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Excellent alternative to antique (2017-07-10)
Purchased this holster and Its very beautifully made with quality leather.There are only 2 or 3 set backs, one of which I think could easily be improved. The leather for the leg strap is fairly dainty so it feels as it it could break fairly easily but It hasnt yet so I could just be wrong.Secondly there is no sheet metal on face of the holster under the "L" stitching. The only reason this matters is that it leaved the Brass nub wobbly. I suggest maybe punching the flap catch all the way through the holster to the inside so it isnt held in only by a thin plyable layer of leather.Lastly this is more of a warning than a con toward the holster, but this holster is made to fit original government model 1911s and thats it. the 1911A1s beaver tail is too long to natively close the flap on this holster.But these are likely design flaws of the pattern itself by no fault of the leather worker as the piece is gorgeous and expertly crafted. It is what it is, excellent for re enactment Id say.If they made the Flapless Audley style holster without the swivel, it would be an absolute masterpiece based on this ones presentation.

Scott - Oregon
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