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Fast Delivery, Fit as Described, Good Reproduction (2020-11-12)
My questions were answered well prior to ordering these boots and they arrived quickly after I ordered them. I wear a US size 9 and the size 9 fits as I would expect it to. My heal slips, but I think that is common with these boots. The toe plate is oversized for the boot. It's a little too wide and sticks out. Obviously, it's meant to fit larger boots such as 12s or 13s to avoid having different toe plate sizes. Perhaps the originals were like this as well. Overall, these are a good reproduction and probably the best you're going to do for the money.

Ruttinger - US
All that I was hoping for (2018-07-16)
These boots exceeded my expectations. They are very well made. Had to put Dr. Scholls pads in them but I needed to do that with my Civil War cavalry boots and infantry boots.

Buncher - US
US M1918 Pershing trench boots (2011-12-12)

van Mil - NL
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