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Nicely made chin strap (2022-07-08)
Well made, a bit hard to get on you have to trim it to fit some of the holes for the mounting screws but other than that it's a really nice chin strap.

Would really like to see What Price Glory make a canvas chin strap as well. Also larger in size or at least adjustable for larger heads

Boone - US
chinstrap (2022-04-30)
chinstraps were okay.

slobodan - US
Fast delivery and awesome items (2018-07-31)
The materials are great, the strap is an awesome item, nedded it because i had only the steel pot, and it fitted ok. Very well made.

Portilla - CL
Fast delivery,but strap attached wrong (2016-03-20)
Very good item,fast delivery.

Leather is good,strap fits through the metal loops just fine. Only issue is the strap being rivetted too high so cannot be worn comfortable. You will have to remove and rivett again,which will be very annoying to do.

Payney - UK
Leather (2015-09-02)
Well made product

Hedrick - US
Leather para chin strap (2014-04-10)
Good workmanship and good leather. The rings are too small as others have noted, and the right strap (chin cup side) is connected too high to the strap from the rear. Just a little work to make everything right. Always fast shipping and great service.

Carpenter - US
Mr (2014-04-06)
Leather quality looks good, as others have mentioned the rings are a bit too small, not sure of the fit yet as not fitted. This is my first order from WPG and I'm very happy with the price and service. Thanks

Gunning - GB
UK Leather Chinstrap for Mk I Para Helmet (2014-01-03)
This is an item,in a nice and very fast shipping.

Levedakis - GR
Repro Chinstrap MK I Para Helmet (2013-09-29)
There are good and not so good things about the set I just received. The rings that the retaining strap thread through are way too small (the retaining strap wouldn't fit through them), and the strap running to the back of the helmet connects at too high of an agle on the front strap, crossing over the ear when they should come forward below the ear (I looked at WW2 photos of British airborne troops and the straps were all below their ears). I'm pleased that the leather is good quality which is why the original chinstrap retaining strap broke on my helmet, but the new set is not cut to the same dimensions as my original set and it needs much bigger rings for the retaining strap.

Nolen - US
UK Leather Chinstrap for Mk I Para Helmet (2011-04-06)
Perfect quality

Chin Straps (2011-03-30)
Nice set of chin straps the price is great!

Barrett - US
leather chin strap (2011-03-14)
Great materials, great look. Fitting for the strap is rather tight though. Also the points were the two straps meet and are riveted together is much higher on the side with the chin cup compared to the side with the metal loops. Result is that one side clears your ear while the other does not.

Arroyo - PH
leather chinstrap for para helmet (2011-02-08)
Great leather, nice fit. The loops are a bit tight for the retaining strap though and the point were the side right strap and the rear strap meet could be a little lower. Overall, very good looking item.

Arroyo - PH
UK Leather Chinstrap for Mk I Para Helmet (2011-01-19)
Great chinstrap repro

Van - NL
Para Chin Strap (2010-05-22)
Leather work good,
rings too small
Good service to uk

Baz - UK
Leather Chinstrap (2010-05-12)
Fast service and a great price.
I did find that the hammered rivet backs are a little too rough against the skin and that the rings look to be a bit too small...nothing that can't be fixed, though.
I've been looking for a set of these for a long time. Thanks for providing them.

Leather Chinstrap (2010-04-24)
Excellent repro! Fast delivery to Canada.

Bergeron - CA
UK Leather Chinstrap for Mk I Para Helmet (2010-02-22)
This is an excellent reproduction and very fast shipping.

Mathieu - FR
Mr (2009-12-01)
A quality item with a fast & efficient service to the U.K Many thanks!

Phillipson - GB
UK Leather Chinstrap for Mk I Para Helmet (2009-10-22)
Excellent livraison rapide vers la France, super !

Aguera - FR
UK Leather Chinstrap for Mk I Para Helmet (2009-08-12)
fantastic quality, In the UK in 3 days!

Burriss - GB
Excellent value (2009-07-07)
A quality product. Good hardware. Substantial leather. The chin cup is lined.

Kinney - US
British Para Chinstrap (2009-07-05)
Another fantastic re-pro item from the Major!
Detail is perfect, museum quality!
I always look to WPG first for price, service and workmanship.
Thanks again Jerry Lee.
Regards Graham.

Gough - AU
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