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great quality, but off sizes (2022-04-01)
The shirt and trousers both were of great quality, but the sizes are way off. I ended up ordering two sizes larger than I usually wear and trousers in one size different in the shirt.

Boyd - Florida USA
Great uniform (2021-07-31)
I had read many reviews and ordered a slightly larger than normal size. Was glad I did. Washed to a great fit. Super fast shipping.

Granger - US
Sizing is off... (2020-08-22)
The sizing on the trousers and shirts are way off! I wear a 17.5x36 shirt and 38 trousers, I initially ordered my sizes and no way I could fit! I had to order 20x36 shirt and 42 trousers.... if sizing is this far off, the description should say so! The quality of these are excellent, no complaints there!

Somers - US
Good Quality, Sizing Runs Small (2020-08-11)
These seem to be great quality however the sizing is a bit off as compared to other items such as the Enlisted Khakis and other uniform items. In the enlisted khaki shirts I wear 17.5x36 however in this officer shirt I had to order a 20x36 after returning (2) sized 17.5x36. The trousers run a bit snug as well.

Christopher - OK
Excellent quality, fast delivery (2020-05-15)
Shirt is excellent. My original shirt is a little small, especially in the neck. After following the washing instructions for my WPG shirt, it fits well. As for the trousers...the back pocket flaps are a little difficult but with wear should loosen up. Need to get them hemmed, but no one is open to do the job. Very satisfied.

Lamb - US
Regulation Fit (2020-03-31)
My WPG khaki shirt and trousers arrived from the desert. On first impression, they are heavy and stiff as a board. Quality appears to be good and the color matches between the shirt and trousers. They fit reasonably true to marked size, a bit large. I ran them through one cycle in the washer in hot water and dried them. They shrunk a bit, but I’m happy with the result. Just how I wanted them. The button holes needed a bit of opening up to get some of the buttons through. I will give them the ole once over to get rid of any Irish pennants, run an iron over them, and hem the trousers to proper length for me. The cut of these uniforms is consistent with issued uniforms. Look in the photos of guys wearing these in the Pacific during WWII. They’re baggy on most guys, plus a guy could expect to lose weight from sweating alone. Anyone looking for a custom fit would visit a tailor. Looking forward to using this uniform as soon as COVID19 concerns allow us out again. Giv’em the gun!!

Randy - United States
It's okay (2020-03-29)
The fabric is thick the uniform is well made. Width of the leg wide is baggy as hell and its crazy long and im 6ft but that's not a bad thing really is gives me chance get it tailored to suit me normally stuff is too short from other vendors so I'm happy. the colour is bit darker than the orginal but it will fade. The shirt run a size small I think I'm normally a size 15 but by mistake I ordered a size up (15 and 1/2) but luckily I did because that size fits perfectly and the trousers waist was on the small size. But it's still a great product that I don't think you'll regret buying.

Kelly - IE
Shirt & pants (2020-03-15)
I received the order. The clothes are a little darker than the photograph, but I can live with it. Thanks for the fast delivery.

Lindsay Steffes

Steffes - US
kahki officers uniform (2020-03-14)
perfect fit, heavy duty cotton material
and super fast shipping!

Tobey - US
Little small. (2020-01-22)
The uniform looks nice, the pants fit great, but the shirt is a little too small, I used the size I normally wear, and it fit in the neck and chest great, but tight in the shoulders. Maybe a size bigger would help?

Leitch - US
Good (2019-11-12)
Broken zipper. Need new zipper for pants

Creech  - US
Everything (2019-11-01)
The Order Process, quick resolution of a problem I had ordering online, amazingly fast delivery and 100% accuracy of my order have left me wishing for only one thing.... I wish that other people I deal with for other business provided as good customer service and product quality as you do. I am VERY much looking forward to the 2-pocket Rhodesian shirts. We WILL be doing more business. Thanks for everything!!

