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Good stuff (2023-08-16)
Very quick shipping.

Altman - CA
Fast shipping, quality short (2023-08-12)
I wear a size 36 pant usually, and I ordered 1 size up in these shorts. Obviously the cut of this garment is shorter than most modern men are used to, but I would say that 1 size up (a 38) is perfect and achieves the correct period look. (I am 6ft 200lbs normally a 36, but ordered a 38, fitment is bang on) Gentlemen, as others have suggested I recommend wearing Briefs with these, as boxers will show and spoil the period look! (And make it hard to eliminate your usual tan lines! I'm sure the ladies will agree!) ;-)

Hurlbut - CA
Good fit and material (2023-05-30)
Only downside is that the rear pocket was missing.

Cometa - US
Delivered fast, good quality (2023-01-20)
They fit, looking forward summer.

Garver - US
Just what I wanted. (2022-10-24)
These shorts are fantastic. 'Nuff said.

Schaefer - US
Navy swim/PT shorts (2021-09-20)
Good affordable product.

Connell - US
Great repro of a classic (2021-08-27)
I ordered the swimming pants/pt shorts on last minute, just days before a vacation to the french Atlantic.
The shipment arrived well in time ,about 3 days after ordering.

The shorts are of a good, heavy quality. And sit well above the belly button, just like they ought to. The legs are cut wide, so my thick thighs fit into them. Perfect shorts to hide a little „Bierbauch“ as we call it in Germany.
They make a hobbit look like a tall giant. Since they are really short, they show a lot of leg. If you are packing something bigger than 7cm in your navy combat diving shorts, I suggest you wear some quick drying briefs underneath it. Otherwise your best piece will come to show.

10/10 would recommend.
Yours sincerely,
Cpt. Jack Rivers

Cpt. Jack Rivers - Germany
Very nice shorts (2021-08-23)
They are very nice, I like the cut and the fabric.

Alvarez - IT
Damn Fine Gear (2021-08-16)
Purchased these for Tiki Oasis this summer. Belt was a little long, but tucked it in the band. Not as smug as some other commenters stated, but worked for me. Chicks dug ‘em, even the one that I was with. Paired well with my boondockers, daisy mae cap and the 1940’s pattern Avanti aloha shirt. Getting a pair of the Army style for next year. Keep up the good work. Almost forgot. I goofed and ordered two pairs. Called Jerry the next day and he took care of it like the professional that he is. Saved everyone lots of time.

Lamb - US
great shorts (2021-07-22)
ordered size larger. great shorts

dudrow - US
Short Shorts? (2021-11-07)
I wore my Dad's WWII PT shorts back in the 70s but "outgrew" them fast. Got these to swim in my pool, not walk the streets. Everyone comments on their truncated length but in my judgement the repros don't seem to be as brief as the originals. A welcome riposte to the imbecilic 3/4 "shorts" worn by the lowing herd.

DrO - US
US Army Swim Trunks (2021-06-03)
Another great item by WPG! The fit was as expected. The quality outstanding, as usual. A great addition to my kit!

Craig - US
Nice fit. (2021-05-14)
Nice fit

Van Schaik - NL
Quick delivery (2020-06-01)
Nice. Good look for the period.

Simmons - US
Army Swim Shorts. (2020-03-07)
Worn very happily, under overalls, during maritime maintenance, for 20 months, in Djibouti. Well made, well stitched, strong buttons.Comfortable, airy and thoroughly absorbent. Flat buckles rusted away. Off duty, worn with briefs against nad-creep and peek-a-boo. Tanned my thighs a gladiatorial bronze. Alarmed my wife.

Sean - Djibouti
Outstanding (2019-02-27)
Love these shorts! The fit is outstanding and the materials are great and they are in a perfect OD No.03 shade. I wear them around the house constantly and will be wearing them to the gym and taking them with me to Vegas later on in spring to wear at the pool parties at the Orleans during the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend.

I ordered the U.S. Army version and live the belt closure as well as the watch pocket and buttoned back pocket.

Jason - US
Great Army PT Shorts (2018-09-24)
Awesome shorts. Great Quality!

Miller - US
Awesome! (2018-09-05)
I have an original pair, and these are exactly the same, except that they fit better (originals give me a muffin top and my junk falls out the bottom). I've used them for swimming, and they're great.

Haynes - US
Army Swim Shorts (2018-06-24)
old fashioned but extravagant among users of microfibre bermuda shorts down to knees.wps supports to revive style of lost days.

Interholz - AT
GI PT/ Swim shorts (2018-05-13)
Great product, I've very pleased and it was very fast shipping

Kennick  - US
Great kit great service (2018-05-04)
Cracking pair of US army PT shorts bought for swimming. Will be perfect with speedos underneath to keep things in place. Bought them bigger for a more relaxed fit and look good. Shipped from UAE and arrived in a few days. Love them:-)

Dom Barker - UK
fast delivery (2017-08-21)
very good product and turn around time

rick - US
Super fast delivery (2017-08-14)
Very happy. Well made and fit well too

Felke  - US
Army/Navy PT Shorts (2017-06-29)
Shorts fit well ... good delivery time ....

