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Super fast delivery (2021-03-21)
Great quality shirts!

McCourry - HK
Quality shirts (2020-12-25)
The shirts are very well made. Good stitching, strong fabric, high-quality product.

McCourry - HK
Excellent (2020-10-25)
My favourite shirts. Well made with quality material. The only shirts i want to wear.

My order arrived quickly, which i appreciate, but most importantly, the product is excellent. I am ordering more

davis - US
Arrived in Oz quickly (2020-03-10)
Thanks, shirt as depicted and arrived within a week or so in Australia

Howard - AU
Very fine delivery (2020-01-26)
I am well pleased

Isenhart - US
Fast delivery (2019-12-27)
Very happy, but buttons broke.

traynor - AU
GREAT SHIRT! (2019-12-10)
An excellent product. Solid wearing too.

Furlotte - CA
What I expected (2019-05-23)
Well sizing is not easy with strictly an online purchase. My original order showed up promptly but I was 2 weeks before I could get to them only to find they were too large. WPG'S SYSTEM ISSUED A PROMPT RETURN status and I returned them for replacement which was handled in a prompt manner. Very pleased with the service and quality merchandise.

Fleischman - US
great (2019-04-21)
This is my 3rd shirt, still spot on.

Reddish - AU
Top stuff (2019-02-02)
I love this shirt. Very simply. Even if it wasn't for reenactment, I'd be pleased with it for just wearing normally. Well done WPG for producing the Aussie drill version - British aertex ones are fragile. These aren't...

Dickinson - FR
Australian Shirt (2018-07-12)
Jerry Lee:
Your service and quality of items is 5 star. That's why I enjoy doing business with What Price Glory.
Very Best regards,

Kangas, Gary - CA
Very nice (2018-04-25)
Good material and tailoring.Color matches the UK Khaki Drill Shorts, 1941 pattern I bought. Had a bit of a screw up with the shipping coming out of Arab Emirates.

Steven - usa
Great delivery time especially over the xmas period. (2018-01-04)
Shirt purchased for son who is Kiwi HRS member. Good quality and durability evident. Size ok for now but should have ordered a little bigger.

Herlihy - NZ
Great gear (2017-12-23)
Please see my earlier order. Could I please have some buttons as promised then? Just let me know they have been posted.

Rufus - AU
Impressive (2017-11-06)
Super fast delivery, Well fitting, great quality shirt

Franklin - AU
fast delivery (2017-07-24)
Everything is perfect, the size matches, really beautiful

pauletto - IT
fast delivery (2017-07-24)
Beautiful fabric, highest quality, better take a bigger size, I'm a 42 well a 44

pauletto - IT
Amazed (2017-04-20)
got the uniform my member of my group was very happy with the uniform thank you.

mcclennan - AU
Fantastic quality (2017-04-17)
Never bought from WPG before. Amazed at the quality of the garment. Very fast delivery. It is exactly what I wanted. Will buy from WPG again without hesitation. Highly recommended.

Groves - UK
All but the label match. (2016-10-30)
I checked the reproduction shirt against an original example, it matched in everything but the label.
Good work.

Neale - AU
Good (2016-04-25)
A good repro of the issue KD shirt. Only flaws are very minor, such as buttons are a little too red. Could be improved by adding a little extra length in the body of the shirt for the taller blokes. I'm 6' and the side seams for the shirt only just tuck into the trousers (which are belted at my waist).

Simmons - AU
Excellent service (2016-03-18)
Great shirt; good fit.

Simmons - US
Quick Delivery! (2016-02-29)
I really like this shirt and it's construction. One minor point I like to make is the armpit area is a little form fitting if you put into the dryer after washing it, could make this part a bit more roomier but other wise, it's near perfect!!

Furlotte - CA
Graeme - Australia (2015-05-30)
Nice heavy quality fabric and good fit. it probably needs a wash to soften up before use.
Great job, thanks for the lightning service.

Hore - AU
Mr (2015-04-08)
I org erred a set for me some months ago and was very happy. After friends saw the shirts and trousers, I was asked to place an order for another 5 sets in total. Sizing was perfect.

