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These fit small! US sizes not UK! (2020-07-20)
I got a size 10 which was stated as UK sizes.

When it came to be it fit like a 9.5-10 US actually. Could barely get my feet in! So order based on US sizes and even order over size.

Other than that nicely constructed. Looks more durable than the last run.

There is a heavy rubber odor from the shoes. Like toxic smelling haha not the ahhh that’s nice rubber smell. But I’m sure it’ll wear off once you wear them around in the field.

Lecinski - CA
Nice plimsolls, sizing is off (2020-07-14)
Nice quality plimsolls but these appear to have been resized by the maker for sale in the US as mine came with “WPG“ and “12” stamped on the insole and the original “11” under the sole ground off. They also fit very tight for a UK size 12 so I suspect these are actually in US sizes after all.

Daniel - Canterbury, UK
All good (2019-02-26)
QUick delivery, no problems

Kelly - AU
fast delivery (2019-01-25)
the item was of good quality, speedy delivery, a very good addition to my collection, would recommend this item

Payne - UK
Super fast (2019-01-15)
Very happy with shoes.

Wahab  - US
UK WWII Style Plimsolls Reproduction (2018-11-10)
Super fast service. Very happy with these shoes.

Bayer - US
Plimsolls (2018-06-25)
My third pair, a really good choice when one is looking for a comfortable, classic canvas shoe. I would recommend ordering one size up from one's normal shoe size, these run a bit small. A larger size will also accommodate an insole. The pair I got unfortunately had unsightly marks on the rubber toe caps where the rubbers seems to have melted and hardened again. Not what I expected, but then they're not dress shoes...

Phillip - UK
Excellent (2018-06-19)
Rapid delivery and fairly priced for the product.

Dodgson - UK
Uk U.S Plimsolls (2018-04-09)
Good quality shoes, Fast delivery, and great customer service!

Franklin - AU
Excellent. Fast shipping. (2017-07-27)
Highly recommend.

Great item (2017-07-11)
Fitted well, good service

Sumbler - AU
Very happy with my order. (2017-06-13)
Great pair of shoes very good quality and well worth the money! The best reproductions on the market and I would recommend them to anyone!

White - UK
Everything good (2017-05-30)
Plimsoles - well made, good fit, delivered on time. No complaints.

Turvey - AU
Super (2017-05-09)
Excellent pair of plimsolls. Great for reenactment. Fast delivery and very professional. Many thanks

Fit well, look the part (2017-04-29)
Really good. Fit me and will keep my feet safe whilst at camp on expedition and in period uniform. Thanks.

Kibell - AU
Satisfied (2017-04-22)
Seem to be good quality. Ordered my normal size and it seems correct. Like how they look.

Service that can't be beat (2017-01-30)
I ordered the wrong size Plimsolls - my fault ! Received on a Monday morning, emailed asking for RMA for exchange for a smaller size & received RMA right away. Shipped them back that same morning & sent WPG the tracking number. They shipped out the smaller size Plimsolls which I received that same week. Nobody else has better customer service. That's why I look nowhere else for my gear.

Cooper - US
Fantastiproduct, super fast service (2016-08-23)
Once again another excellent product from WPC

Great quality! (2016-06-28)
Purchased several products from WPG and never disappointed at the user friendly online shopping, fast delivery and quality products ! Highly recommend this company. Thank you WPG- you guys Rock!! Gina B - King of Prussia PA USA

Bostic - US
Fast delivery (2016-04-14)
Plimsolls arrived in a couple of days of putting in the order, they are a little tight and with the laces being just a little short in my opinion, but am very happy with the item.

Crofts - UK
RSM (2014-10-27)
Excellent copy just what I needed very good

Allen  - GB
First class (2014-10-21)
These are great.

simmons - US
Plimsoles (2014-07-14)
Good sizing !! Good old Plimsoles ! "On your spots!! cover !!"

