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Excellent (2023-10-08)
Having recently tried a well known competitor for denim, I had retuned the trousers and decided to try WPG. I am very pleased I did as the package is really reasonable and, on arrival, the fit was found to be excellent. After a gentle wash and a press, we are ready to go! The denim is very comfortable, practical and easier to keep clean. Well done WPG! Well recommended.

Mason - UK
Fast delivery (2023-03-26)
Arrived safely and on time

Hoovler - US
Fast Delivery (2022-01-10)
Very nice! Great fit, very good quality of both the pants and jacket.

Robson - CA
Excellent (2021-07-24)
It’s looks good an it came early as well

Mazelin - US
Awesome (2021-01-14)
Recieved my p37 British jacket and pants very well made and durable. I highly recommend this uniform. Thanks Jerry

Dent - US
Perfect! (2020-12-18)
Nice items and very fast delivery.

Deziel - CA
Unbelievably fast shipping. 5 days from order to package delivery to Tennessee. (2020-11-16)
I am gobsmacked at the speed of delivery. I am a big waisted guy and the size recommendations were spot on. Ordered a smaller set some years and several pants sizes ago, color is better, construction perfect.

Anderson - US
good&nice item (2020-06-09)
good&nice item.....

lee - KR
Real Denimn (2020-04-26)
The pics don't show the inside, but this fabric is real woven denim - that is the warp is white thread and the weft is dyed thread.
When it is woven, the colored thread is turned back so one side shows the color, and the backside shows white. Like your jeans.
This is NOT cotton twill that has been dyed.

James - PA
Fast delivery (2020-04-26)
Trousers are P 37, tunic is P40, but that was shown in picture, once I took in the legs and length the trousers were fine, only had to tailor the tunic a little. ASll in all I was satisfied.

Bailey - US
Perfect Denims (2020-02-29)
Great shade of brown, sizing is spot on. I wasn't buying them to wear over wool BDs, but just on their own. So based on my experience with these, sizes ran true to buy in your usual fit. Shipped quickly, WPG always have been great at that.

Dan - New Zealand
Great work uniform (2019-10-06)
Well made, fast shipping. they run true to size so if you are getting them to wear over battledress order up a size or two.

Schatz - US
super (2019-09-09)
Received order in lest of a week.
fits great.

Borowski - US
Great product (2019-05-16)
Very well made, great shipping time, will order from WPG again

Coker - US
Amazed (2018-05-08)
The Customer service with wpg is amazing I had to send my purchase back for size exchange and had it back within a few days.

Poffenberger - US
Excellent delivery service. (2017-10-10)
Hello, the items I ordered were perfect, I was not prepared for the amount of shrinkage that took place when I washed it. But all in all the craftsmanship of the uniform is first rate.

gatford - US
super fast (2017-02-21)
excellent delivery and service

thx for all

huybrechts - BE
BD Denims (2017-01-15)
Good product at a good price. Shoulders seem to be a bit narrow but other than that no problems. I would recommend ordering a size up.

McCleaf - US
Great set (2016-08-12)
Really pleased with the DB, looks great thanks, quick delivery too!

Crowley - UK
The Best (2016-08-10)
Super fast delivery. Excellant quality. Will need to exchange trousers fro larger size and will review how that works out if all is successful. Love the company.

Duncan - US
Fine (2016-08-01)
Having dealt with WPG before all was as I expected

Tegg - UK
Spot on. (2016-06-28)
Right colour, right fit, can't fault them.

Brand - UK
Hard to beat (2016-05-06)
Great quality at a reasonable price. Very fast delivery.

Michael - South Carolina, USA
Fastest delivery of anyone. (2016-01-22)
Great outfit. A perfect fit. A few rough edges, buttonholes etc... but nothing I'd really worry about. Easy guys to deal with as well. Very helpful. Keep up the good work.

Fewtrell - AU
UK P-37 Battledress Denim Jacket and Trouser Package (Improved Run) (2016-01-13)
Was very pleased with the items and very fast delivery.
Shirt size a little tight but ok. Always a pleasure to do business with.

Mike b - CA
P-37 Denim BD (2015-12-24)
Good customer service. The jacket and trousers are fine - only the quality of the brass buttons lets the trousers down.

Blank - UK
Happy (2015-10-29)
Very Happy. Good quality and well made. Only issue I had was it was missing the button hole on the left cuff but this is easily sorted.

