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Oliver Pattern Belt (2021-03-23)
Very nice quality belt.

Hampton - US
Very happy with the Oliver Belt (2020-12-27)
Belt is really nice and will make an excellent "walking out" belt

Traxler - US
Great Product and Great Shipping (2020-12-26)
This belt rounds out my Oliver pattern kit. Although the belt is of a lighter shade it matches the ammunition pouch and bandolier exactly. Belts and pouches seem to vary in colour on period photos so I am not worried as leather will darken with use. The large size required addition of some adjustment holes but this is better than being too small. Incredibly fast international shipping.

Enfield 577 - CA
Excellent (2019-08-31)
Much better reproduction than I was expecting. Buckle is very sturdy as is material an stitching. Had to add some adjustment holes to make it fit (belt was huge) but that was a small matter.

huml - US
Too Small (2019-06-22)
Well-made, lovely belt is accurate in design and manufacture is any original I’ve ever seen. However, the sizing designation is wrong. I purchased the larger belt, and it was either mislabeled, or does not fit the size indicated.

I was disappointed that I had to return it, as I otherwise like the belt very much.

Hathcock - US
Great Belt (2018-05-25)
A good belt. The colour is a bit off compared to reference photos - it's a lighter tan colour rather than a cherry brown, but with a few applications of brown boot polish it looks great. The clasp and brass pieces can be polished up with Nevrdull, Brasso or Mother's as well to give it a nice shine. The clasp is a bit noisy when not fastened but that's to be expected with metal.

Kyle - Canada
Oliver pattern belt (2016-06-25)

Shipped very quickly. Have ordered many additional pieces of the Oliver pattern. All fits together well and appears both high quality and accurate.

Gatenby - CA
Another top notch belt... (2016-03-01)
Good quality leather belt with sturdy buckle gear and snake buckle, reminiscent of my old school-days belt in the UK! Solid value reproduction.

Lovato - US
Very well done! (2013-12-10)
This run of the Oliver Pattern Belt is amazing. I have many examples of originals and these are spot-on. With two applications of Huberd''s Shoe Grease, they look ready for the Somme.

Bob - Victoria, Canada
UK Canadian 1899 Oliver Patter belt (2013-11-18)
Excellent quality. A perfect match to period photos, once darkened.

Tim - CA
Oliver pattern belt (2013-10-03)
Excellent, top drawer!

Luscombe - CA
UK Canadian 1899 Oliver Pattern Leather Equipment Belt (2013-09-16)
A sturdy and stylish item. It`s the second one I have ordered.

UK Canadian 1899 Oliver Pattern Leather Equipment Belt (2013-09-09)
After I received the first, I immediately ordered a second one. It will make a good friend of mine jumpy, when I put it under his X-mas tree.

1899 oliver belt (2013-01-26)
As always quality that I have come to expect from WPG and great customer service.

Brian - U.S.
Exact Replica (2012-11-27)
I have my Granddad''s and it is exactly the same except for color. I''ve done many purchases from Jerry, This is by far the best, totally satisfied.

Russell - United States
Oliver pattern belt (2012-11-21)
Buy one now. These are the best and a promise of more good Oliver gear to come I hope. It is a perfect match to the originals.

Tim - Canada