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just dandy (2022-01-11)
Do you have matching suspenders and 1911 magazine pouch?

buffington - US
Top Notch Belt, Delivered Super Fast (2021-03-30)
As far as I know, there is no place else to go to get an M1910 Mounted Cartridge Belt. WPG’s is top quality construction and attention to authenticity, and delivery was amazingly fast.

Gay - US
A superb reproduction! Shipped very fast! (2019-01-09)
Am very pleased with the quality of this belt! It is an excellent reproduction of a very hard to find belt.

Bruun - US
Nice Belt! (2017-08-11)
Looks great! Other than the adjustment hole liners being loose I can't complain, still worth $95 either way for this belt.

Brady - US
1910 mills belt (2015-01-14)
excellent repo perfect foe display

joe - phila.
M1910 Mills Mounted Cartridge Belt (2013-03-11)
An excellent reproduction. Very satisfied!

Milles - US
US M1910 Mills Mounted Cartridge Belt (2012-01-16)
When I first opened the package I my first impression was how good the belt looked and I was glad I bought it insted of applying the purchase price to an original if I ever find it. When it came time to employ the belt, I found that 2 of the pocket internal straps came right out as if only sewn with a couple of stitches sans knots. I found that half of the snaps pop open with no pressure at all, and finally, if you need to adjust the belt, the adjustment hole liners are barely hanging in the holes and fall right out. What I have learned is to save up for a relic if you want to spend wisely. The belt looks good, but would not have made it through much actual use, either wartime or peacetime.

Kay - US
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