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Item as described (2023-06-28)
Exactly as ordered. Will be wonderful to wear or on display

crocker - CA
As expected! (2023-01-12)
My first WPG khaki tie lasted about 5 years of use. I bought a new one and it looks exactly the same!

Ward - US
Excellent piece of history for very little money. (2022-07-02)
My example had a manufacturing defect on the reverse of the tie, but I can't expect perfection for so little money. I'm pleased on the whole.

O'Connell - US
Perfect condition (2021-08-16)
Original in very nice condition

von Wyl A. - CH
Officers ties (2020-06-26)
Great item to complete officers uniform. Thanks

Booth - CA
Fast delivery! (2020-05-25)
As expected. I should have bought more. They are shorter than modern ties. Great for use with sweaters or vests or kilts. I

Barnes - US
Perfect tie. (2019-11-24)
I needed a tie to wear with my British WW 1 uniform when not wearing Chaplains Collar. Bought two so I always have a clean and pressed one to wear.

Dabney - US
Super (2019-09-24)
Excellent original item

Micallef - MT
Perfect Condition (2019-09-05)
Tie was original NOS, and in perfect condition. Shipped with two other items FAST.

Ragan - US
Speedy delivery, great items. (2019-07-13)
The items arrived more quickly than I dared hope, they were well-packaged and of very good quality.

Easton - UK
Great delivery (2018-10-07)
The tie is just what I wanted.

sattilaro - US
Excellent (2018-03-13)
It's all fine and good quality

Plott - DE
Perfect historical piece (2017-03-15)
The authentic style is perfect for completing the outfit in WWII style.

Stafford - US
wkoliver (2015-12-07)
Great tie, and value!

oliver - US
British Cotton Khaki Officer Ties (Original) (2015-10-01)
Nice original late war tie. Clean, visible producer and date stamps.

Volk - SI
British Khaki Officer's Tie (original) (2015-09-17)
Received the two ties which I ordered----they washed and ironed nicely, and will serve handsomely. Excellent service, and a satisfactory transaction!

Williams - US
WW2 British Officer's Tie (2015-01-07)
I was well pleased with this item, I find many modern ties too long so I was pleasantly surprised that the length of this item was ideal, it can be worn tucked into a shirt but even when not worn this was I did not find it too short, in my personal opinion. The price was a bargain too. It wasa little creased but nothing that ironing didn't sort out.

Prince - GB
Ties (2014-06-02)
Hi, I now have two of them and they are both short, but intact and a good addition to the collection.

Bill MacMullen

MacMullen - US
British WW2 Desert Wear (2014-05-28)
excellent shape, Good quality materials, Quick delivery. Fits properly. but severely wrinkled. Good operation. As advertised
. Would Recommend.

Emil - US
Silk Tie (2014-05-28)
excellent shape, but severely wrinkled.

Emil - US
Tie (2014-05-20)
Shortest tie I have ever seen. I have a size 171/2 neck so there's not much slack. A great find though, it must be an original!

MacMullen - US
Mr. (2014-03-02)
Ordered before. Will order again. Thanks

MacFeater - US
Original British Cotton Khaki Officer Tie (2014-02-24)
This is just the tie if one wants to go to, say, Africa, and needs a tie just in case of an unexpected overnight stay. One can then wear the tie with a khaki shirt and slacks and cut a "bella figura" at the hotel bar. Don't worry about it getting rumpled, because it looks better that way. Like ties of the WWII era, this is on the short side. However, it goes well with high-wasted pants, which should come back into fashion anyway. So go ahead and buy a pair of high-wasted khaki pants from WPG too.

Angelucci - US
British Cotton Khaki Tie (original) (2014-02-23)
An nice broad arrow marked original period tie, short as they all are from the 40's, but workable with a service dress tunic since only a small portion is exposed.

Kilgore - US
tie (2014-01-04)
looks geat, seems a bit short, but I like it.

May - US
British Cotton Khaki Officers Tie (2013-11-12)
Very nice and a bit darker drab than the green silk tie I received with it. Latter had a 1946 date.

Neuenburg - US
Great True Tie (2013-10-21)
Tie is perfect size for tucking in the tie into the shirt. It is not normal length because you are supposed to tuck it inside the shirt. Therefore, the short length is made on purpose. I used it today - tucked in - and I received many compliments. Great job! Thank you!

Romero - US
ALBERTO,IT (2013-08-30)
Great item looks very good

Tie (2013-06-15)
Little short but have to remember they ether put them in shirt or blouse was buttoned high enough it did not matter plus it was style in 40s

Hunnewell - US
Very satisfied (2013-05-12)
Perfect at all.

Berto - IT
Drum Major (2013-04-30)
Like the slik ties, they needed a little work by my cleaner, but they came out great. Fast shipping and great customer service. Thanks

Stevens - US
British officers tie (2013-04-21)
Very pleased, great surplus find.

Gutoski - US
Cotton tie (2013-04-09)
Good example.

Borg - AU
commentaire (2012-07-11)
Belle cravate.

fabien - FR
u .k.cotton officers tie (2012-07-04)
nice tie, as with silk version, needed a press.
fast delivery.
well done again w.p.g.

Taylor - GB
spiffing good tie (2012-06-25)
Ordered one of these and one of the silk ties.
They arrived within a couple of working days.
Both need an iron, but just the job for my Royal Artillery officer 1944 impression.
Keep up the good work!

Alan - U.K.
excellent tie (2012-06-03)
excellent and cheap

Werner - BR
British Cotton Khaki Officer Ties (Original) (2012-05-16)
will have to iron this one too as is, out of the box, of course . . .but also very good quality!

van - NL
I Love It!!! (2012-05-07)
You never disappoint!

Concon - US
Mr. (2012-03-09)
Nice ties. perfect for my Brit impression.

Still - US
Great Tie (2012-02-01)
I wear it every day to work..

Whitlam - US
Tie (2011-12-19)
Excellent tie, I needed these to go with my uniform. Also excellent response time. Couldn't ask for better service.

Gibbens - US
BRITISH WWII wool socks (2011-10-27)
Well done lads, very comfy with ammo boots when I can get them from my Wife, she wants to sleep in them.

Nipper - US
British Officer tie (2011-10-27)
G'day The tie is great I didn't know what to expect but it's really neat for casual wear ( though a bit short)thanks again guys

Nipper - US
British Neckties (2011-10-10)
Great Items!

Moran - US
Enough quality for the price. (2011-09-05)
I think it will work.

Perez Santos - ES
This looks great and so unlike any modern tie. Very cool. Great tip above about the cardboard for ironing. This a very short tie, so it can't be worn without the high-waisted pants.

Seventeen - CA
Mr (2011-04-30)
Pleased with it because it's very different from the modern officer's SD tie. Not looking forward to ironing it though!

Kester - GB
tie (2011-04-06)
will do the job for a WW1 Australian officer impression

fawkes - AU
Ties for all ranks (2010-07-04)
Very nice tie. Mine was from 1946!
They come very rinkely arfter long storage time.
Be preparred for an hour of ironing to get them looking smart. I recommend useing a cardboard cut out inside the tie when ironing it.

Wallin - SE
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