Dale - UK
Denim Battledress (2015-10-13)
Excellent service and quality as always :-)

lewis - UK
Very Good ! (2015-09-18)
A decent copy of the early wartime pattern of denim BD. All details are correct, the colour being a sort of olive-brown which will fade over time and a fairly good compromise between the early version in almost a tan-brown colour through to later examples in an almost grey-green. Fabric is not actually denim but more a cotton-drill but some originals were also of a similar fabric. Fit is good, in particular the trousers, although the blouse should be ordered one size larger than normal to ensure a good fit and to take into account any shrinkage. Denim BD was originally a poor fit as it was cut to wear OVER the serge BD thus was sizes accordingly. Criticisms ? Only a couple - the blouse breast pockets are sewn on at least two inches too high. They should be, and the flaps, roughly in-line with the second-button down from the collar. I removed the pockets and simply re-positioned them lower down although this did involve also removing and re-positioning the inner-reinforcement too. Collar hooks too are far too flimsy and bend easily, so I replaced these with original brass ones from stock. Apart from the minor points above, a very well made replica Jerry and excellent value for money !

Steve - GB
gb trs and jacket (2015-07-19)
high quality product!!!

Gildas - FR
Nice Denims (2015-07-02)
Nice set of British Denims, well made and delivered quickly to UK.
I especially liked that the uneven spaced belt loops were correct as were the brass buttons on the trousers. A couple of washes should get them looking spot on.

Nigel - Sunny London
Nice Denims (2015-07-02)
Nice set of British Denims, well made and delivered quickly to UK.
I especially liked that the uneven spaced belt loops were correct as were the brass buttons on the trousers. A couple of washes should get them looking spot on.

Nigel - Sunny London
Battle dress (2015-06-11)
Wasn't sure what to order as tape differed from my normal trouser, but they fit like a glove except bit long in the leg ( I've ducks desease), again a big thank you.

Fairs - UK
Color (2015-04-18)
Hi, Will you be making the denim battledress in green ?

Mike - USA
R.A.S (2015-03-31)
Article de bonne qualité
Personnellement j'ai reçu la tenue de Raid en couleur marron

Massimo - FR
wiltshire home guard (2015-03-14)
Very useful highly recommend

Martin - UK
Denim Battledress (2015-01-01)
Received the denim battledress very quick. After a first wash the trousers fits. The jacket was already a good size. Good quality

Patrick - NL
P37 Denim Uniform set (2014-12-16)
Excellent Set. The sizes true but were a little tight. Other than that an excellent set.

bloski - US
UK P-37 Battledress Denim Jacket and Trouser Package (2014-11-11)
brilliant just the job

bilboe - GB
Mr. (2014-10-21)
Very happy with the item will buy from you again ,thank you

Mueller - GB
WW11 Battledress Denims. (2014-09-13)
Very impressed really good to wear on a hot day.

British denim BD outfit (2014-08-14)
What can I say that I have said before. The British BD is perfect. The sizing is right on. Great material and construction. Another homerun Jerry. Wajed should be congratulated on getting these items in the mail in record time. I get things faster from across the world than I do across the united States for almost the same cost. I don't know how you do it but keep it up.
I ordered my normal size. Did not order the long size and glad I did not. It would have been too long in body and arms.

Popiela - US
Mr (2014-07-29)
Fast in the post to England (six days)and it is good gear.
One thing to think about it would be nice if the sizes are larger for this day and age.
Will use again and tell mates.

Denchfield - GB
Denim Battle Dress WW11 (2014-07-25)
Really pleased with my order, wore at a Veterans parade - & passed scrutiny by a WW11 Normandy Veteran.

Very good ! (2014-07-08)
Trousers fit my big belly very well (took 48), and the jacket is perfect ! And, this is the difference with the OD one I ordered 2 years ago, the buttons are already fixed on the jacket. Top !

Duruz - CH
Very speedy delivery! (2014-06-17)
I was concerned about the delivery time, as I live in the US and the product came from the UAE, but they arrived in about 4 days. Unbelievable! The British P-37 Jacket and pants were wonderful, with a couple of exceptions. I would prefer the jacket to be a bit longer and the pants to be a bit shorter and not quite so full. It seems as if the top sizes run small and the pant sizes run large. But my son belted them and he looked GREAT (with his Enfield, webbing, backpack, helmet, etc)!!! Thank you so much, for getting them here in time for his birthday! He was thrilled!

Denim battledress (2014-06-01)
Great set, great colour, excellent for a early war or home guard impression!

mitchley - GB
battledress uniform (2014-05-12)
Excellent product and a great fit. Speed of despatch was superb, it's been a pleasure doing business with your company. Many thanks.

buchan - GB
kohler usa (2014-04-02)
second set of these and I loved them both. I just out grew the first one.

kohler - US
Denim improved (2014-03-23)
Great items. Delivered very fast.

About sizes: stick to the size-chart in the webpage menu. These are correct. I ordered one size up as the denims have to be fit a bit baggy but one you take one size larger they will be to wide, so ordered another trouser in the correct size.

I have washed the large trousers serveral times on 20, 40 and 60 degrees and also on 90 degrees but so far it did not shrink what so ever.

Colour of the denims is brown-green which soots more for a early wartime display, but for a British Commando display they are fantastic.

Vrolijk - NL
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