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Very happy (2021-08-26)
I had been looking for several years for a pair of pants like these. and I am delighted with them

Carter - US
Excellent quality and fast delivery. (2021-02-07)
Excellent quality of both 1908 riding breeches, maybe a bit baggy, and perfect Australian pants. Good value. Very fast delivery. . Highly recommended

Laloy - FR
Great service. (2021-01-20)
I too ordered these for my 1920-30’s style hunting. They are a perfect fit, look great and the shipping was super fast. Thank’s.

Tom Black - US
Quality (2020-10-11)
These feel like a piece of history. They look great and feel great. I'm a 33" waist, so I ordered 34. I find them snug, with most 34s usually roomy. But they do fit so I'm happy.

Grise - AU
1908 Breeches (2020-08-27)
I ordered a size bigger just in case, perfect fit after washing. Thanks Jerry

Thorne - US
1908 Breeches (2020-08-03)
My hopes were high and I figured whatever they were like, I could wear them. I was amazed by their quality and feel. They are exactly what I was looking for and so much better than I expected. Thanks for the great breeches!

Haynes - US
Well made breeches (2020-07-28)
I own a pair of the 1899 breeches, and Wajed at their overseas warehouse said that based on the 1899 breeches and these were made in the same factory and would be similar sizes. the 1899's are SLIGHTLY tight and the 42L 1908 is slightly loose both fit great and are very well made.

Schroeder - US
Super (2020-05-24)
Perfect fit! It's for a Patton uniform. Fast delivery, only 3 days from US to Europe

Smart (2019-05-03)
Fit remarkably well with high quality stitching. They look just like the real breeches

Hicks - US
Fast delivery and good quality (2019-03-16)
Great reproduction and great quality.

Sauter - US
Great pants!!! (2019-01-20)
Great Pants!!!!!

Stiers - US
I feel shorted (2019-01-14)
Love the breeches. However, when I asked if I should order reg. or short based on my normal inseam, it was suggested I get the short. They are OK, sort'a. But the lacing rides up too high on my shins (like on to my knees) and this makes them a bit too tight around my calves. I think for a 30 inseam I should go with the regular length from here on. FB

beard - US
Size matters (2018-10-22)
The breeches were very high quality. The only problem is that they were very small for the size indicated. I have reordered with a size bigger.... we will see. At the same time I ordered the 1913 wool breeches -- the same size and they came and fit perfectly. Other than the hassle of returning and size issues I was very impressed with the quality.

Cotton - US
Fast Delivery and Wonderful Product (2018-03-30)
The fabric is a top quality cotton twill. The length and rise are perfect. The shape of the legs are perfect and not overblown and the calf lacing is perfect.

The only thing that I would change is the waist sizing. I went up a size because I know they would button near the naval not above the hips. Consider leaving a couple of inches of material on the back seat so the breeches can be altered (ie order normal waist size, then allow enough material to allow the pants to be let out an inch or two if needed).

Texas Johnny - US
Perfect Customer Service (2018-03-25)
These britches can be tight if you measure waist size at hips. Because they have an extra high rise, they sit just below the naval. Measure just below the naval for best fit.

I had a bit of an emergency, and WPG were able to send a replacement set that arrived via DHL from the UAE factory in 3 days. They go above and beyond when it comes to customer service.

The quality of these trousers are top notch.

Craparo - US
Review. (2018-03-14)
Trousers look pretty good, but I doubt that I will get a chance to try them out until it warms up here in Nothern Arizona.

-Mick, Arizona

Montgomery - US
Beautiful recreation built to last (2018-01-17)
Top notch spot on to detail recreation of the field cavalry breeches, perfect fit in all the right areas when riding. generous cut

Pitts - US
Excellent (2017-12-09)
Got 'em and they fit! Thanks for the help

Greene - US
Super, fast delivery (2017-11-03)
Very good quality. You should buy exactly the size you need.

Reh - DE
fast delivry and nice item (2017-09-07)
Many thanks for the quality of service and fast delivry, as well as for the very good quality of the item I purchase (US 1908 trouser).
I'll give your adress to my friends

1908 breeches (2017-05-06)
These breeches are great - very adjustable and roomy enough for horseback riding. I compared the pair I ordered against photos of originals - the accuracy of these breeches is impressive!

