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Fantastic helmet (2017-02-21)
Comfortable, and just right. I've recommended it to everyone.

Tierney - UK
uk despatch rider helmet (2016-01-12)
if only uk dealers were this good. excellent repro and 4 days to the uk !!
will order again, many thanks

chris - uk
Mr (2014-05-13)
Great no probs 4 days to get here(over bank holiday)from UAE and just as described good quality repro for the price. I'll be back.

Singleton - GB
perfect (2014-03-26)
everything my husband wanted, good quality nice fit, again well packaged and dispatched quickly and all at a very good price well done WPG

Nicholson - GB
UK Dispatch Riders Helmet (2013-05-08)
An excellent purchase. It was the only way I could get a large size to fit me, at half the price of original items - even if I could locate one. Quick delivery. Only surprise was that appeared to have been sent from the United Arab Emirates, when I thought I had ordered from the US!

Newark - GB
Corporal (2013-04-24)
OUTSTANDING! A real bonus to my helmet collection.

Clarke - CA
ted (2012-11-09)
Excellent and fery Good price

koks - NL
DR helmet (2010-08-13)
Good looking helmet.

Postma - NL
Awesome (2010-08-02)
I used to cringe when I brought my original out to the field for fear that I would ruin a precious historical artifact. Now I can ride with confidence in a perfect, well made, well fitting helmet. Great job! I am even considering buying a second helmet and converting it into a late war glider pilot helmet.

Ray - California
Feedback on dispatch riders helmet (2010-06-07)
An excellent looking helmet!! On inspection it was found that the shell was on backwards - dispatch riders helmets had a slightly lifted rim on one end to allow the rider to see more. Otherwise, its completely phwoarr!
This is not my first purchase and certainly shan't be my last.

Shapiro - NZ