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Excellent (2021-09-09)
Excellent quality, fast shipping to Canada.

Swanson - CA
Great Product (2021-08-18)
I bought this net for a Brodie/mk2 British helmet after some fiddling i got it to fit looks great, would recommend

Justin - United States
Great Purchase (2021-07-11)
Very happy with the purchase of the helmet netting. Used for a Canadian Ww2 Brodie style helmet. Some of the comments stated that the fit was small and the needed to soak in water to stretch. I found that the size was perfect and no problem to install with out soaking in water.

Quality was perfect and looks like the original article.

Delivery was much faster that I expected.

Highly recommend vendor

Wilson - CA
very satisfied (2019-01-31)
Very satisfied,excellent repro and super fast
shipping. Thank you

Amiard - FR
Super (2018-12-18)

Luksicek - CZ
Perfection (2018-11-25)
Only thing missing from these is the musty smell of the originals. They are perfect.

Love - CA
Very quick shipping. (2018-11-13)
overall a nice net. However quality control needs to keep a closer eye. The cotton is much lighter on the new ones. 2 weighed 30 g and 3 weighed 40 g in the same batch. The ones I purchased a few years ago were identical to the WW2 ones. The squares should be 1/4 inch. Best way to fit even with a bandage is to use bulldog clips to hold it in place while you stretch it.

Kyle - CA
Nice helmet net (2018-09-22)
Very good product and fast shipping.

Carpenter - US

Lightning shipping (2018-07-23)
A well made item for a great price. It would be welcome to see the older style ones with the 1/4 inch squares agin, otherwise outstanding item and service.

Kyle - CA
Perfect! (2018-04-06)
Never disappointed with WPG! Incredibly fast shipping!

Oram - CA
Good standard (2017-12-10)
WPG has done a tremendous job by bringing back the thicker style nets. Quick shipping too.

Kyle - CA
Neat kit (2017-07-18)
Now I need to figure out how to put it on my lid.

Alatorre - US
amazing fast delivery (2017-07-10)
net was as expected but doubt it would fit a Brodie.
will fit my jump helmet
bit pricey for string but then you can't get them everywhere.

Lakey - US
great looking (2017-06-20)
Looks great over my camo para helmet. Nice for Normandy impression.

Pace - US
fast delivery/great item (2016-09-20)
Great item, tight to fit but does with a little persistance. Looks the good and was hard to tell apart against a genuine one when on the helmet.

turner - UK
Para helmet net (2015-10-18)
I have been told that this can fit, when wet.
It looks like it needs at least a second set of hands to help stretch it around helmet rim.
Would have been nicer if a little bit bigger.

Hopkins - US
Mk 2 British helmet three colour net. (2015-07-05)
Fits beautifully. Thinking of adding one to my US M1 helmet ...


Roe - US
2 tone british helment net (2015-01-27)
Looks good with a thick weave. somewhat small and is difficult to attach to a US helmet.

Reed - US
net cover (2014-11-22)
good repro fun to fit !!!!

giles - GB
Net (2014-07-31)
Color doesn't fit the original colars

Bekink - NL
British Two-Color Helmet Net (2014-02-20)
Excellent item. Very quick shipping.

Andrzej - PL
helmet net (2014-02-19)
Received order in less then 3 day! Very nice item.

Bolin - US
Two Color Helmet Net (2014-02-12)
Perfect fit. Need to wet it first and it will go on easier.

Robert - Louisiana
TOP! (2014-02-11)
Filet un peu dur à mettre en place mais après plusieurs bains d'eau chaude c'est nickel !

two tone helmet net (2014-02-11)
Lovely addition to my "invasion " helmet.

Brian Moore - US
Helmet net (2014-01-23)
Really great item, same as WWII!

Florent - France
Helmet mesh (2013-12-18)
Good got it once I figured it out.

Morris - CA
two color british helmet net (2013-12-13)
same net as used by canadians. good quality. great fitting too.