USA - Virginia
1908 riding breeches (2017-05-02)
The breeches are perfect except the color is a bit too tan.

gatford - US
Consistent high quality! (2016-12-29)
The original order was a tad small, so I returned and got a size up. Perfect! Matched with the US M1916 Pullover Wool Shirt gives me an authentic period uniform for Wild Bunch shooting. When we get our 2 months of cooler weather, I go to the more formal wool high collar top and matching breeches.

Bill E - Texas
Quality reproductions! (2016-11-22)
These are quality reproductions that will wear and last like the originals! Well made to exact specifications! Thanks!

Wisniewski - US
Quality reproductions! (2016-11-22)
These difficult to find turn of the century leggings are made as good as the original military contract examples! You won't find them anywhere else!

Wisniewski - US
Excellent (2016-09-02)
These are my second pair. Very satisfied. Do not expect to look elegant in these, but you will look authentic.

Smith - US
Cav Breeches (2016-06-26)
I've been doing WWI re-enacting for over 20 years and have gotten lots of the associated "stuff". My unit is doing a stateside impression and I picked up these breeches. They're awesome. First, I called WPG for the first time ever but got a voicemail so I figured I'd email with some questions and left no message. Well, Jerry called me back right away just using my caller ID. Then the breeches came in LESS THEN A WEEK. Jerry said they don't list sizes to buy if they aren't in stock (no waiting for months on something that you keep getting promised "is coming in any day now"). Secondly, I went one size up to have a bit of "wiggle room". They fit perfect and everything is spot on. All this plus great service PLUS a super great price. I could not be any happier. WPG is obviously setting the standard. Compared to some other places - Jerry's shop is first rate.

Doug T. - Wisconsin
Top notch customer service (2016-02-26)
I had to exchange my initial 36 Reg purchase for a 36 Long. Requested an RMA one evening and had a response first thing the next morning. Mailed my return on the 19th and had the replacement in hand on the 24th. Super fast turnaround! Totally delighted with new pair.

Smith - US
WPG is the best! (2015-11-24)
Very fast delivery to Germany, fine Quality and a friendly contact. That's business as it should be!

Kosak - DE
perfect repro, excellent fit. (2015-09-17)
36 short fits perfectly, works well with braces and feels robust enough for the saddle. Off on holiday to Oregon soon, riding from mountains to sea. At least I'll look elegant and convincing from the waist down.

merrick - UK
US Model 1908 Cavalry Breeches (2015-07-03)
These breeches are the best available. If that doesn't say it for you, then: the material is the proper weight golden cotton twill, double stitched for long lasting use under field conditions. Perfect for warm weather expeditions. If it's Summer weight breeches you want, of a pre-Great War style, then, a set of these will set you up right proper.

Note: Customer Service at WPG is the mark to which others aspire. The personnel at this outfit will do what it takes to meet or exceed your request.

D. J. Frank - US
1908 breeches (2015-04-09)
Great quality!!! Great customer service. Good solid material. People whining about loose threads need to see some off shore junk to appreciate the quality I guess.

Olds - US
Cavalry breeches- not bad! (2015-04-05)
Upon receiving, it looked like these pants had already been on patrol. Oil spots, bleach stains, but nothing too bad, it's what they're for. They also came with some spare lace grommets- don't think I'll need them, but it's thoughtful. They look and feel great as riding pants, ( I can't stand those lycra ball huggers) so I'll be holding on to them for quite a while.

Ellis - VA
perfect for Wild Bunch! (2015-03-13)
Picked these up for a border trooper look for SASS Wild Bunch Shooting- this is what Holden and the bunch should have worn... I wear a 40 waist in modern pants (spare tire) and initially got a pair in 42L- they fit great but a lil tight on my ankles-got a rma # and new pair showed up a week later next size up- ankles fit a lil loose now- should shrink to fit- note they look killet with the WPG M31 full-lace cavalry boots!

Seth - Colorado
U.S 1908 BREECHES (2014-09-25)
Just got my breeches,good after one wash.Service was excellent and fast shipping. They do run little big but they do shrink after a good wash in hot water.

Daryl - S.A,TEXAS
Return for larger size (2014-07-14)
My request for a larger size was readily accepted. I shipped my pair of breeches to WPG and received a new pair in short amount of time. Funny part was I received a second pair from Dubai a few days later and WPG sent me a prepaid mailing label that mailed it to the stateside address. I like the look of these, can't wait to wear them later this week for a Forest Service get-together.