Campbell - US
No Quality Control (2016-06-29)
Got my shorts; fast delivery as usual. I ordered th Navy version and the pair I received has NO back pocket as described. All in all, this is no big deal, just shows a lack of QC. Last thing, as previously noted, if you have a hunk of junk and wear these shorts in public, wear your tighty whities because these are very short.

Jeff - Hawaii
Amazed: (2016-05-24)
Excellent service; fast shipment; outstanding product and great fit.

Austin - US
fast delivery (2016-03-29)
very fast delivery. every thing I had hoped for. I got the army pattern with the watch pocket. the button through back pocket is big enough for my wallet and the watch pocket can hold my keys (not very comfortable but can be done)

croas - US
U.S. Army PT Shorts (2015-08-31)
They are as described and fit perfectly.

McMillan - US
PT shorts (Army) (2015-08-06)
Fit and details look very good. I'll be taking them to DDay Ohio at Conneaut.

Suesz - US
Army Shorts (2015-04-16)
Nice shorts, would recommend, but not for swimming.
Good for PT and summer wear. Size is accurate. Belt buckle
good steel. Cotton good quality. WPG needs to make the
blue wool swim shorts for the water and is more accurate for UDT's, per Jeff Warner"s book on the Amphibous Navy.

US Army PT Swim Shorts (2015-03-01)
Quality product. Fast delivery. Highly recommended seller.

Manfrini - IT
Very Good (2015-01-31)
Bought the army version and arrived within a week of ordering. I like the belt. They're pretty short meaning the leg runs just about parallel to the crotch.

Martelli - US
Difference between Army and Navy version (2014-12-12)
What''s the difference between the Army and Navy versions. The product description is not clear other than stating there IS an Army version and a Navy version

Paul - US
WW2 US Army Swim / PT Shorts (2014-11-20)
Outstanding product and great fit. I've never seen these offered anywhere, and at a great price too. A comfortable addition to my kit in camp, after a hard day of reenacting.

Kose1 - US
Rope. Army swim shorts (2014-10-15)
Well made. Rapid delivery I did get a call from DHL . There was no street address only the city listed on the pkg. No big deal. Joe

Barkley - US
Army PT shorts, Khaki twill (2014-08-18)
These are excellent shorts and true to the originals in cut and fit. I did not find them to be quite as short as modern UDT trunks and I look forward to running many miles on a nearby trail and around the parade ground at Fort Worden in WA State with these and a pair of black Chuck Taylor Converse All Stars on my feet!

McPherson - US
PT Swim Shorts (2014-08-07)
Great reproduction. I will have many uses for these. Great fit (34 waist is perfect)

Punt - US
comments (2013-11-28)
good quality and service shop

waiglein - IT
AAF PT Shorts (2013-07-25)
Very comfortable! I use these for running and they're the best running shorts I've ever had, bar none. Fit is excellent, legs are short enough for freedom of movement. I do advise wearing a jock strap or briefs rather than boxers or going commando in these, as they are cut in the true athletic style, rather than like today's high-water pants excuses for shorts. After all, you don't need your personal equipment spilling out for all the world to see.

S. G. Lucky - US
Great shorts (2013-04-04)
First time I buy at WPG. And I will buy again. The cotton shorts are made in a wonderful quality. The cut is the same than the originals. A pure pleasure for the upcoming european summer but also for your outdoor adventures.

Cazal - DE
swimming (2013-04-03)
If I had been smart enough I would have read the above comment. I was gonna use for swim trunks, as it is I will use these in the gym.

Ashe - US
UDTs (2013-03-26)
Navy UDTs...good reproduction, good fit, comfortable all-cotton garment. Cost is competitive with modern issue retail price. As mentioned by other reviewers, "Navy" version has no back pocket.

Navy PT shorts (2012-09-23)
my second pair need I say more

Johnson - US
US Navy PT Swim Shorts (2012-09-10)
My second pair.Always a pleasure to do business with WPG.

Johnson - US
Shorts (2012-08-08)
fit welll good servis

Hunnewell - US
US Army or Navy PT Swim Shorts (2012-08-05)
2nd pair of AAf shorts. Navy shorts are a great reproduction as well

Johnson - US
Navy shorts (2012-08-05)
Perfect to be worn in Berlin lakes!
good stuff! thanks.

Timo - DE
SGT (2012-07-22)
Excellent repro in every way!

Ball - US
Nice Quality (2012-07-16)
Navy PT trunks are very nive quality, nice buckle and stitching. Waist fits perfectly but they are a little loose around my skinny legs. Going to have my wife alter them a bit for custom fit and junk drop prevention...

Gerhard - US
Army PT shorts (2012-07-06)
I bought the army pattern- waist size is true on these- order what you normally wear. I agree, you can''t go bareback under these! They do look the part though, combine with a PT shirt and good to go.

Now, how about gym shoes Jerry????

Steve - Melbourne Australia
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