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Toiletry roll (2014-06-02)
This item did not arrive with the shipment. I had ordered two.

Bill MacMullen

MacMullen - US
Toiletry Roll (2013-09-27)
Fastest deliver ever. Great item for display and to keep the small stuff together.

Faltesek - US
British WWII Holdall (2012-09-25)
I don''t have an original to compare, so I cannot comment on historical accuracy. I can say that the stitching is tight, and the fabric is a mid-thickness cotton duck. They''ll take conventional water-proofing sprays if you want them to be a little more water resistant. I use these holdalls to carry small items when hiking/camping, so that the items don''t rattle.

Jedediah the Gyrocaptain - Northern Illinois
UK British (Holdall) Toiletry Roll (2012-02-28)
Very nice. Super fast shipping!

Irving - US
Holdall (2012-02-10)
Great product. Good for both wars.

Armbruster - US
Very nice! (2011-11-15)
What else can you say...nice quality, well packed, quickly shipped!! Thanks!!

Ray - US
UK British (Holdall) Toiletry Roll (2010-03-30)
Great product, nice markings.

price - US
my thoughts (2010-03-22)
looks good. filling it now

Owen - US