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Great repro (2023-05-05)
Great Sam Browne belt. I did have to remove a star due to a few points:
- You'll have to work on the braces; they're all pretty long, which is to account for all sizes, but if you're not handy with tools it can get tough correcting the length without it looking bad.
- There's a copper screw on the sword hook, which is not present on originals and makes it stand out as a WPG repro.
- With the 34 size, the rings for the braces are nearly on my left side instead of being in the centre of my back, which misaligns the braces in the back completely if I use the double brace system.

Otherwise a brilliant reproduction with all the right stitching. I was afraid the leather would look way too clear but it's actually the right colour for a brand new Sam Browne.

Lanoix - FR
Helpful answers to questions (2022-12-27)
Customer service were very patient,answering questions so I knew I was ordering the right thing, then it arrived in just 3 days. My go to supplier, highly recommended.

Oborne - UK
Good quality (2021-05-12)
Nice belt. I recommend going one size up. The stated size run a bit small.

J - Texas
Again, very fast delivery (2021-04-09)
Fits well & polishes up very nicely. Thank You

Simmons - US
Great belt (2020-10-17)
Beautiful belt. Great service. Wears comfortably.

Fraser - AE
Great product (2020-05-01)
Very happy with the quality. I hit it with some neatsfoot oil and some brown shoe polish to give it a darkening and shine.

John Van Vliet - US
Very well pleased. (2019-10-06)
Service, delivery time, and item quality were great.

Birch - US
Excellent (2018-11-24)
Order arrived very quickly. Everything seems in order..

Caswell - CA
Amazed (2018-05-09)
Wonderful belt, top leather

Plott - DE
WW1 British Sam Brown Belt (2017-11-02)
Great item, just as described.

Ditto - US
Great quality, great price, but too big! (2017-04-15)
We love the leatherwork, the brass, all top notch as you would expect from WPG, but man are those straps looooong! Size 38 belt (not big mind you) but cross straps to suit a giant! If WPG has smaller cross straps as an option would be perfect. We had to pay a leathersmith to shorten ours.

blackman - AU
Update (2016-12-07)
This is an update to the review I wrote earlier. I wanted to add that the cross straps aren't too long. I'm 5 foot 6 inches, with a body shape that my doctor calls 'freakishly obese,' and I wear the cross strap on the second hole from the top.

King POG - Northern Illinois
The BEST Repro Around (2016-12-07)
This is a great beltsolidly built from quality leather. This rig can be used for many impressions, since the English pattern was copied by so many other countries. Perfect for my WWI North Yorkshire Regiment impression.

King POG - Northern Illinois
excellent quality (2016-10-11)
Fine workmanship, great materials

Ritchie - CA
High quality! (2016-03-04)
I’m very happy with this equipment.
It is a high quality leather. Sure, it needs some leather oil to make it softer. Just after one applcation the equipment is wearable. Thank you!

Morgenthaler - Switzerland
High quality! (2016-03-04)
I’m very happy with this equipment.
It is a high quality leather. Sure, it needs some leather oil to make it softer. Just after one applcation the equipment is wearable. Thank you!

Morgenthaler - Switzerland
High quality! (2016-03-04)
I’m very happy with this equipment.
It is a high quality leather. Sure, it needs some leather oil to make it softer. Just after one applcation the equipment is wearable. Thank you!

Morgenthaler - Switzerland
UK Sam Browne Belt with 2 braces NEW IMPROVED (2015-11-07)
Firstly, great workmanship and attention to detail. I'll take the hit on fit. I should have done the measuring with the uniform it was to be worn with.

Foster - US
Mr (2015-10-08)
Great item. The straps are the perfect length. thanks

Murphy - US
Sam brown belt (2015-09-30)
The belt is great. The straps are the perfect length, I am 6 ft 4 and they fit well. Thank you

T.S. Murphy - Ga, USA
Sam Brown Belt, new and improved (2015-08-21)
Arrived very quickly, fast shipping, belt and straps very good quality, will need to darken slightly. Fine workmanship

Morgan - US
Mr (2015-08-18)
Very nice item, good service as always from WPG. Have now darkened the leather with oil dye and polished the belt/straps with 'spit and polish' and brasso'd the metalwork. Looks fantastic.

ansell - UK
Sam Browne (2015-07-01)
Very fast delivery, nice quality, all satisfied, thanks

Klaus - D
Belt to Oslo (2014-11-08)
I like the lighter guage leather and colour that can be darkened to taste.
I did read the strap reviews before buying. Yes they are much to long ! I had to shorten them by six inches. I wonder if the manufacturerer measured the strap from hip line instead off waist uniform jacket line.
Anyway VERY pleased with WPG international service. Will order again.....

