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Awesome (2021-07-26)
Very fast service...great transaction.

Allister - US
Very fast (2018-07-22)
Great leather, easy to work with, to color as you want.

Doherty - UK
Real fast ! (2018-07-22)
Very good for the price, hard wearing

Doherty - UK
Excellent (2017-03-19)
These were received very quickly. A few have a white coating on them apparently this is called spew caused by a change in environmental conditions. It requires cleaning and conditioning with Spew cleaner.

I have been using Neatsfoot oil to darken the leather curious as to how others darken the leather.

Finney - CA
Bando (2014-06-21)
Great bandolier, excellent workmanship!

Copeland - CA
Very well made, great service (2014-04-03)
My first impression was that it was well made out of quality materials. When I tried to load it I found there was a lot of variation in the pocket size. Some pockets would easily accept both clips while others would barely accept one. Not a real big thing though, the pockets have stretched out fine. Probably more true to the originals than I realize but that's why only four stars. The service was great. I ordered it on a Saturday (not the best time to place orders), and had a notice that it was on its way Sunday night. Unbeknownst to me it was coming from the UAE where it was Monday. It arrived on Thursday. I was amazed.

Story - US
Nice bandolier (2014-03-18)
I haven't stained this bandolier yet, but the leather is thick and supple. Stitching is nicely done and it compares favourably with my original 5 pocket bandolier!

Ulvang - NO
bandolier (2014-02-24)
Love this bandolier. Pockets are smaller than they look in the photo...but a very nice item...well made and perfect for all kinds of things on the forrest trail. Highly recommend. I will be ordering many more!

zant - US
Perfect (2012-09-10)
As perfect as CAN be

Normand - FR
Load before staining (2012-04-27)
This is a very well put together item that properly stained blends in seamlessly with originals. It takes polish easily making staining no trouble at all BUT the leather will shrink a little when stained so make sure the pouches are fully stuffed with clips BEFORE staining to make sure they don''t contract too much.

Paul - Pennsylvania, USA
uk 1903 pattern leather cavalry bandolier (2012-04-01)
Arrived quickly, looks great especially with a coat of neatsfoot oil to give it a nice used look.

allan - new jersey
uk 1903 pattern leather cavalry bandolier (2012-03-30)
looks great especially after a coat of neetsfoot oil. received it 2 days after ordering it, and thats cali to nj.

allan - new jersey
1903 Pattern Leather Cavalry Bandolier (2011-07-02)
I receive4d my bandolier in a very short time and was impressed with it''s construction. It''s an Exact copy of an original 9 pocket bandolier. The quality of my bandolier is of the highest in every way. If submitted to a military board of review in the Victorian era, I''m certain that this bandolier would be immediately accepted for issue within Her Majesty''s Service. After applying Pecard Antique Leather Dressing to the bandolier, the leather pockets and flaps immediately stretched and were each able to hold and secure two clips of .303 ammunition. The bandolier was able to adjust to my large chest and fits perfectly and comfortably. Thank you What Price Glory for coming out with such an item of superior quality!

Frederic - Yutan, Nebraska, U.S.A.
Excellent (2010-08-20)
This bandolier is of the highest quality I have seen and I will say worth the money. Even the Light Horsemen would be jealous!

McKinley - US
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