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Great product and service (2021-03-05)
Simple, but well made. Leather quality and construction excellent. Arrived fast, and was less than the reasonable postage.

Grise - AU
High Quality Product (2020-09-14)
They arrived quickly and were not only just what I was looking for, they were of high quality and less expensive than other places.

John P - US
Great Frog (2018-07-13)
My hobby is golden age camping, and these frogs are perfect for carrying those items that use M1910 belt hooks. I bought two, and they're worth their weight in gold.

Jebediah the GyroCaptain - Rochester, NY
Nice Product (2017-10-10)
Very nice, thanks

Sully - US
Beautiful leather work on the belt and hanger (2017-05-09)
The leather work on the belt and holster-hanger is fine. Very nice workmanship.

Callaham - US
Great Service (2016-08-21)
Item arrived quickly and was well packaged. Great workmanship and completes my early WW2 uniform

Stanley - US
very good fast delivery (2016-05-10)
I am very satisfied with this purchase which completes my holster on 1912
Thank you


Nice addition to a leather garrison belt (2016-01-21)
It's a small but quite important item. It makes great addition to US leather garrison belt.

Górecki - PL
1912 belt frog (2015-04-05)
The grommets are big enough and the leather soft enough to make them very easy to attach hangers to.

Ellis - VA
US Army M1912 Leather Belt Frog for Holster (2015-01-02)
Just a little adjustment needed to my holster hanger, other than that looks great over my Pre-WWII uniform

Castillo - US
Leather Frog (2014-08-03)
A very simple item, but well made.

Jordan - US
belt frog, leather (2014-05-01)
great product and very well made with heavy leather. very happy with this item

Rodgers - US
M1912 Leather Belt Frog (2013-08-20)
This is a great and necessary addition to the M1910 Mills garrison Belt (not to mention the M1904 leather Garrison Belt). I ordered three of these. The belt came with one. I use that one for the M1912 Holster, a leather frog for the M1910 canteen cover, a leather frog for the M1904 F.A. Pouch, and a leather frog for the M1907 Springfield Bayonet. They are also examples of very fine leather work.

Speer - US
US Army M1912 Leather Belt Frog for Holster (2012-03-07)
This looks great. It is very stiff. It is difficult to get onto holster wires.

Irving - US
us army m1912 leather belt frog for holster (2011-12-12)
Like the real thing !
very nice !

van Mil - NL
M1912 Leather holster hanger (2010-11-09)
well made and functional.

Haussler - US
M1912 Leather Belt Frog (2010-08-27)
A great item,thanks! I do a WW1 US 93rd Division impression and I used it to attach a US canteen to a French army belt.

Victor - Springfield
Really original looking (2010-05-05)
Jerry is right. If you use saddle soap and polish the frog, it looks like an original holster in my collection. And, it is usable in living histories, unlike originals that never leave collections or hardly survived the wear and tear.

Williamson - US
US Army M1912 Leather Belt Frog for Holster (2010-05-04)
Great item and great service.

Neary - US
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