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Good quality product (2021-12-20)
Nice en good quality wristband, fits nicely on May 40's Men's wristwatch.

Kok - NL
Dead-on accurate WW2 watchband repro! (2019-01-12)
Ordered two of the bands, because I plan to be wearing my WW2-repro watch at events AND daily. Your product is, as usual, excellent.

Williams - US
WPG's Khaki watchbands... (2019-01-04)
Just received two of your watchbands today (I like to have a backup). I wore one with my original A-11 watch, and I'll happily wear a new facsimile on one of your products. Very satisfied!

Theodore - Oregon
Paratrooper watch band (2018-08-31)
Perfect for my Benrus D Day commemorative watch, “ green on , go go go”.

Burke - US
Thank you. (2017-04-30)
Very happy with the quality of the watch band construction.

Buddenhagen  - US
Super fast delivery (2016-06-28)
Items as described. Quick shipping. They have a great inventory. I will do busness with them again.

Fasching - US
British MK I helmet chinstrap (2016-02-18)
SPECTACULAR! This is seriously nice,high quality repro of the first water.Flawless!

storer - US
GI Watchband (2016-02-18)
A perfect reproduction,flawless.Worth the price,best reproduction made.Can not distinguish from original.

storer - US
US watchband (2015-01-27)
good quality. fast shipment.

Reed - US
us wwii khaki watchband (2014-05-08)
Great quality watch strap for the money,its just the right length for my wrist and looks just great.
Many thanks W.P.G

beasley - GB
US WWII Khaki Watchband (2014-04-15)
muy buena la repro

casariego-ramrez - ES
Watch Band (2014-03-28)
A very nice reproduction that is totally functional!Thanks again WPG for making quality items for today's re-enactors!!

DiMaio - US
US WWII Khaki Watchband (2014-01-03)
Very nice repro watchband and good price,plus fast shipping.Good service.

Levedakis - GR
US WWII Khaki Watchband (2013-11-20)
Great watchband! Can't beat it for the price, fit perfectly on several of my WWII watches. Considering the cost of original bands, their rarity and if you'd want to wear an original and beat the hell out of it I would say this is a better choice for the money.

Geisert - US
Great product (2013-10-20)
The material and detail is A-1! Those complaining of length of band, must have petite woman-like wrists because this fit fine when I put it on with my WW2 original A-11 Hack watch!
WPG is the best!

Good - but too long (2013-06-14)
Very nice quality-wise but the band is so long (ostensibly to fit anyone's wrist) that the tail end flops around quite annoyingly. That said, from what I can tell it's a perfect reproduction of the original despite the added length (to account for the Hungry Man wrists out there...). I'm wondering if it's at all possible to shorten it.

Roberts - US
WWII watch band (2013-04-19)
Nice band.

Johnson - US
Khaki watch band (2012-10-01)
Makes my watch look great!!

Schell - US
Khaki watchband (2012-08-02)
JUst got it fast shipping did notice though that the clasp was installed backwards but it was no big deal just undid the pin turned everything around and put it back together.

mackintosh - US
watchband. (2012-05-15)
i got also a original,- were is the difference ?

Schlomacher - DE
watch band (2012-05-15)
good quality and workmanship

ferreri - US
WWII Khaki Watchband (2012-05-13)
Received my band within five days of ordering from the Dubai warehouse. Excellent shipping time. I bought this band to replace the cheesy chinese pleather band that my 1940s Stuart watch had on it when I bought it. I immediately saw that the pin loops might be just a bit too closely set, but it would be close so I set the first pin in and worked at getting the second pin in. It took me awhile and a little stretching but I finally got the pin to seat. It looks good, the stitching is good and the eyelet stitching is nice and tight around the holes. It''s a good replica of the original item and worth the price.

Wayne - Ohio/USA
first disappointment (2012-01-23)
This watchband is a perfect replacement if you have one of the small-diameter watches, but does not work for the larger diameter watches. The distance between the pins is too close together for my watch. BUT...

Quality was identical to my original, and the buckle and appearance were ideal. The stitching around the eyelets was stout and sturdy, so I will look for another watch I can display with this band. Other than the sizing - it's concourse quality

Little - US
watchband (2012-01-04)
perfect Band

Schlomacher - DE
Nice Watch Band; Bad Shipping Service (2011-10-23)
I love the watchband. I had to fight with DHL for a week to have it delivered. After 5 phone calls, one with a supervisor, I received my package.

Stevenson - CA
Mr (2011-07-20)
Fits the watch I have very nicely so now I can wear a watch with my kit, nice one.

Pointer - GB
Khaki Watchband (2011-07-01)
Really neat, I found an old watch and used this band and it looks straight out of 1943

Allen - US
US WWII Khaki Watchband (2011-06-29)
Nice watchband. I had no difficulties in installing my watch on it. My only complaint is the buckle holes are not centered, but rather more to one side. This is just a visual problem as it does not affect wearing the band. Thanks.

Gray - US
US WWII Khaki Watchband (2011-05-23)
This is a nice repro watchband, fast shipping, and above and beyond- great service. Thank you Jerry and WPG.

Bolt - US
Mr (2011-05-18)
Very nice. Just what I hoped for and very fast shipping. Great company and products.

Cozad - US
Great product. (2011-04-18)
Much more substantial than I thought it would be--and the service was swift as usual!

Cook - US
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