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Big thanks (2011-08-04)
How do you guys ship so fast... The Khaki sweater/jumper is fantastic the real deal and yes it smells a bit but so does my girlfriend.
WPG thanks for the swift despatch i got use them for the weekend.

M Curr - Scotland
Excellent! (2011-08-02)
Veyr fast shipment, product was just as described. Great work!

Boughen - GB
Negative: unfortunately the sweater had a very strong smell - somehow chemical. After carefully washing by hand the smell even became stronger...? The fabric has some holes, too.
Positive: Nice colour and pretty authentic style

Heidrich - DE
British WWII Style Khaki Pullover Sweater (Original) (2010-04-24)
Simply brilliant! Fantastic garment in a wearable size.

Lord - GB
Khaki pullover (2010-04-20)
Original, and shiped so fast I didn't even get a chance to get cold!

Squiers - US