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Very good quality (2021-09-19)
Just like the ones my Dad brought home from India after WWII.

McCabe - LU
Very good quality (2021-09-06)
The sandals are to the correct size and in very good condition. I am looking forward to wearing them on holiday.

McCabe - LU
Great (2020-10-29)
I was pleased to see that they came from Sharjah. I spent a lot of time in the UAE in the 70s. If I remember correctly, they were worn by the Trucial Oman Scouts.

McGregor - US
Super (2020-08-17)
All good, nice item. thank you.
Best regards

Excellent (2020-06-29)
Very comfortable. Other reviewers said that their chaplis were stiff and took time to break in. Not the case with my pair. I am a UK size 8M and order a US size 10. Need to wear a pair of walking sock but otherwise a good fit

Mike - UK
Excellent (2020-06-29)
Very comfortable. Other reviewers said that their chaplis were stiff and took time to break in. Not the case with my pair. I am a UK size 8M and order a US size 10. Need to wear a pair of walking sock but otherwise a good fit

Mike - UK
Excellent (2020-06-29)
Very comfortable. Other reviewers said that their chaplis were stiff and took time to break in. Not the case with my pair. I am a UK size 8M and order a US size 10. Need to wear a pair of walking sock but otherwise a good fit

Mike - UK
Excellent (2020-04-19)
Received with thanks. Welldone/SP

Got 'em at last! (2020-02-04)
Have been after a pair of these for a while and have waited for new stock in my size. Delivered quickly and they fit well and just what I want.

Dom - UK
Absolutely Great (2019-07-19)
I finally have to say goodbye to mine after maybe a decade of hard wear. They were very comfortable and took a lot of abuse. I had new heels put on and repaired them several times with just a bit of hammering. Rubber heels or taps give better traction indoors. On to my second pair.

Brian - North Carolina, USA
Happy (2016-11-04)
As usual, fast delivery. Great sandals,

Torrens - AU
Amazingly fast shipping. (2016-05-26)
Very nice and authentic as far as I can see. Comfortable but do need a break in period. The thick soles take a short time to adjust to but they're not uncomfortable. They wear well with Levis as well as your KD shorts. If you do LRDG this gives a great authentic look to your impression.

Piedimonte - US
Malaysia 1983 (2016-03-10)
Hello WPG! These are the same sandals I was able to buy in Malaysia in 1983. Very stiff leather will have to be broken in. Lots of stitching, nails, and rivets. Same leather used on a Kukuri Sheath I have but no smell. Be careful if you walk on wood floors, a little slick. Very happy with my purchase!

Coy - Yakima, Washington
Indian Army and LRDG Northwest Frontier Chappals (2015-04-13)
Very good stuff. Look like the originals. Better than average nowadays chappals available from Pakistan. Well made. Good leather. They Look great and feel confortable. Received them in Spain in less than a week.

Jose Manuel - Madrid, Spain
Northwest Frontier Chaplis Sandal (2015-03-18)
These are well made sandals. I'm still trying to break them in...I did have to soak them in lukewarm water and wear them wet to help them along. Overall very satisfied with them. Great price too!

Chuka - US
LRDG Chappals (2014-07-25)
great sandals,the look very original.

Droog - NL
Chapplies (2014-07-07)
Been after these sandals for quite a while. Definitely order a size larger than you take.
Make sure you oil the leather, quite stiff and hard.
I have a big toe problem on one foot, so I have to stretch the leather.
But really good quality.

Anderson - GB
NW frontier sandal (2014-06-17)
Finally, a sandal that can be worn with dignity.
It is the best footwear, in my opinion, to drink a pink gin (bitters in please)

Helmers - US
chaplis san (2014-03-14)
fantastic sandals , exactly as pictured , really fast delivery ,very happy

Probert - GB
Chapplis (2013-07-25)
Having now worn these chapplis for long enough to judge them, I'm delighted, as I thought I would be. I am a UK/Ireland size 8 (US 9)so I ordered a 10 and got a perfect fit. They took a day or two to break in, but are now as comfortable as if they had been made for me. They seem stout and strong and very comfortable and I hope they will last well.
Yet again, well done Jerry!

Holford - IE
Chapplis (2013-07-16)
I ordered a pair of chapplis on Friday. Today (Tuesday) they arrived, after four days, including a weekend. Some service.
So far as I can tell, after an afternoon''s wear, they are exactly what I expected and hoped for. The seem to be well and stoutly made, of heavyish but supple leather. I will send a further review when I have worn them for a week or two, but, for now, (as usual) well done Gerry and WPG.

Jon - Ireland
Looked a long time for these sandals (2013-04-08)
I wore the same type sandals as a teenager in 1965, but they suddenly became unavailable. I looked for these shoes for 40 years in shoe stores, flea markets, and everywhere. Then, I saw a photo of a man from India wearing them. I did a search on Google for "Indian Sandals" by images and happened upon the sandals through WPG. The fit is perfect and it's impossible to explain how happy I am to have found them after a lifetime of searching!

benson - US
Mighty Fine Sandals (2013-03-06)
Very sturdy construction, but I'll need to wear them in the bath or a lake to make them fit my wide feet better.

Blum - US
Sandals. (2012-12-22)
A brilliant item - strongly made with excellent materials. Very glad I ordered a size up from normal size tho.

appleton - GB
Excellent sandals (2012-10-20)
Excellent copy of historic sandals, excellent quality and fit, I think they look great but the wife does not, now I wear them all the time, I win.