Popiela - US
British two-colour small mesh helmet mesh (2013-11-14)
Just like an original

Borg - AU
den (2013-11-05)
looks great but so so hard to place over helmet still trying :)

graham - AU
feedback (2013-09-24)
this is a verry nice item had some dificultie s to fit it over my para helmet but ones it was on there it looks great thank you

kuipers - NL
helmet net (2013-08-16)
I got mine yesterday. it went on with a little work. I wet mine so it would stretch. took about 20 minutes but came out nice.

peter - texas
British Two-Color Small Mesh Helmet Net (2013-06-28)
Muy buena, hay que tener destrez apara colocarla en el casco pero con estiramientos se consigue

casariego - ES
British Two-Color Small Mesh Helmet Net (2013-06-15)
Certainly a labour of love to apply, an excellent net just like the originals. Have to add how I applied my net. I knew it was never going to be easy as I was fitting to a British MK IV ''turtle'' helmet. Did as others have suggested soaking in water first. Stretched over the helmet securing with sprung clothes pegs. Had a hell of a time getting enough net over the rim to tie off so decided to wait until the net had dried and try again while pegged in position. Turns out this made life much easier. I was able to pull the net over easily (re-pegging as I went to hold in place) and then tie off. So wet first, peg roughly in place and when dry finish stretching and tie off. Very happy with result!

Ian - Auckland
British Two-Color Small Mesh Helmet Net (2013-04-14)
In a word EXCELLENT!

Repro Canadian 2-Tone WW2 Helmet Net & British WW1 Hessian Helmet Cover (2013-04-08)
Both items excellent. The nets are indistinguishable from the originals. The Hessian Brodie cover is a bit too loose for my liking, even with the cover tightened as much as possible.

Campbell - CA
Excellent Net. (2013-04-07)
Thankfully I read all the advice posted here on this net and soaked it well before fitting. Even still it takes time but the end result is excellent.

Pouch - IE
Nice net (2013-03-20)
A very nice net. I used vise grips to help stretch it to fit on the helmet after wetting it.

Scherrer - US
helmet net (2013-03-07)
excellent better than expected fast shipping thanks

Camo net (2012-12-31)
The nets take some stretching to fit on a helmet. Soak the net in some hot water and rub in some hair conditioner (yes, hair conditioner) to soften it up before trying to put it on your steel pot. Don't worry about tearing or ripping the net, it's tough as nails. Looks great once it is on the helmet.

Westbrook - US
British Two-Color Small Mesh Helmet Net (2012-12-31)
Had some trouble to fit it to my British Dispatch Rider's helmet, but after wetting, it fits nice. Good quality, fast shipment, thanks a lot.

papendrecht - NL
small mesh helmet net (2012-11-09)
for the first tim in my life i own a helmet net that fits. Brilliant

feitsma - NL
British Two-Color Small Mesh Helmet Net (2012-10-30)
The product is outstanding, great purchase price as well. It was a bitch to get on, but it looks great. The colours are a good match to the originals. Nice job

Ben - Canada!
NET (2012-10-29)
Very nice Coundtion like it !!
Many thank you again WPG .

review (2012-10-03)
very good product.
quick delivery

main - GB
Netting (2012-09-28)
Very pleased! Pain to put it though, but it''s a small price to pay!

Connor - Canada
british camo net (2012-09-09)
very nice copy of the british helmet net. you will need to wet it down to get it to fit well and it takes some time, but really looks good when finished.

klem - US
Nice Helmet Net (2012-08-07)
As a recognized authority on all things WWII British, I was initially skeptical that WPG would get the mesh "right." I stand corrected! These repros match my originals and are exact in every way. I will definitely be recommending this net to my troops in the reenacted 1st Inniskillings!

Roger - Chicago, Illinois
wet that thing (2012-06-16)
so awesome look and material, just took some doing to get it on. besides wettingit, you need to secure through straps or bolt hole with wire, this will help to stretch it. It's a pain but so were originals, so A+.

Salisbury - US
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