DESCRIBED !

von Eiff - US
Fast delivery (2021-01-17)
Items were great couldn't be happier

Hubbard - US
Prompt delivert (2019-10-15)
I thought WPG was an American company. I was surprised that the package came from outside of the US

Perry - US
Great magazine pouch and fast shipping. (2019-06-25)
This magazine pouch fits both my Colt M1911 and Inglis High Power magazines perfectly. It's a very well done reproduction like all WPG items that I've bought over the years. Thank you for the fine service and products.

LaMarche - US
color match great (2018-08-07)
Looks good and fills spot in collection

Andersen - US
Thanks (2017-05-14)
As good as it gets

Duchesne - CA
fast delivery (2016-01-21)
Got item in 8 days great service items are good well done I will use WPG again and again.

Chow - CA
A decent Pouch (2015-11-15)
A decent pouch, but the one sold by Soldier of Fortune in Wales (UK) is more authentic in colour, the web fabric and addition of the Broad Arrow stamp.

Steiner - US
Magazine pouch (2014-11-29)
Fits Hi-Power magazines like a glove. Great reproduction.

Newton - US
Mag pouch (2014-11-21)
Excellent, wish I had bought more

Browne - GB
from france (2014-11-11)
very nice repro. and ultra fast delivery 5 day

Repro P-37 Mag Pouch (2014-08-14)
Fits 1911 and Hi Power mags perfectly. Very well made.

Mathews - US
UK Colt mag pouch (2013-11-12)
Excellent and very much military spec. A definite light greenish tan compared to all my original tan British P37 equipment. So it will look best with everything blancoed.

Neuenburg - US
Colt Govt Mag Pouch. (2012-10-22)
An excellent copy and workmanship no different to WW2 manufactures, a minor thing if you happen to have a spare inner snap assemble for one side I'd appreciate having it

Peter Mason . - CA
EXCELLENT!!! (2012-04-17)

Werner - BR
Excellent! (2012-03-25)
EXCELLENT! My 1911 fits perfectly.

Werner - BR
Spot on (2012-03-19)
By far the best part of the webbing out of my order, right down to the lighter weight of the web material. Fits my Browning Hi-Power magazines perfectly!

Lowry - US
Browning HP holster (2012-02-27)
You guys are fantastic!! I have only seen this holster in photos from WWII. I have been collecting for 30 years and have never even seen one available to the public. The holster is fantastic. I wish you guys were in business three decades ago.



Craigie - US
UK Colt / Browning P-37 Magazine Pouch (2011-11-16)
as usual, great satisfaction :-)

eric - FR
Hi-power magazine pouch (2011-08-30)
Snaps have rather ornate centres compared to original but these can be sanded/buffed down to be similar to originals. Overall, a good reproduction, suitable for re-enacting or display.

Page - US
P-37 Magazine Pouch (2011-05-01)
seems to be a great product

Andersson - SE
British WW1/2 2-cell web magazine pouch (2011-04-20)
Hi Jerry,
Wonderful reproduction. The snaps are a bit out of vertical alignment in the vertical plane. I offer this so you can mention it to your producer. However, I am delighted to have the item and thank you for having them made.
Have you interest in producing the 3-cell web magazine pouch made for the Inglis Chinese orders?
Harris Jordan

Well made and very good Price. (2011-04-20)

Fenner - US
P-37 Magazine Pouch (2010-12-11)
excellent reproduction of a rare piece of militaria

attew - GB
Mag pouch (2008-07-24)
Just got it in the mail. Great repoduction, looks just like pictures in Gordons book.

Florida - Largo
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