Ken - US
. (2012-08-20)
Substantial and strong. I will be using these for my pilgrimage to Santiago de la Compostela. I don't yet know if I will fit heavy rubber soles or nail them.

fisk - FR
Perfect (2012-07-30)
They are exactly as they ought to be and actually quite comfortable. As with all things leather, allow yourself a few wearings for things to sort themselves out and the shape and fit to get just right!

Jemmison - US
far exceeds my expectations! (2012-07-16)
Am very satisfied with these sandals. Very sturdy and supportive and fits perfectly. The delivery from UAE to USA to my door was faster than normal local US mail.

cloward - US
Northwest Frontier Chaplis Sandal (2012-05-25)
Look like hat I wore when very young, directly after WW2. The leather upper part will probably take shape by wearing in, while I hope the very thick leather sole, of which the heel part is slightly warped upward, will also flatten by just walking in them. But I will not venture to apply any water or oil to speed up reshape because of the expected risk for the glue holding the layers together.

van - NL
chaplis, mighty fine. (2012-05-20)
Darn suave items of footwear. Look good with shorts or a worn linen suit.

Richardson - GB
perfect (2012-04-17)
perfect to my waterbottle

Werner - BR
NWF Sandals (2012-03-15)
I have to say - excellent sandals. Identical to a NWF photo I've seen that show a similar sandal that was even hobnailed!
Very good for the India look!!

Kulaga - US
Sandals (2012-02-02)
They were marked size 10, but they are too tight...I will have to return for size 11.

Daly  - US
Sandals (2012-01-10)
Excellent product and service, thank you.

Collins - AU
Sandals (2011-08-02)
These things are so old world cool it's crazy!

Squiers - US
Chaplis sandals (2011-06-17)
The sandals arrived very quickly and are perfect! Thank you

Millington - GB
Northwest Frontier Chaplis Sandal (2011-06-06)
Great service, unfortunately the wrong size but have been replaced very quickly. Have recommended to other re-enactors due to high level of service and goods.

Lambourn - GB
Northwest Frontier Chaplis Sandal (2011-05-07)
Very fast delivery.
These will end up in a display at the Overloon war museum, the Netherlands.
We're making a display of a SAS jeep with its crew.

Riedel - NL
NWF Chaplis Sandal (2011-05-03)
The sandals look very good and are well made, sturdy in a no-nonsense way. They''ve been cruel to my feet in the beginning, but are breaking in nicely after a few days wear. Expect the odd blister - but afterwards they feel a lot better than what you buy nowadays in the sandals line - definitely recommended. WPG''s service miraculous as ever, from order to delivery (UAE to UK) took 4 days.

Phillip - United Kingdom
Great product (2011-04-19)
I ordered exact size, 10, and they fit perfectly, although I do have narrower foot (B-C), so as the other reviewers say, if you have a wider foot, you may want to go up one size, however, they will no doubt stretch a bit over time. There is plenty of adjustment in the heel strap (nice!). They are immensely comfortable right out of the box and very well made. With all the glued together, synthetic footware out there it is nice to see old world craftsmanship with double stitching, leather lining, nailed, all leather construction. A rarity at this price! The stiffness eased up after a couple of days. These guys will last! Great product.

Fields - US
Northwest Sandals (2011-02-12)
Just as every other item I have ordered from WPG these are great quality and a bargain, in this case as repros they are spot on! I go along with some of the other reviews and recommend order one size larger. Very satisfied!

Gutoski - US

Northwest Frontier Chaplis Sandal (2011-01-10)
Great looking Chaplis - these will take a bit of breaking in! First time customer - speedy delivery, fantastic customer service. Thank you!

Hawkins - AU
Chaplis (2010-12-22)
A very pleasant surprise! All leather and hand made as advertised. My feet are very hard to fit, and advise from webmaster was one size larger than my foot (size 14). The adjustable all leather straps make this an easy fit with a little extra room. After breaking in these past few days, they are extremely comfortable and I suspect I will order another pair, as they are dressy enough to wear to work. I will now consider some of the other foot wear as it is quite obvious this was a great transaction. Strongly suggest that WPG puts out width information on shoe products. This would help people with tough to fit feet make better educated choices on products. Transaction was great, many thanks.

DeSoto - US
Chuplis (2010-09-01)
Excellent bit of kit..far better than I expected.Should last me years,and the service truly fantastic.

Brown - GB
Thumbs up (2010-08-20)
Very high quality given the price. Fast shipping as well. I am a size 13(US) and ordered a 13, and sure enough, they fit perfectly. Thanks WPG!

McKinley - US
Northwest Frontier Chaplis Sandal (2010-08-19)
Delivery from the US to Denmark (Europe) within 48 hours, good show! And the sandals are great too.

Kurt-Nielsen - DK
Chaplis (2010-07-20)
They are fantastic! How in the hell the frontier regiments ran around in these though is a bloomin mystery! Very well made good quality. I recommend 1 size larger than you usually might get. I am 8.5 I ordered 9. 8 would have been way too small. Cheers!

MacDonald - US
Great Product (2010-07-12)
Great product great communication fast delivery. Not so sure I want to let this secret out, my friends will all be wanting a pair

Leon - AU
Great (2010-07-08)
Very neat to think that these are made in relatively the same area and likley made my craftsmen in the same way to a large degree as the originals. Very much look the part and the fast shipping is amazing. Begs the question why when I order from the UK it takes three weeks and when I get these from WPG from the UAE it takes five days (with a holiday thrown in!).

Wheeler - US
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