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WWII Poncho-Original (2013-06-03)
Took it out of the package and it still looks new. I haven't cleaned the talc off it yet but it looks well preserved. Good price for an original item and will be great for my impression, GI Jeep driver. Thanks!!

Chapman - US
WWII American poncho (2012-12-04)
The poncho arrived in supurb condition, considering its age. Very pleased.

Fesko - US
ww2 poncho (2012-07-16)
This product is great, very flexible & ready to use once I clean off the storage
Powder. Good timly service.

Bill - US
Orig US Poncho - fantastic (2012-06-18)
The condition of the 65+ year old poncho I received is simply amazing - like new. The abundant white powder it was packed in that was used to preserve it did its job well. An hour''s work with a hose and a soft brush cleaned all the powder off and now the poncho looks and feels like it was made yesterday! I am very impressed. Very quick ship at very reasonable cost too. Mine was missing drawstring but WPG sent one immediately after I emailed them about it - excellent customer service!

Ken - Pennsylvania USA
NYS (2012-04-19)
Poncho is far better condition than I'd expected; could have been brand new.

Van Ness  - US
Buyer (2012-04-03)
The order arrived on time and was what I ordered. Service good, product good as usual. Looking forward to my next order.
Gordon Calahan

Calahan - US
Poncho (2011-11-24)
Great item. No damage and preserved well with powder.

Clauss - US
ww2 poncho (2011-11-19)
has a white powder on it I cant get off..the poncho its self is very nice if I can get it clean

mcconnell - US
WWII US Army PONCHO (2011-10-29)
Very pleased with the poncho. Fast delivery, condition better than expected. Brilliant!

Spiby - GB
excellent (2011-09-05)
fast shipping, qaulity was exactly stated. (used in VERY good condition).

oldroyd - US
Sweet piece of gear (2011-07-01)
Still packed in talcum powder....great overall condition

Michaud - CA
Poncho (2011-05-23)
Arrived in excellent condition, Fast Shipping

Smith - CA
Great Job (2011-04-07)
Arrived in timely fashion; was exactly as described. I'm completely satisfied and will be ordering more!

Cook - US
US Army WWII Poncho (Original) (2011-02-18)
Arrived in a timely manner and looks like they were made yesterday. Incredible condition.

Winer - US
awesome (2010-12-02)
looks good for having sat around for ages. almost reluctant to use it in the field.

ward - US
US Army WWII Poncho (Original) (2010-09-04)
wonderful product, fast shipping.

Wang - US
Great (2010-06-10)
great product well worth the money

Dylewski - US
UK (2010-05-26)
excellent condition and easy to clean. first rate service and delivery....

original WWII poncho (2010-05-24)
This is a true diamond in the rough. goes great with our WWII vehicles and actually does keep us dry when it has rained. 60+ years old and still functioning like it was made for
thanks Jerryfor finding these.

US Army WWII Poncho (Original) (2010-05-23)
excellent item. Quick delivery.thanks

Weiss - PL
US Army WWII Poncho (Original) (2010-05-06)
Amazing condition!! Not a mark on it. Is the powder on it talcum powder? I assume the coated side might want to stick to itself if it gets too hot?

Corley - US
WWII Poncho (2010-05-04)
Item arrived quickly and looked unissued.

Ferguson - US
Ted, United States (2010-04-30)
Great item. For being over 60 years old, this poncho is in great condition. I am well pleased. Thank you.

Johnson - US
Original WWII Poncho (2010-04-22)
Mine arrived in great order. Nice coating of anti molding powder applied with no rotting or anything like that. Great piece and well worth the $85

Robert - New Zealand
US Army WWII Poncho (Original) (2010-03-31)
As advertised. My specimen was pliable and strong, no rotting or tears. It's a rare original item at a very good price.

Kilroy - IT
Mr (2010-03-21)
US Army WWII Poncho (Original), The date I found on it was 1945 an excellent item that you will not be upset with, absolutely well worth the $85.00.

Toohey - AU
US ARMY WWII Ponchos orig. (2010-03-08)
Absolutely excellent.
thank you. worth the $85. plus shipping.

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