Coady - US
US Breeches (2014-07-02)
I''m very satisfied with this product. Nice Color. Good cut, not to baggy. And the best , marked truth to size ! I read again and again ordered a size up. most people do not know their correct size. Modern pants are usually 2 inches larger than marked. This breeches have the correct Size !

calvary pants (2014-06-25)
They appear to be great so far. I have tried them on and fit nicely. Can't wait for you to get more boots back in. Will be ordering campaign hat and puttees soon.

Gungoll - US
Khaki Riding Breeches (2014-04-14)
These are great. I use them for riding, and they fit well.

Rairdon - US
Karel Clothier (2014-04-12)
The service, delivery and quality of these breeches is first class.
Thankyou What Price Glory.
Karel , Aust

clothier - AU
returined for size problem (2014-03-26)
was shipped a package marked 38L but pants inside were 36L I have returned them for exchange using 60169-3461

campbell - US
Cavalry breeches (2014-02-10)
Good transaction, good product, fast shipping : it's ok.

1908 Cavalry Breeches (2014-01-31)
Well made, authentic look for early 20th century look. Also appreciated the extra set of laces, nice touch. Thank you for the attention to detail.

Coady - US
Love 'em (2013-10-14)
I have received four pairs of these to date. Half have arrived with no buttons. Frankly I prefer this; the buttons on the fly should be replaced with rivets anyway; and you should try the breeches for a while before deciding whether you need any suspender attachments. Otherwise these are excellent riding pants, by which I mean that they are the best jodphurs available, without question.

Seidel - US
US Model 1908 Cavalry Breeches (2013-09-15)
I used to work with this old timer that was in the 4th Cavalry down on the border in the 1920s. He said that when they were transitioning to straight legged trousers the sarge warned the new horse troopers to forget about them, and stick with the breeches. Sure enough, after about 20 miles the complaints that "my leg hurts" started up. After 40 miles it was "sarge, my ass really hurts"! after the 60 mile round trip the veternarian got his empty whiskey bottle out and started heating up the hot water to draw boils. The troopers in the breeches got a big laugh out of hearing the screams of the new guys, as they were being held down to lance them boils!

Speer - US
US Model 1908 Cavalry Breeches. (2013-09-15)
Man, did I feel like a real horse soldier when I wore these out to the desert, in 100 degree weather. Never mind that I was in a jeep, rather than on a stallion. I wore them with the leather putees and the M1917 marching shoes. I put on my M1911 Montana peaked cap and the M1916 O.D. wool shirt. I completed the ensemble with my M1901 Colt .38LC on my side and 1910 Mills Garrison Belt. Whoever I ran into was just blown away. Their comments ranged from "You look ready for anything out here" to "Where do you get those kind of clothes?"

Speer - US
Good, could use improvement, sizes (2013-09-13)
These breeches are comfortable, wearable through a wide range of temperatures, and really get noticed at my local barn. Although they matrial is well constructed and stands up to everyday use, both the buttons and the top clip come off easily. Replace the buttons with rivets at your first opportunity.The back belt has needles that can damage car upholstery. Finally, I''ve been pestering WPG to make these available in a 34S all summer, to no avail.

Mark - Washington, DC
Opinion (2013-08-31)
The breeches I received were not exactly as in the photo. The back belt was missing, but even so I am very satisfied with the quality of the material and the delivery service was amazing, I ordered in a friday and the next monday was delivered in Europe. Very satisfied.

Ramos - PT
Awesome! (2013-05-07)
I ordered my US Model 1908 Cavalry Breeches on a Monday and received them the following Thursday. They are absolutely perfect! Made of HIGH quality material (sorry, I''m not a tailor so I have no idea what the material is), you could iron a crease in them and turn out for inspection and parade. I was expecting something of lesser quality, on par with what you would get at, say, Dover Saddlery, so you can imagine how ELATED I am with these breeches. The only hitch was that the breeches are button-fly and they didn''t come with buttons, but I found out from friends who fox hunt that you''re supposed to sew on your hunt''s buttons, which explains why the breeches came without them. I can''t recommend these breeches highly enough. If you''re like me and you hate wearing skin-tight riding breeches, DEFINTELY buy a couple pairs of these, you won''t regret it!

Michael - Alexandria, VA
Great breeches (2013-04-18)
Very happy with the breeches. I've been looking for a pair for a while now. I would say (as with most of the clothing I've purchased from WPG, the buttons are not sewn on very well at the factory so I did re-sew them. Otherwise a very happy purchase.

challis - US
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