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Amazing Boots! (2020-03-25)
I typically wear a US size 9.5 and the ten fit well with just the right amount of wiggle room. Beautifully handcrafted boot! Definitely recommend the marching shoe without hobnails if you do indoor presentations.

Levi - US
Looks great size an issue (2019-12-10)
These boots are well constructed and look good, but they are quite narrow. I wish there would have been more size options available. I have been stretching them and they are loosing up some. If you have wide feet get a bigger size if possible.

Boots (2016-08-25)
Perfect! I put some Hubbards shoe grease on to soften and waterproof the leather, they look original! I had to purchase without Hobnails and shoeplates because I do also indoor activities on wooden floors and marble, so its safer. Good choice for anyone!

John - San Antonio
Terrible Quality (2013-12-10)
Mine arrived an hour ago. As I tried them on, the leather tongue ripped. I''ve never actually seen leather rip like paper (until now). WPGs quality has always been hit-or-miss, and this is definitely a miss.

Robert - Illinois
M1917 Marching Shoes (without iron heels and hob nails) (2013-09-15)
These look really good with the leather putees. I also looked at the photos in Donald Smythe's book: "Guerrilla Warrior: The Early Life of John J. Pershing" and Clarence Clenendan's book: "Blood on The Border: The United States Army and Mexican Irregulars". I also, watched the movie: "They Came to Cordura" (again) on You Tube. These boots look like the real thing to me! I can't wait for the movie: "The Wild Bunch" to come back around, so I can check their authenticity.

Speer - US
M1917 marching shoes (2012-02-12)
After treating mine with before the event I wore mine in the all day rain at Newville in April. They were OUTSTANDING!

Tim - Lancaster PA
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