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Great value and fast shipping (2022-09-20)
Great value and fast shipping! Thanks

France - US
Perfect (2021-09-23)
Construction and materials almost exactly as those on my original Canadian Army MKII helmet. Easy installation, replaced a broken chin strap on another original helmet. Cheers!

Stone - CA
Top notch (2021-03-09)
This model equips our belgian Piron helmet, very comfortable to use!

Jacobs - BE
Nice reproduction (2020-08-20)
Very nice chinstrap, can hardly tell it from my original in my collection

Coker - US
No hassle delivery (2020-05-08)
Exact drop-in fit for my GSW made Brodie!

Zwicker - CA
good item. (2020-01-31)
It is a good item. The only thing that's not okay is my head size compared big to Asians head.

lee - KR
Fast shipping (2019-01-20)
Nice chinstrap

Kline - US
Excellent (2018-11-25)
Nice to have chin straps that are fresh production. These will go a long way to the restoration of my helmets.

Love - CA
Nice reproduction (2018-06-15)

Jackson - US
Great (2018-02-27)
Really liked it. Works as it should.

Williams - UK
Best deal ! (2017-06-22)
Thanks WPG Jerry Lee and all in the UAE. Excellent made chin straps if not better than the originals, they do state that the spring section is a little longer than originals but is not noticeable or render the functionality and looks right on!

Taylor - US
Chin Strap (2014-06-19)
Last thing I needed for my helmet, good quality, fast shipping.

Pool - US
British Army early type MkII Helmet Chinstrap (as new/ copy) (2014-04-17)
- A nicely made addition to my "mickey mouse" (orig) camo Helmet (that I've had for about 15 years) - never prev. got around to finding a replacement f/ that which was missing
- These days, I guess most of the originals are gone/ horded ("you snooze/ you lose"); BUT this is the next best thing to one of the prev. common old-stock originals (Jerry has a good sense in having great quality reproductions made for (original) items that are quickly disappearing)
- Made just as well as any original was (recommend these !)

Reus - US
early war mkii helmet chin strap (2014-02-11)
Really good construction and good finish to the metal. Strongly recommend this product.

Brian Moore - US
British Mk II Early War Helmet Chinstrap (Reproduction) (2014-01-03)
Excellent reproduction,in an excellent price!

Levedakis - GR
Great product (2013-10-08)
A faithful replica which works well and was delivered quickly. Thanks.

Spain - GB
British Mk II Early War Helmet Chinstrap (Reproduction (2013-06-28)
estupenda reproducción, es aconsejable en la retauración

casariego - ES
A very nice product (2013-03-20)
A very nice reproduction of the british chinstrap. It fit right on my helmet without too much trouble.

Scherrer - US
strap (2012-11-01)
Certainly better quality that the 70 year old one I had. Works great looks just like the original.

Stewart - CA

Norris - US
MK 2 chin strap (2012-05-24)
Excellent repo, now I can keep my helmet on.

Gavel - CA
British Mk II Early War Helmet Chinstrap (Reproduction) (2012-02-28)
This repro cinstrap is a perfect copy. Super fast shipping.

Irving - US
Chinstrap (2012-01-07)
Perfect repro, excellent price!

Ritter - CA
Chinstrap (2011-12-08)
Good repro, very nice chinstrap.

Loc - BE
British Mk II Early War Helmet Chin Strap (2011-07-24)
Nice Repro, Great price and fast shipping.

Stukie - US
review (2011-05-23)
Nice chinstrap. Great item that helped me complete my helmet restoration. Can't beat the price for a complex item like this.

Wilson - US
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