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Awesome LBE Set!!! (2013-02-28)
Full disclosure, I''m not a reenactor. I do airsoft, and bought this set because the pouches can hold a lot of ammunition, as well as a full cleaning kit. So I''m not reviewing this load bearing equipment from a historical accuracy standpoint, but from an end-user position. I''ve always been partial to the solid feel of leather equipment, so this set was an absolute gem. The leather is thick & solid, and held together with hand-pounded rivits: yes, it is foreign made, but high quality. The ammunition pouches are lined with a solid black material, which gives them even more rigidity. The belt and suspenders are oversized (in a good way), so anyone will fit them. The height of the belt is pretty standard, so ALICE and MOLLE gear will both fit, as well as equipment using the "C" clips such as Brit pattern 58, and 60''s-80''s Israeli. Honestly, I cannot recommend this set enough, as it is the Cadillac of old school suspender/belt LBE sets.

Jedediah the GyroCaptain - Northern Illinois, USA