Downham - NO
Sam Browne belt with new braces New Improved (2014-11-02)
Excellent quality. A very well made product. My suggestion is to indicate maximum and minimum waist dimensions that can be accommodated otherwise perfect in all aspect and a very quick delivery.

Fenech - MT
sam Browne belt with 2 braces (2014-10-24)
A well made product. Either requires staining with "London Tan Raven Oil" for that WW1 look and/or "Waproo Neutral Leather Conditioner" or similar to soften and protect the surface finish. Original belts did not have a stud on the hook. Better fastening method required as the stud can separate from the belt under load. Two braces supplied. They cross at the back. May be too long if you order a large size belt.
Handy to have slide-on belt loop which can be deleted if you want only one brace.

fawkes - AU
Sam Browne Belt (2014-10-03)
Well Made and perfect for the production design. Also very fast delivery. Thanks!

Ward - US
Nice - but hardware seems brittle! (2014-09-02)
Very nice stuff, but be aware that the hardware is not as tough as advertised - whilst assembling the set, I had one of the brass studs come undone from one of the suspenders. I was not able to fix this myself, but I used the belt kit with only one suspender anyway. Otherwise, nice kit.

Ian - Texas, USA
Ron (2014-05-06)
Very well made Sam Brown belt, looks and feels high quality, can't wait until I wear it.

Husted - US
Not bad - hardware breaks (2014-01-28)
Good stuff all around, but the hardware is cheap and it WILL break if you put too much pressure on it (like I did while putting it together). The braces are too long as some others have noted, but I assume this is to accommodate all sizes as easily as possible. Darken it up with some saddle soap or mink oil and the belt/braces look quite nice. The associated holster fits both my .38 and .455 Webleys perfectly. Definitely looks the part. Make sure to get the whistle/pouch that goes with it!

Ian - Texas, USA
sam browne belt with 2 braces (2014-01-11)
fine looking set but shoulder straps are for someone 7 foot 2 inches tall.

lloyd - GB
sam brown (2014-01-04)
Good quality leather and well made

May - US
Too Long? (2013-11-21)
Shoulder straps at least 3 inches too long. I had to have them shortened by a guy in St. Louis that makes repro leather gear for WWI & WWII reenactors. He shortened them at the back end. Cost me extra. Otherwise great leather.

Johns - US
Sam Brown Belt (2013-10-14)
A quality leather item but too bad the shoulder straps are far too long! Now I have to pay some one to fix them.

Johns - US
ALBERTO,IT (2013-08-27)
Shoulder braces are a bit too long.The bel is very well made.The original were more dark brown color .How can I do for make them more brown ?The service has been perfect!!!!

Sam Browne Belt (2013-03-07)
The leather was a little dry, but some leather lotion fixed that. Wore it as part of my Black Watch Uniform circa Sudan campaign to Scottish Festival in Long Beach, CA, and Edwardian Ball in Hollywood, CA, and got rave reviews.

Lopez - US
wearing the belt (2013-02-01)
Does everyone know that you cross the two braces on your back and then come straight over the shoulder and down in the front? That takes up length a bit;

Randel - Friendswood, Texas
Sam brown belt with 2 braces improved (2012-07-31)
Good quality leather and well made
Quick delivery.
Shoulder braces are a bit too long.
Suggestion: Maybe it is possible to make a cross-section on one of the braces where they cross on the back.

Zeventer - NL
Exceptional Sam Browne Belt (2012-03-14)
This product is very well made. I love it.

Wadkins - US
Mr. (2011-11-14)
Very well made. Looks good. Braces are a little long but will work.

Barton - US
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