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Spot On (2021-08-19)
Love the inspector marks, just like my originals and the "WPG" helps ID them as repro. Nice touch. Would recommend.

US Customer - US
US M1904 Saber Straps (2018-01-19)
Quality copies of the originals.

Burns - US
Excellent (2016-10-07)
Super sturdy, just what's needed. Even a nice simulated contractor mark and date.

New Jersey, US - Pavel Jay
US M1904 Saber Straps (2016-07-06)
Well made to Quartermaster specs. Identical to my original set, except not 100 years old, and falling apart.

Mark - US
US M1904 Saber Straps (2012-02-24)
Nice quality leather and very well constructed. They worked perfectly on my 1904 McClellan saddle.

Bone - US
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