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Uk Sam Browne Holster (2014-09-22)
Top quality leather, unbeatable price, looks fantastic when polished up. Identical to originals. The holster sits on the belt at an angle, exactly like the originals (this was designed to prevent shooting yourself should your revolver go off in the holster).

Suggestion to WPG: It would be great to see one exactly the same only designed so that the top profile of the holster flap sits parallel with the belt, thus allowing an easy cross draw. This design would also be more suitable than the current one for use on the cavalry holster adapter. The current holster is 100% correct, but not for use on the cavalry holster adapter. This second design would be something I''d like to see in the future.

Overall, brilliant item!

Jamie - Northern Ireland
Sam Browne Holster (2014-07-10)
Perfect quality. Cannot be better

Fenech - MT
sam browne holster (2014-06-29)
Perfect quality. Can be dyed to any shade of brown.

Fenech - MT
Andy (2014-01-02)
A little work with london Brown dye and this will be perfect

Robertshaw - GB
Andy (2014-01-02)
Very useful and unusual

Robertshaw - GB
ALBERT,IT (2013-08-27)
Very similar to the real ones. Service and shipping very fast and well done!!!

Sam Browne Holster. (2013-03-07)
See my review on this regarding braces.

Lopez - US
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