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1917 Holster (2023-11-27)
Great quality and aa very good price. Thank you!

reed - US
M 1917 holster (2022-04-20)
Was amazed at how quickly it arrived from Dubai. I have a 1909 Colt New Service but I wanted a right hand holster. I have been in the fitting process almost 2 weeks now putting the revolver in a sock and press fitting in the holster. I then let it set over night. We are making slow progress. Otherwise the holster is fine.,

Stone - US
Good product (2021-09-05)
And Very fast delivery. Thanks

Hedegaard - DK
Super service, delivery, and product (2020-08-18)
My mailing address wouldn't work for shipping, but a quick communication from customer care took care of that, and the shipping was super quick.

The holster is of great quality leather, well put together, and fits my Colt M1917 pistol well.

The only adjustment I had to make was to lengthen the opening on the flap that fits over the fastening post, but that was easily done.

I'm very pleased with the product and the service.

Rasmussen - US
Fast delivery, great product (2020-02-29)
This is a great quality leather holster. As others have noted the hole for the fastening peg is not at the right spot for a 1917 Colt. I lengthened the hole with a rat tailed file approximately 15mm or 1/2 inch and it works just fine. Others might just put another hole in further down the flap. Either way, for a great price I now have a working holster for my 1917.

Thor - US
M2 Holster (2019-12-30)
Beautiful, well made holster

Bell - US
Great (2019-04-05)
very nice product, quick delivery time

Bauer - US
Very well made (2019-02-28)
I purchased a holster for my Colt 1917 and am pleased with the quality. Very heavy hide, well stitched. A tight fit that required me to stretch out the flap by closing it over a shim with the pistol in the holster. Might have worked better to have soaked the holster in water first.

Green - US
Holster (2018-04-30)
Received same today fits great only one thing to say semperfi fi

Donald - W isconsin
Best (2017-02-14)
I have received my WPG order of U.S. WWI uniform pieces and as always, I am happy with the quality

Mayo - US
Holster (2016-08-25)
Perfect fit for my S & W .38 Revolver. Quality leather and stitching. I put someHuberds shoe grease to waterproof and protect the leather and they it looks aged and authentic! Very pleased!

John - San Antonio
M1917 M2 military flap holster (2015-04-07)
Nice holster, heavy leather. Revolver fits snug
like it should for a new holster. Fast shipping. Only negetive was holster was covered with some kind of white powder that I had to scrub off with oil and rag.

Barnes - US
Nice holster (2014-08-08)
I purchased both a M1909 and M1917 at separate times. Both were delivered promptly. Both holsters are well made with thick leather. The revolvers fit tightly, which is my view is how they should in a new holster. With use I'm certain that the holster will form to the revolvers and still holding them securely. I'm very pleased with the quality and authenticity. As these age it will be very difficult to distinguish them from originals. I have a couple original holsters for the .38 New Army and Navy. As one reviewer stated this holster is slightly smaller than the 1909/1917. In fact, one was represented as a 1909 holster and that's the reason I bought it. The 1909 Colt does not fit. However, I kept it for my 1901 Colt as it is in very good condition. I've oiled the holsters with neats foot oil, which helps to form them to the revolvers. As I said very pleased with these holsters.

Karl - US
US M2 Holster for M1917 Revolvers (2014-05-15)
I received my order in a very timely matter, in about 4 to 5 days from order payment to receiving ordered items to my door which is pretty fast considering it came from Dubai, UAE to CA, USA, and I am actually a repeat customer since the last time I ordered from Jerry at WPG was years ago on the old web site when the orders all shipped from California, USA. Anyhow, the holster quality is to be expected, very authentic looking made with very thick cowhide leather typical of the quality of products sold by WPG. As in it isn't cheap looking nor is it flimsy and the holster fit my S&W M1917 Airsoft Replica like a glove with some initial fitting. Didn't have to "wet fit" it since I just put and left the airsoft gun (replica) in the holster for a couple days and the holster will stretch and form to the gun over time. The holster actually started to darken in some places sitting indoors around the house since only 9 days has passed when I received the holster. A good quality cowhide leather made holster that's authentic looking and at a reasonable price.

A. Lin - US
US M2 Holster for M1917 Revolver (2013-09-15)
This is the correct WWII holster for Colt M1917 revolvers. I know this, because I own this revolver, and it fit like a glove the firsrt time that I used it. I did not have to "wet-form" it like some "experts" say must be done. The reason that the "wet-form" myth got started with the M1917 and M1909 holsters is because there is a .38 LC holster that was made for the Colt Model 1889 to 1905 Army, Navy, and Marine Service Revolvers. That .38 holster looks very close to the M1909 and M1917 holsters. The only way to tell if the holster was made for a .45 is to measure the mouth of the holster. The M1909 and M1917 (and M2, for that matter) are a FULL FIVE INCHES WIDE. The .38 holster is ONLY FOUR AND 1/2 INCHES WIDE at the mouth. Buyer Beware!

Speer - US
Very Nice Holster (2013-08-06)
Just received my M2 Holster today and very pleased with it. Nice heavy leather construction and an exact copy of the M2, not a reversed M1917 holster that is commonly found at other vendors. Revolver fits snugly, just as it should. Thumbs up on this holster!

Bert - USA
Mr. (2013-04-20)
well-built holster; timely delivery; oiled it up and it fits perfectly

Walters - US
Rex (2013-03-08)
Very Very good. I am impresed.

McAlister - US
Revolver Holster (2012-05-10)
Quality Item. Recommend wetting it and stretching it to fit your revolver. Once it dried I have had no problems getting the revolver in/out or buttoning the flap. Leather also darkens nicely.

Matthews - US
M1917 holster (2012-03-05)
Very nice and fits the gun perfectly.
thanks --- Dog

Chipman - US
Wrong Holster (2011-11-14)
Nice enough holster but it's a shoulder holster for a 1911 and I ordered the US M2 Holster for M1917 Revolvers.

Williams - US
amazing holster (2011-06-24)
like every time good quality leather pruduct

frederic - FR
first rate, again.... (2010-08-30)
Every item I have purchased from WPG has been first rate, this holster is no exception. High quality, heavy leather, excellent stitchwork, quality hardware. It was on backorder for a time, but has proven to be well worth the wait.

Emil - Fort Knox, USA
Excellent, but too tight of a fit to work. (2010-03-23)
I think the holster is fantastic, well made, and a good value. However, my M1917 Army does not fit without completely forcing it. The flap just will not close. Does this holster have to be wet fit? I love this product- but am not able to use it until I figure out a solution.

Schotte - US
US M2 Holster (2009-11-18)
The holster is a great reproduction. The customer service has been very good.

Walker - US
1942 holster (2009-05-14)
The holster is amazing, I own a 1917 made (G&K) leftside holster and compared to this, the 1942 is right on the tee!(Only for the rightside) very good quality, it even has waxed and burnished edges. Thanks

Lars - sweden
US M2 Holster (2008-12-03)
What a great product
It works very well and is a great compliment to my collection because it adds authenticity.

Thank you for a great website

I am definitely a future customer

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