Ingham - AU
Well and fast received (2015-04-07)
The contact is really good and the products are high quality stuff.
I will order again

Vigouroux - FR
KD shirt (2015-03-16)
Awesome shirt, exactly what I was looking for! Lightning fast shipping to Australia through DHL, maybe 2 days from shipping to my door? Very impressed!

Budd - AU
KD Aussie shirt (2015-02-09)
Excellent shirt. You might want to buy a size up. I exchanged and am happy I did.

Spurlock - US
KD Shirt (2015-01-05)
Shirt is very well made . The fit is great .very fast shipping .

Willer - US
Awesome! (2014-10-07)
Awesome quality and color! I am a 40 chest. I ordered a 42 and after washing it fits great without being too tight. This is a heavy duty shirt. I can't believe the quality for this price!

Ray - US
WX1988 (2014-10-01)
Great quality, great early pattern aussie khaki drill shirt

Glenn - Australia
Australian KD tropical shirt (2014-08-19)
Wonderful material. I wear a 42 and it just fits. Wish it came in a 43.

Spurlock - US
Tommy RE (2014-07-26)
Very well made shirt, perfect fit, very happy with the product. Excellent service, I will use your company again.

Trinder - GB
Australian Pattern KD Tropical Shirts (2014-07-22)
Top quality product. Well done

R Pike - AU
Mr (2014-07-16)
1sr class. Just one thing the lable dont look right in the place it is. If ment to be a war time shirt. Could be put in another place

Boryer - GB
Excellent ! (2014-07-08)
This shirt is exactly what I was waiting for, size is good and quality seems to be very good.

Duruz - CH
mr (2014-05-13)
again very happy with the item and very happy with the suoper fast delivery time keep up the great work guys!

graham - AU
Australian Pattern KD Tropical Shirts (2014-04-24)
Envoi rapide, bonne qualité, bon prix !

Speed shipping, good product, good price !

Jean-Franois - FR
Australian Pattern KD Tropical Shirts (2014-04-01)
Excellent quality, really better than I expected. A minor point, I had to open up some of the buttonholes to their full extent before using it.

Urd - US
Australian Pattern KD Tropical Shirt (2013-12-15)
Top quality items as always, never disappointed. Putting together an Australian Infantry impression, wouldn't go anywhere else.

Williams - US
The right stuff (2013-10-25)
I measure a size 42 and this fits, however I suggest you get a size larger as it is 100% cotton and could shrink. It is tough and a rather yellow khaki but that could fade with wear. If ironing, be prepared to do the hard yards. It does not button all the way down the front, so your belly isn't going to hang out after some hard yacka. This is no problem putting it on, but pulling it off can be a two man affair. Good hard working shirt that will probably rust before it wears out.

Mickey G - AU
Australian Pattern KD Tropical Shirts (2013-09-09)
Perfectly designed for the bush.

Sir (2013-06-04)
Very happy with the shirt - fits perfectly

Kennedy - US
Aces (2013-05-17)
great quality, all buttons are solid so far (fresh out of the shipping bag)
buy a size up, arms are abit long though

wish i could fold up the arms to make it a short sleeve but the extra fabric is doing a number on the look

will buy again

USA - california
Mr (2013-03-27)
Brilliant except for a few shirt buttons which were thinner than the rest and broke. Can I request some buttons with my next order as everything else was great?

Rufus - AU
KD SHIRT (2013-03-07)

mcclennan - AU
shirts (2013-03-07)
weel done and well made

leck - AU
Australian Pattern Shirt (2013-03-07)
Perfect shirt for my intended use - Wild Bunch shooting which is a spin-off of Cowboy Action shooting and requires authentic garb. Pleasantly surprised how quickly it arrived - one week from internet order to home delivery and from Dubai no less. Great quality.

Rawlyck - CA
Australian Pattern KD Tropical Shirts (2013-03-06)
Very good shirt!!!Best quality!!!

Tereznikov - RU
Australian Pattern KD shirt (2012-10-14)
This shirt looks and fits great. The collar button broke but I easily replaced it. Overall quality is great and it looks smart whith the Bombay Bloomers.

Alex - Scotland
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