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Very well made. (2020-08-22)
I was extremely pleased with product.

Mike De - USA
Excellent ! (2017-11-09)
Fine product as always and shipped fast !

Leonard - US
US Army M1904 Leather and Brass Saber Hanger (2016-10-20)
The quality is better than my unissued original, and shipping, as always was lightning fast. Thanks Jerry!

Mark - Connecticut, USA
M1904 Leather and Brass Saber Hanger (2013-08-20)
This is a very nice piece of gear. I did not, however, get the belt slider that was supposed to be included. There is a chape hanger on the M1903 Mills Cartridge Belt that I bought. It doesn't need the slider for that belt. I would sure like to have that slider, however, for my M1910 Mills Garrison Belt.

Speer - US
Saddler Sgt. (2011-04-28)
I have an original here and this brass saber hanger is great, it will go good with my 1916 gear.

Scroggins - US