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Very, very nice! (2022-09-19)
Sam Browne set is well made and fits perfectly. After treating it with Neat's-foot oil, it took on a nice dark brown color and became suitably flexible.

Baker - US
Good product and very good service (2020-01-26)
The first one they sent me had a minor defect. I brought it to WPG's attention and they promptly replaced it. It is faithful to the original and now all I expected. Thank you.

Great value for the money (2019-01-07)
Most of the other comments say that the belt was long. I am 6'2" and 210# and the belt and straps were just a little short. added a couple of holes and it fits perfect. Definitely want to darken the belt with dye but the quality was exactly what I was hoping for.

Bryant - US
Excellent Quality Leather, great color (2017-05-18)
I received the Sam Browne set and the Indiana Jones holster and was very pleasantly surprised at the color and the quality of each piece. The Jones Holster matched the Sam Browne Belt set perfectly and also fit my Smith & Wesson Model 57, .41 Magnum , with a 4 in. bbl perfectly. Even with the custom grips the flap closed easily and fits snug but not too tight.

West - US
Wonderful Sam Browne set! (2016-07-06)
Can't fault this Sam Browne set, fantastic value for the money. You will to darken the set using leather dye. but very impressed!!

Townsley - UK
Sam Brown to Canada (2012-08-09)
I live in Canada. This Sam Brown collection is great. The shipping was really fast as well. The leather and brass are awesome quality. Thanks guys.

Richard - Canada, B.C.
Excellent! (2012-06-07)
Excellent Jerry. A little too long but I have leather skills so it was an easy fix!

Concon - US
Exceptable (2012-03-30)
For the price, it is excellent quality, however, the shoulder straps for a size 40 are far too long, by almost 6 inches. The leather for the belt is a little thin. Although I measure a size 40 around my belly button, I should of got the 38, possibly the 36 as there is enough left over belt to cover any adjustment. For re-enactment, this is a great product. Good but not great.

Mickey G - Australia
A little long (2012-03-08)
Good quality but the braces are way too long as said above, I'll have to recut them about 6" shorter

Sherwood - US
Great Rig (2011-10-18)
Great quality. The holster fits my Webley WG like a glove! An unique experience for me at 6''4" the braces are long! But another coupla holes ought to solve that!

Very satisfactory construction. I can''t wait to foeld test it!

Craig - WA/USA
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