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Great communication, service beyond compare (2019-07-03)
What can I say? The pre-sale communication was excellent, with an excellent deal being struck. Postage was prompt and efficient. Looking forward to getting stuck into using this difficult to source product! Keep up the fantastic job boys!

Edwards - AU
Super fast shipping (2018-07-23)
I ordered 'Khaki' and recieved white. I was told the khaki dries an off white , (although the brick of blanco stated 'white'. True but it isn't khaki. Well packaged and great for blancoing white items.

Kyle - CA
another excellent product (2018-05-21)
Great price for a cool item, and fast shipping too. My blanco cakes (a spare was even sent gratis) weren't broken. It doesn't get any better than that!

Steve - USA
All great thanks. (2017-07-13)
Delivered very quickly,even from UAE😁

Laurence white   - UK
Better than Expected (2017-01-18)
The items I received were unbroken and exceeded my expectations, Thanks.

Cole - US
WPG Surpassed My Expectations (2016-03-15)
I was looking for something to whiten a set of RCAF webbing for a Service Police display and discovered that WPG actually carried white Blanco. This stuff is period correct plus I received an extra cake of Blanco.

Balke - US
Blanco (2015-08-27)
I have received my complete order quickly and intact , perfect color and execellent packaging , thanks

Stephey - US
good product (2014-03-26)
good all round service product excellent packaged well quick dispatch

Nicholson - GB
Good product (2013-12-18)
Nice to have some, great for display. Haven’t applied it to any webbing, but im sure it would work well.

Ben - US
Blanco (2013-10-29)
As near to the real stuff you can get!

fyfe - GB
Blanco (2012-10-16)
Good product and excellent packaging for it's fragile condition, good service

McInerny - GB
Pipe clay (2011-11-23)
FINALLY. A source for pipe clay. I need it for my business.

Arizona Territory

Montgomery - US
qwe (2011-10-05)
Well be nice to have in my pack.

Cusick - US
perfect (2011-06-24)
usefull item for my webbing, thanks for all

frederic - FR
Blanco (White) (2011-04-28)
Just the job for my buff belt & lanyards! Well packaged for transit too. Many thanks.

Ulrich - GB
Spiffs up your kit! (2011-04-07)
Exactly what I wanted. Nice to get a hold of the real thing again.
The packaging around the cakes broke in transit, letting powder get out in the parcel, but the other items in my order were wisely plastic-bagged.
Well-done, lads.

Pelikan - US
frank be (2011-02-12)
nice product, good to work with, perfect white webbing

wauters - BE
Mr (2010-12-22)
nice product, nice price:)

wauters - BE
x (2010-06-30)
Nice product and price. Very fast delivery.

Mr (2010-05-28)
Received the Indian Blanco, thank you very much.
It is not the colour used here in Australia in my time. I will experiment with dissolving same into a cream and adding green tinter. However, I am still looking for used webbing that has the right shade of khaki to match that which I have to produce.

Frood - AU
Blanco white (2010-04-06)
Good and approbiate stuff.

Dolman - US
nice (2010-03-04)
unlike the first reviewer I plan to use mine and its good, they are broke up into a couple pieces making it easy to work with, Nice to have the real deal to work with..and how can you beat the price!!

Tim - Nova Scotia