Excellent (2019-07-28)
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and fit of this uniform. Excellent in every way: fit, color, comfort, quality, customer service, and timely delivery. Definitely recommend.

Murrell - US
Delivery time was outstanding. (2019-07-04)
I am very pleased with my new uniform, It would be nice if wpg would make a Navy version of the khaki uniform.

gatford - US
amazed (2019-06-24)
Great value, very good fit after washing, fast service, excellent support for returns!

Odom - US
Fast Delivery (2018-10-07)
Exactly what I wanted, and exactly what I ask for. Can't ask for more.

Hines - US
Satisfied, super fast delivery (2018-09-15)
Everything is great quality super fast delivery service shoes look amazing. The khaki pants are huge even the Taylor doubts she can make them fit in legs and trunk and this is with correct waist and after washing

Fast shipping, spot on uniform (2018-06-05)
You get fast shipping and info updates on your order. The US khaki officer uniform arches my original in cut and color. My only criticism is the ran a bit small do other the next largest size. Otherwise terrific and I am a longtime customer and will order again! Thanks Jerry!

Carlton - US
Outstanding (2017-07-13)
VERY pleased with the authentic quality and of course the prompt shipment. These are high quality and very authentic. I could not be more pleased.

Don - CA, US
Khaki Summer Uniform (officer) (2017-05-24)
As always, very authentic uniforms. Very fast shipping. Never disappointed.

Reed - US
Super fast! (2017-05-15)
Thanks for the fast shipping and the great uniform!!!

Timm - US
Super (2017-01-26)
The uniform arrived on time, and it 's just what I need for an upcoming re-enactment project. It's also an experience in deja vu, as I long ago scrounged up originals for a collection---your replicas always equal the originals in fit, details, and quality. Very satisfied!

Williams - US
New summer khakis... (2017-01-24)
I'm delighted with the quality of the items, their fit, and the speed and convenience of the transaction. WPG is easily on of the best companies with which I've ever done this sort of business. Thanks!

Williams - US
Remarkably Like The Original! (2016-12-02)
The trousers are a nice lighter weight cotton material, they look exactly like my dad's in his WWII Pacific Theatre. The shirt is a heavier weight cotton, a little on the stiff side. Can't wait to sew on his rank, unit patch and "ruptured duck". Thanks for the quick turn-around.

Coady - US
Khaki Officers Uniform (2015-11-17)
Best reproduction I've seen. Exactly like the Originals I remember from H/S ROTC back in the 21960's and what the local Army/Navy store used to sell with the "Ruptured Duck" patch still on them.

Oxx - US
Good buy (2015-11-02)
Very good quality! Size ran a little on the small side. Very pleased with quality and speed of delivery (about 4-5 days from California)

Mosher - US
thank you so much for the service you gave me. Not only did I receive the proper item ordered but also fast delivery.

Lombardo - US
Excellent value for money!!! (2014-08-25)
This is the second set of sun tans I've purchased from WPG. I use one set badged as USAAF 5th Air Force and the other as US Navy, albeit with the shoulder straps removed for authenticity. The only criticism is that neither set has exactly matching shirt and trouser colours, and the seemingly heavy-duty zip fastener failed on the second pair of trousers after only three wearings. But this was quickly and inexpensively replaced so this uniform package is still good value for money. I just wish that WPG would bring out a matching garrison cap in the same khaki drill material. Thoroughly recommended.

Hutchins - GB
Value for money!!! (2014-07-16)
Very well-made of high-quality khaki drill material. This uniform can also double as US Army tropical kit. The colour could be improved by being a bit 'pinker' but otherwise is very good value for money. I heeded the warning about pre-washing before having any alterations done but experienced very little shrinkage. Usual very fast delivery from UAE. Highly recommended.

Hutchins - GB
Great quality uniform.A+++.

musgrave  - US
Officer khakis (2014-07-05)
Exceeded expectation. Great price. Immediately made a second order.

musgrave - US
Hello from France. Great material for reproduction of French Cadets uniform who trained in USA for flight training during the second world war (see CFPNA 1943 - 1946 website)

Fast shipping.

