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Very well made (2023-05-04)
Much better than the blanket-wool puttees that the other sites sell. These are woven like the originals and therefore have a good elasticity to them. They can be wrapped on properly and stay put.
WPG shipped these very fast, and communicated information on them (tracking, updates, etc), often.

crum - US
Reenactors need this change!! (2023-02-12)
I think the whole of the ww1 reenactment community would benefit if these puttees were in a khaki color that matched the uniform! They're good repros and there's nothing else on the market like these. Please, hear our request!

Emry - New York
very nice (2023-02-09)
the quality is nice,
this si my second pair I ordered two in order to sew them together since they have been out of the long size for some time now.

Great service (2021-02-09)
Great product and super service

Traxler - US
Great Product (2021-01-19)
Finally found a pair of putties that are made of the right stuff. The logo and letter on the leg indicators aren't as sharp as originals but not bad at all.

James - IE
fast delivery (2020-12-23)
received the items very quickly and they are all spot on thanks

Hutchinson - UK
Vastly superior to the standard reproduction puttees (2020-10-28)
The difference in quality between these and the regular puttee repros are unreal. especially when you've put them side by side Definitely worth spending close to double what I did on the regular long puttees (also sold on this site).

The wool is sturdy and soft, not coarse and scratchy like the cheaper kind. The wool is definitely thicker too, giving them a better structure and warmth when wrapped. Andmost importantly of all--on these you can actually see the weave of the puttee, giving them enough stretch to be wound around the leg normally without needing to fold them into a herringbone pattern. Which to my knowledge, makes these Fox style puttees unique compared to all other repros I've seen on the market.

As far as negatives go, just like the other reviews have said, the Fox label came sewn in backwards and on the wrong side of the puttees, and the pins were located in the middle instead of on the edges. These weren't a big deal to me as I do not reenact and I bought these for practical use instead.

I did, however, elect to move the pins to the correct locations, and on this subject I must caution people to be careful when handling the pins. The metal the pins are made of do not seem to be very sturdy, and one of the arms on the "right" tab broke off the first time I unfolded it. It still has one arm to keep it secure to the puttee and it probably would've broken eventually anyway with how fragile that arm was, but of course having both intact would have been preferable. The left tab was fine and is quite secure after putting it in the right spot.

James - California
The Best Repro Puttees Out There (2020-08-27)
Gonna keep this review as detailed as possible. I have SoF Puttees and original WW1 Fox puttees to compare these with.

Pros: Puttees ACTUALLY wrap around your legs like originals do (to the shape of your leg). Fox Brass buttons make it authentic looking. Weave of puttee is closest to the original (not cut from single cloth). Also most affordable puttee that is well made. Shipping was super fast. Great for Boer War rather than WW1 imo.

Cons: Fox Brass buttons are placed incorrectly (can easily be fixed so no worries). The Fox label is purposefully backwards (could be for legal reasons, idk, but also minor inconvenience). Puttee is thicker than SoF and original puttees, but doesn't cause issue. Color in picture is true to the puttee, and it is the brightest puttee whereas the original is darker in color (this could be preference too, if you like the color then you are good)

Amazingly made puttees, best repros out there right now. Shipping is mad fast especially during these times.

Marc - CA
great putters with a little discrepancy from picture that I dont really care for (2020-01-08)
I bought cheaper ones from amazon while cheaper weren't as good. it looked like a long piece of shamwow. although alittle bit more expensive, these are much better can actually see the weave. a little "error" I found on them is the fox label is printed backwards and the pin is is attached on the middle instead of the edge, but I dont care for these things just using for warmth. and great fast delivery.

jesse - usa
great putters with a little discrepancy from picture that I dont really care for (2020-01-08)
I bought cheaper ones from amazon while cheaper weren't as good. it looked like a long piece of shamwow. although alittle bit more expensive, these are much better can actually see the weave. a little "error" I found on them is the fox label is printed backwards and the pin is is attached on the middle instead of the edge, but I dont care for these things just using for warmth. and great fast delivery.

jesse - usa
Good bit of stretch (2019-11-16)
I've been using cheap puttees for years that are made of a single strip of felted wool, no stretch and the edges fray easily. These ones fit nicely and the edges are nice and clean. I use them for work so I'll be buying more in the future for sure.

Abram - CA
excellent puttees,quickest delivery ever!! (2019-03-08)
excellent puttees

McMurrich - AU
Very fast delivery. (2018-10-27)
Great quality. Delighted.

Price - IE
Best repro puttees available. (2018-08-18)
These are far superior to any other repro puttees I have found.

Pros - proper woven puttees as worn by officers, much more stretchy than other repros cut from cloth. No more ugly stepping or twisting!

Cons - not quite as stretchy as real Fox's puttees (but stretchy enough), lebels stitched in back to front, Currently only available in officer's taupe colour so not suitable for other ranks.

Chisholm - UK
High quality, fast service! (2018-07-18)
The quality of the product is absolutely superb. This item is period-correct down to the last detail of construction, and of first-class quality by any standard for any time in the history of woolen millinery. FIVE STARS and ZERO COMPLAINTS on that! My order shipped so promptly, even by standard first-class mail, that it arrived at my address a full day prior to the projected delivery date!

