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Great quality (2020-07-19)
Quality and fit is just right, service to uk is great as usual.

Yockney - UK
Arrived in Oz quickly (2020-03-10)
Pants are good solid drill fabric, quite close to original

Howard - AU
Australian trouser (2019-11-10)
Just great products every time from these guys... thank you

baker - US
Very good stuff, fast delivery! (2019-09-21)
Firstly thank you very much, size and fabric very good!

ipek - TR
Great (2019-04-21)
Spot on.

Reddish - AU
Just right (2017-12-31)
great fit and comfortable, very satisfied!

Walker - US
Brilliant (2017-11-06)
Great quality trousers and very accurate sizing

Franklin - AU
Great pants (2017-10-31)
Great fit

Clifford - US
Excellent service (2017-08-12)
Replaced over sized pair with a smaller size at no extra shipping cost, fantastic service, many thanks.

Terry Holbrook - AU
Super (2016-07-31)
hese are great trousers, well-constructed and identical in cut to my Australian originals.

Gay - AU
Great Trousers (2016-07-30)
Excellent reproductions and very fast shipping as usual. Agree buckles seem a little flimsy but then so were many originals and they seem up to the task.

Rohan - AU
Extremely pleased. (2016-07-26)
Having recently lost a considerable amount of weight, I was endeavoring to re-stock my trousers...knowing that I was going to loss more, I needed clothes that would adjust. Hence the purchase of WPG Ghurka Pants...but there are some places that call for NOT having a pocket on your thigh, so the No8 Khaki Drill was the perfect choice. Being able to wear with my regiment stable belt just adds to it. I am considering another pair, as well as hoping that the No8 JD's come back in stock in my size as Khaki is fine but my wife would rather see a different colour.

Fit is perfect, and workmanship as always, well done.

rosenthal - US
Mr (2015-09-01)
Comfortable service..will order from here again

Irwin - AU
Mr. (2015-07-20)
Great pants, ordered per one size up guidance.

Edmonson - US
WX1988 (2014-10-01)
Great quality, great early pattern aussie khaki drill trousers

Glenn - Australia
UK Australian Pattern WWII Khaki Drill Trousers (2014-07-22)
Great product. PErfect with the shirt

R Pike - AU
!!! (2014-07-08)
Good material and style!
if you want to by this trousers - you got take to one size bigger!

Tereznikov - RU
UK Australian Pattern WWII Khaki Drill Trousers (2014-05-29)
Wonderful pair of pants slim and perfectly fit i would like to buy a green pair if you have it.I'll wear it in Normandy next June.

UK Australian Pattern WWII Khaki Drill Trousers (2014-04-01)
These are really first rate. Excellent quality. I would unhesitatingly recommend.

Urd - US
Tough duds (2013-10-25)
The cotton material is thick and strong. A little yellowish for the khaki I imagine, but a few washes and field work will see this right. Not quite the King Gees colouring. The stitching is good. The fly is buttons and there is no links or buttons right at the top, it is the straps that hold the pants together, and perhaps a thick belt through the belt hoops. Hooks could be added if you so wish. The length is rather long and will be needed to be hemmed, if you are wearing without gaiters. The buttons do look a little weak, but a field test will see if this is the case. I am a size 38 and perhaps I should have got a size 40, especially as they wore them rather baggy in the 40s.

Graham - AU
trousers (2013-03-07)
fit well and made well!

leck - AU
UK Australian Pattern WWII Khaki Drill Trousers (2013-03-06)
Very good trousers!!! very fast shiping!!!

Tereznikov - RU
Great (2012-10-20)
Great gear, very close to the original. Good price and very fast shipping. Will order again!

Heide - AT
good product (2012-10-12)
Well made, fits the bill nicely...

Barron - AU
UK Australian Pattern Tousers (2012-09-18)
Was surprized that there were no brace buttons. The belt buckles were a little flimsy.
overal cloth and cut were very good, but sizes were snug, (as oposed to ther trousers from WPG that fit more prefectly, not tight.

MacMullen - US
UK Australian Pattern WWII Khaki Drill Trousers, (2 pairs) (2012-09-17)
As yet this item also has not yet been received

MacMullen - US
mr (2012-07-29)
Can not fault the service

Lean - AU
Mr (2012-07-25)
Love the quick shipping, Gear has been top notch.

Lean - AU
Good fit Quality (2012-07-02)
First pair of trousers I have bought that were too long (easily hemmed after laundering)and fit in the waist, I have a 34" inseam and these will be perfect!

Cornelius - US
Unique (2012-05-16)
Nice color, style and giventhe era these reflect, nice fit too- Surprised to receive it so quickly

Piedimonte - US
UK Australian Pattern WWII Khaki Drill Trousers (2012-04-20)
As described - exact in every detail

fawkes - AU
kd pants (2012-03-09)
perfect fit super fast shipping many many thanks

Heynders - AU
UK Australian pattern WWII Khaki Drill Trousers, (2012-02-21)
Outstanding as usual. Great service, very fast delivery and they look and fit great.

Fenner - US
Aust' KD Trousers . (2012-02-08)
Again another Great item , Perfect fit & close to my Original .

KauKas - AU
Great (2011-12-20)
Terrific. Well-fitting, comfortable, sturdy materials. I'll probably order several more in the near future.

Jackson - US
Australian Pattern WWII Khaki Drill Trousers (2011-11-14)
PERFECT.....not much else to say, finally someone has done it right!!!

Radford - AU
Amazing (2011-11-11)
Amazing... Just when I thought Jerry had already produced everything on my reenacting wishlist WPG pulls a fast one and sells one more Item I just gotta have. Whats next? Australian pattern boots!?!?! These pants are great though. They match the originals I have almost exactly.

McNamara - US
aussie KD (2011-11-10)
nice trousers but if i compere with an original one it isn t baggy enough

thierry - France
Australian KD trousers (2011-11-10)
Jerry is right, you need to measure just below your ribs for correct sizings. These trousers are almost an exact copy of my original ones. Correct waist straps and buckles but buttons should be brown as per shirt. A good fit and will do very well for reenacting soldiers in the tropics.

kim fawkes - australia