4 (2014-06-14)
I like the durability of the material, the color, and the style. The shipping was fine, less than a week both times, and the communication was excellent, including the follow up. I had a small defect on one of 4 pkg deals I ordered where the back shoulder seam of the shirt was sewn too close to the edge of the material and it's starting to come loose. I also had to pay for extra tailoring because of the enormous width of the legs, yet the waist was just right. This more than doubled the tailoring cost to $30 per pair of pants, but I'm happy with the results.

Bacon - US
Col Kurtz (2014-06-01)
Despite reviews that indicated the shirt sizes were generously cut I found them to be accurately sized. As a result I order too small (15" neck rather than 16"). Pants are definitely cut for high waisted wear. Would prefer to see them with a button fly. Regardless, I'm impressed with the quality and speed of delivery.

Aldrich - SG
US Khaki Cotton Summer Uniform Officer Package (2014-04-24)
Very Quick delivery as usual from WPG, can't get this kind of service back in UK. Top quality product as stated cut on the large size, but when considering shrinkage from washing and the potential for tailoring to fit, this is excellent. Having mine tailored at the moment for the perfect fit this has got to be a best buy considering quality of product and value for money. Also purchased Khaki officer garrisson cap top quality.

Booth - GB
Khaki Uniform Package (2014-04-20)
WOW. The khaki uniform package (trousers & shirt) are a perfect match.
Excellent product.

Reed - US
Good stuff (2014-04-09)
Got the package, The shirt strangely shrunk lengthwise more than width. Pants and shirt do need to be tailored up a bit. Soft though... might get another set for pajamas.

Kozlowski - US
Retired military (2014-04-04)
Great khaki uniform! Solid material and good workmanship. You can't find uniforms made this well in America anymore. I plan to buy more.

summers - US
Top dog (2013-12-10)
Shirt and pants nice materials, matching shade, good value. Shirt will need tailoring to fit, it's quite baggy. Pants are long, but I'm short. One pant belt loop not attached (therefore not a 5 rating), but an easy fix.

Castorina - US
US Khaki Cotton Summer Uniform Package (2013-09-26)
Excellent, perfect fit!

Spurlock - US
Gen. (2013-08-24)
Second shirt I've ordered. Sizing is on, same as my dress clothes. Very large in the body and my tailor has to put darts in the back to make it smaller for a tapered-look military shirt. Just the thing for a Patton-in-Sicily uniform.

Stumpf - US
Nice uniform. Fit on the neck was on however is a lot of room in these shirts. You will need to have it taken in a little to give a nice tappered appearance. Nice product for the money. Very fast shipping via DHL and great tracking to the states.

Foose - US
Great Shade of Beige...exactly what need ! Thanks !!

Young - AU
US khaki cotton summer uniform (2012-03-05)
meet and exceeded expectations, 3rd one I've ordered

Cole - US
Khaki ensemble (2011-12-21)
This shirt and pants look really good. Nice material. I haven't worn or washed them yet. Too bad they are made by people that hate us...Now I need them to make me a WWI uniform...I'll keep this vendor on my list of sutlers I buy from...

Miller - US
Dr. (2011-07-25)
Very good material that cotton, the epaulettes in the Officer's shirt are stitched for 1/3rd of the length and this may give problems fitting the slide-on ranks

Capt. Jackal - CH
officer's shirt (2011-07-14)
great shirt but I ordered the enlisted man's shirt.
I'll keep this for later and order the E M shirt too

Pope - US
shirt/ pants (2011-05-31)
fits well- Wish it was USA made

moseley - US
US khaki officer trousers & shirt (2011-05-18)
great communication,speedy delivery and very good quality!

attew - GB
Satisfaction (2011-02-16)
Another great package deal from What Price Glory. Very serviceable shirt and pants if you don't want to wear your originals. Most comfortable. Thanks again.

Johnson - US
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