Jones - US
UK WWI style Plimsolls Reproduction (2014-07-01)
I bought these to replace a pair of the Indian Army originals which I got from WPG about two years ago. These had now fallen apart. The new run seems to be more solidly made, and the laces are long enough to actually lace them all the way up. Size-wise they run a little small, still ok for me but if you want to wear thicker socks or an insole, consider going up one size. Thank you very much once again for the fabulous customer service!

Phillip - UK
Not bad (2014-05-03)
These are pretty good shoes. The laces have broken 4 times after 2 days of wearing them, and the top two eyelets have fallen out. But they are still good, and I would recommend buying them.

Kenworthy - US
Reproduction plimsolls (2014-04-02)
Debated on going with originals or the repros. Needn't have worried, great quality on these and they look and smell just like the ones we had for PT. Another great deal from WPG.

Jenkinson - US
PT shoes (2014-02-13)
Excellent service all round. Fast delivery and a great item. Thanks.

Martin - GB
Plimsoles (2013-12-15)
Mine will need about a quarter-inch of stretching, like the amount that comes with long wear: looking forward to that!

Kaluta - US
comments (2013-11-28)
....if you have one PT boats , it is perfect!!! good quality and super service shop

waiglein - IT
Plimsolls (2013-06-28)
A wonderful product and great transaction, as always. Comfy shoes!

Hampton - US
Plimsoles are great. (2013-06-06)
These are perfect in every way. Great fit! Some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned.

Sterlen - US
Nice Fit (2013-04-29)
Very lightweight, thin sole; don't go walking on gravel or sharp objects ... but that's how they are supposed to be. Very comfy on smooth surfaces.

Blum - US
UK WWII Style Plimsolls Reproduction (2013-03-11)
Excellent product. Fit and look great!

Carpenter - US
WW2 style Plimsoll reproductions (2012-10-11)
These are just excellent value for the money. The sizing is perfect. They're lightweight, appear pretty tough and well-made.

Hada - US
UK WWII Style Plimsolls Reproduction (2012-07-22)
These are my second pair and are FANTASTIC every user of WPG should order a pair - I will order even more soon (dont want the day to arrive when they are ever out of stock. Cheers and many thanks!!

Plimsols (2012-07-15)
Good quality. Sizing a bit confusing.

King - US
UK WWII Style Plimsolls Reproduction (2012-07-05)
These brothel creepers/murder boots are the best!

Henley - AU
just maybe (2012-06-16)
i think they could use a profile view otherwise good service

Andree - US
Mr (2012-06-16)
These are UNBELIEVEABLE!! Perfect for my 30's - 50's bicycle-touring living history sketch.
Brilliant, brilliant quality - good hard soles and great water-proof toecaps.
Amazing. Thanks WPG

David - GB
Plimsoles (2012-04-03)
I am very please with the product. They fit perfectly and the workmanship is excellent. These are a great product and I can recommend them to others.

Owens - US
Lovely (2012-02-06)
I bought mine without knowing what they would be like. My faith in WPG was rewarded, they''re great!

Thomas - Widnes, UK
UK WWII Style Plimsolls Reproduction (2012-01-16)
Shoes looks great, size fits perfectly, shipping is fast as is can be in Russia.

Nemtsev - RU
DE (2012-01-11)
Don't know how they could have gotten here quicker! Great comfort after a day in ammo boots.


Worthing - US
Particularly suited for dry weather, I guess (2012-01-08)
I've ended wearing a pair for everyday use, very handy. If meant to be worn, be aware that they're completely rubberized & don't have any ventilating hole; so I wear them with saran air-ventilating insoles (Jungle Boot type), which insulate the sock from the literally drenched bottom of the insole, otherwise it will end with Your feet in a pool of chilling cool water; at least in mild humid weather, like here.

Ricciardi - IT
Plimsolls (2012-01-07)
To be used in a RMBPD display...Excellent copies and they fit like a glove. Many thanks WPG

Hunt - GB
got exchange. (2011-12-09)
I got my exchanged item.
Exchange proceding worked perfectly.

Thank you.

Wrong size (2011-11-01)
Nothing to say about the envois and the product. All was OK.
I ordered the wrong size so mistake is on my side.

I send the envois bag for exchange.