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good&nice item (2020-06-09)
good&nice item...

lee - KR
good item. (2020-01-31)
I didn't know that these things existed, but my bayonet, who was trying to run away like a teenager, finally found his own place.

lee - KR
Good stuff (2019-11-13)
Well made. Just what I needed.

Henry - US
British Bayonet Retaining Strap for Spiked Bayonet (2019-06-08)
Nice quality, glad to have a reproduction with new leather, to prevent loss of my spike bayonet, due to old dry leather of an original, tearing and falling out in the field.

Finney - US
Good Fit (2017-01-18)
Good quality, I have installed it on my bayonet frog and scabbard. Fits great. Thanks.

Cole - US
Fast delivery (2016-05-19)
Received very quickly. Great item - very difficult to find in the UK. Thanks.

Kennedy - UK
Good quality (2016-03-18)
Good quality, I have yet to install it on to by bayonet frog and scabbard

Good gear... (2016-03-01)
Simple piece, nicely made.

Lovato - US
Mr (2013-03-19)
Great item! Would buy again.
Just about a perfect match with the originals that I have.


Ritenour - US
BRIT FROG STRAP (2012-09-14)

Norris - US
British Bayonet Retaining Strap for Spike Bayonet (2012-06-02)
Not had a chance to fit it yet, but looks good!

van - NL
08 Bayonet Frog & Helve Carrier (2012-03-22)
Good quality - looks fine - fast delivery - I'm happy.

Nehring - US
British Bayonet Retaining Strap for Spike Bayonet (2012-02-28)
This is a very nice strap. Super fast shipping!

Irving - US
david GB (2011-11-10)
great item fast postage thanks

palmer - GB
Retaining Strap (2011-08-29)
Good stuff indeed. Good service as always. Thanks.

Raby - US
Well made retainer. (2011-07-16)
When running about in the field looking for Jerry one cannot be to careful. Lost equipment will cost you a repremand from your CO and potatoe peeling duty. Now all of my field gear will present and accounted for.

Ben, Denver, Colorado. - US
Spike strap (2011-07-10)
Nice item, would have given a 5 rating if it had come with instructions on how to affix it to the bayonet frog. Took me awhile to figure it out and I had to refer to a couple of books.

Ken - US
great product (2011-06-24)
can use it , looks like a real one

frederic - FR
Quality item (2011-04-08)
Looks good. Leather is thick and free of cracks.
Nice detail on my web set.

Baars - NL
Perfect Detail (2011-03-18)
I can''t tell the difference between this repro and my original. And at $4, I bought 2. It is a small detail that enhances the impression out in the field. I no longer have to tie the scabbard into the frog.

Ray - California
quality (2011-02-25)
Simple item that is very useful A+

Kane - US
Bayonet Retaining Strap (2011-02-17)
A very cool and neat device that works extremely well!!! Thanks Again!!

Gary - Pennsylvania/USA
strap (2011-02-15)
Very nice, fast shipping!

Pearson - US
perfect one (2011-02-08)
like my original! perfect thanks for that.

Daniel - DE
bayonet retaining strap (2011-02-08)
nice, quaint little item that adds detail to anyone's impression.

Arroyo - PH
Looks great! (2010-09-28)
I never seen an original in person but a near perfect match to one's I've seen in pictures. Nice little bit that adds another point of conversation to my impression!

Nelson - US
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