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Great Jacket, But... (2023-03-21)
The jacket is great. The weight and design are outstandin and I'm looking forward to wearing it. However, there is a discoloration on the front right shoulder that looks like there was some kind of sticker on the jacket. That one star shaped spot that is the size of the palm of an adult male's hand is lighter than the rest of the jacket. OUtside of that, the uniform looks great.

Belstra - US
Had to get a second@ (2022-04-24)
I loved the tunic so much, I had to get a second. After applying original infantry chevrons and collar insignia, I decided to do another as coast artillery.

Ragan - US
Super (2017-06-07)
I loved my 1912 Summer Tunic.The size 44 1906 Khaki tunic was still little big on me.

Garcia - US
US Tunic (2016-06-26)
I've been doing WWI re-enacting for over 20 years and have gotten lots of the associated "stuff". My unit is doing a stateside impression and I picked up this tunic. It's magnificent. First, I called WPG for the first time ever but got a voicemail so I figured I'd email with some questions and left no message. Well, Jerry called me back right away just using my caller ID. Then my tunic came in ONE WEEK. Jerry said they don't list sizes to buy if they aren't in stock (no waiting for months on something that you keep getting promised "is coming in any day now"). Secondly, as his instructions suggested - I went one size up to have a bit of "shoulder room". It fits perfect and everything is spot on. All this plus great service PLUS a super great price. I could not be any happier.

Doug T. - Wisconsin
US 1906 Pattern Khaki Summer Cotton Tunic (2015-06-22)
A Big Moment receiving this! This blouse is just as I remembered from having an original many years back. As instructed, requested size 46, up from an actual size 42, and the fit is very good. The material is the correct cotton and the stitching is superb. The buttons, with spring backs, are removable, much as the original.

Seeing this, with its paper item tag dated in 1907, I thought I was receiving this right from the Quartermaster! which, for me, is what WPG has become.

Frank - US
U.S. Army Pattern 1906 Cotton Summer Tunic (2013-09-15)
This is a really impressive, sharp-looking, traditional 19th century military jacket! The pleats, seams, and epaulets are all enhanced by tripple-stitching, and the buttons are blackened bronze. True to tunics I have worn, there is a throat tab right begind the double hooks in the collar. It may be a bit too warm to wear all of these clothes when you are out in the desert around Ft. Huachuca, but at least the troops will know who the Captain is!

Speer - US
US 1906 Pattern Summer Cotton Tunic (2013-05-22)
Great communication between Jerry and I to determine the right size. Construction is great. Thanks Jerry.

camp - TH
US 1903 tunic (2012-09-11)
At a recent museum conference I spoke to some others in my profession who also are interested in this uniform. We later exchanged pix and photos of originals in our collections. We have hound that many details vary greatly. To include pocket size, location, and button placement.

Mike - Oklahoma
5 (2012-06-24)
Sizing information was right on the mark. I wear a 44, so ordered a 48 in insure correct fit which was just the size I needed. Well made blouse.

Vice - US
US 1906 Khaki Summer Cotton Tunic (2012-06-14)
Good heavy weight cotton fabric that is well stitchted. Buttons are removable which makes cleaning easy. As stated in description, it really is sized small. I ordered a 42 regular (I wear 39 Short) and it fits exactly like a 38 Short. Its made for a person around 5''5" with a 37-38 inch chest.

Chris - Virginia/USA
1906 US Army khaki tunic (2012-06-10)
Don''t know about pocket size, I''ll have to compare to originals later, however, all in all, I am very impressed.
NOTE THIS: Jerry is absolutely right on the size issue. I am 5'' 10" 185lbs and am a size 42 precisely. Ordered a 44 but just a tad too tight. SIZE 46 DID THE TRICK. Thanks, Jerry ...

Dan and Roberta - Alaska
US 1906 Pattern Khaki Summer Cotton Tunic (2012-06-02)
The first thing I noticed is the lower pockets are too small.

Mike - Oklahoma
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