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Bell Crown Cover & Canteen Pouch (2021-02-20)
Awesome Bell Crown cover and Canteen Pouch

Myers - US
USMC P1912 canteen (2020-12-30)
Great quality and color! I’m actually really happy with it. Only complaints are the hanger isn’t correct to originals and have the later wwii style usmc hanger and the bottom has too much excess material to hold canteen correctly.

Raul - United States
Excellent product (2020-03-19)
I would recommend WPG for any reenacting needs. First rate equipment and uniforms.

Brown - US
Excellent (2020-03-08)
It’s great.Jerry Thank you

Langston - US
outstanding (2018-11-28)
Canteen cover is right on the money. Exceptional item, price, and delivery
Semper Fi

Halliday - US
USMC P1912 EGA Snap Canteen Cover (2018-10-31)
Only problems were that the one I got did not have the correct khaki trim and hanger tab like the originals and there is an excess of material where the bottom is sewn on that makes it hard to get the canteen and cup in far enough to snap easily. Other than that it is a nice addition.

Phil - Ohio, USA
Great item (2017-11-25)
Great canteen cover,fast delivery!

Jim - US
Very Authentic Detail (2017-07-11)
I was pleasantly surprised with this reproduction. The attention to detail is amazing. If it was aged a little , it would be very difficult to tell the difference from the original period item.

Berthelot - US
1917 ega snap canteen cover (2017-07-02)
This is a great cover I am simply impressed with it and would recommend it to anyone. Fast delivery as well

Truax - US
USMC canteen cover-Just what I need (2015-04-05)
A very keen eye for detail on this repro. The eagle snaps are really just backwards lift the dot fasteners interestingly enough- a bit more fumbly, but they work. It fits in perfectly with my pre war marine outfit.

Ellis - VA
USMC P1912 EGA Snap Canteen Cover (2014-09-23)
Nice look. Original. Good quality.

Benitez - ES
canteen (2014-09-21)
Exact item with great detail thanks

Van - US
eagle snap canteen cover (2014-05-01)
very well made canteen cover. Identical in every way to the original and allows reenactor to keep from destroying WW1 covers. Great product

Rodgers - US
Early canteen cover USMC (2013-08-17)
In a word, brilliant! Great item, looks well made and loving those snaps!

Steve - Melbourne
USMC M1912 Canteen Cover (2013-04-06)
Man this is beautiful. The craftsmanship is excellent. The attention to design detail is excellent. The material quality is excellent. Like so many of your pre-WWII (and pre-WWI) items, you are the only practical source for this period. The lining looks like it could be used in a nice jacket! Thanks again for making my dream, of putting myself into the military of bygone eras, a joyous reality.

Speer - US
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