Will - Texas
Super (2018-02-12)
Très très bien

daboval - FR
Wonderful Puttees (2017-11-19)
A great product!!

Copeland - CA
Top service (2017-11-11)
Item was superfast in being dispatched and delivered. A first class service and a very happy customer, thank you.

Brilliant (2017-10-05)
High quality product and speedy delivery. The normal WPG service!

Roberts - GB
great thank you (2017-10-03)
great thank you

turnbull - AU
Good, Quality Reproduction (2017-09-15)
Puttees arrived in a very timely fashion and in excellent quality. I tried them on within a half an hour of receiving them and they for beautifully. Looking forward to wearing them in the winter chill!

Hogan - CA
Excellent reproduction. (2017-05-12)
These are an excellent reproduction of original fox puttees, in fact I have seen a pair being sold as original. Very quick delivery.

Brand - UK
Very good (2017-04-01)
Best copies I have seen, edged rather than cut really helps. A little heavier than the real thing which are also alittle stretchier. The tapes could do with being a lighter weight cotton tape not wool, but that would be being perfectionist! Very good and used for riding exercise to save my real ones.#

Puckey - UK
Very good (2016-09-09)
These puttees are perfect for the hall chap. Great fit and good colour for Boer War

Hebron - NZ
Good puttees (2016-07-06)
Good pair of Officer's puttees, would have got 5/5 but the foxs label was sewn in inside out! - Ok once sewn back in.

Townsley - UK
Quick Delivery, High Quality Item (2016-05-31)
Arrived as quickly as I expected and are a great length, colour, and of high quality - I don't see them ripping any time soon!

George - UK
officer leggings (2015-03-31)
Very well made. Looking forward to trying them.

Blunt - US
Officers Short Puttees Excellent (2014-10-12)
I''ve ordered the short officers puttees from WPG on two separate occasions. Both pairs of the short officers puttees I received were of premium quality. Definitely reproductions that the seller and manufacturer should be proud of.

Thomas - Seattle, Washington, USA
Lovely (2013-03-06)
These are really great, I wet them and wore them to dry and they fit perfect

Smith - CA
UK officers puttees (2013-01-26)
I''m very impressed by the high quality of the thick fabric. Nice colour and details. The wool is a bit stiff at the beginning, wash with warm water and a gentle wool detergent. I found they are best wrapped "cavalry style", i.e. from the knee down and tied at the ankle. Thanks a lot, WPG!

Phillip - GB
UK Fox Style Officer Puttees (2013-01-06)
Fine quality and awesome customer service like this is why I come back to WPG time and time again.

McCleaf - US
Mrs (2012-07-27)
I did not expect to receive my goods so soon, this was very efficient service, incredible....
Very Best Regards, Terese.

Binns - AU
Fox Oficer style puttees (2012-05-02)
Really first class quality, also looks so real including the authentic labels and Left and Right leg indicators, that one would swear it's the original stuff!

van - NL
Puttees, Officers (2012-03-26)
Nice item! I am confused about these being marked with a right and left tag. Mine came with 2 R's. Otherwise a nice looking and fitting item.

Fenner - US
British Officers Short Putties (2012-03-08)

Another outstanding product and quick service too.
Keep up the good work.

COL (Ret) Darwin F.D. Concon, US Army

Concon - US
UK Fox style officer puttees (2012-02-06)
I am in line with all the other comments. Very high quality as with everything else I have ordered from you. Thanks!

Hill - US
Boer War perfecto (2012-01-29)
Perfect puttees for a Commonwealth soldier from the 1899-1902 Boer War period. Excellent material and very quick delivery.

Mickey G - Sydney Australia
Officer's Wrap Puttees- Long (2011-10-27)
I got them quick, and they are very well made of good material. No complaints.

Boyce - US
The Puttees are great. (2011-10-09)
Thanks a lot. Fast shipping to Germany. Good Quality for small money. 1A. First class.

Stahl - DE
Fox's Putts (2011-07-15)
Great Item. Perfect for Boer War

May - US
Good (2011-07-09)
Good quality, neat makers label. I bought these as O.R. Boer War puttees as well, and they are perfect for this.

Paul - US
UK Fox Style Officer Puttees (2011-02-06)
Cracking bit of kit. Very well made. Just got to figure out how to put them on properly now.

Woodman - GB
UK fox style puttees (2010-11-16)
very hard to make the difference with the original one!

thierry - FR
Canon Mark Hayden (2010-11-01)
Great item but a month is a long time to wait for an item.

Hayden - IE
Awesome (2010-08-26)
High quality and really fast shipping!

Gill - CA
great (2010-08-20)
I am quite happy with the quality of this product. I love wool...

McKinley - US
UK Fox Puttees (2010-08-18)
Excellent item... Fast shipping. Thanks.

Fernando da Silva - Brazil
Awsome (2010-08-04)
Great Quality, Shipped in 3 days, and awesome service. These work and look great

John - Texas
Top Notch! (2010-07-08)
Very impressed with the quality of these puttees! Unlike the flimsy kind I've seen before (with the easily frayed edges) these will undoubtedly give truly a lifetime of service.

Rombough - CA
UK officer putties (2010-06-23)
Fast delivery. Well look great with my impression.

Borowski - US
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