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Excellent (2019-08-31)
Much better reproduction than I was expecting. Buckle is very sturdy as is material an stitching. Had to add some adjustment holes to make it fit (belt was huge) but that was a small matter.

huml - US
Too Small (2019-06-22)
Well-made, lovely belt is accurate in design and manufacture is any original I’ve ever seen. However, the sizing designation is wrong. I purchased the larger belt, and it was either mislabeled, or does not fit the size indicated.

I was disappointed that I had to return it, as I otherwise like the belt very much.

Hathcock - US
Great Belt (2018-05-25)
A good belt. The colour is a bit off compared to reference photos - it's a lighter tan colour rather than a cherry brown, but with a few applications of brown boot polish it looks great. The clasp and brass pieces can be polished up with Nevrdull, Brasso or Mother's as well to give it a nice shine. The clasp is a bit noisy when not fastened but that's to be expected with metal.

Kyle - Canada
Oliver pattern belt (2016-06-25)

Shipped very quickly. Have ordered many additional pieces of the Oliver pattern. All fits together well and appears both high quality and accurate.

Gatenby - CA
Another top notch belt... (2016-03-01)
Good quality leather belt with sturdy buckle gear and snake buckle, reminiscent of my old school-days belt in the UK! Solid value reproduction.

Lovato - US
Very well done! (2013-12-10)
This run of the Oliver Pattern Belt is amazing. I have many examples of originals and these are spot-on. With two applications of Huberd''s Shoe Grease, they look ready for the Somme.

Bob - Victoria, Canada
UK Canadian 1899 Oliver Patter belt (2013-11-18)
Excellent quality. A perfect match to period photos, once darkened.

Tim - CA
Oliver pattern belt (2013-10-03)
Excellent, top drawer!

Luscombe - CA
UK Canadian 1899 Oliver Pattern Leather Equipment Belt (2013-09-16)
A sturdy and stylish item. It`s the second one I have ordered.

UK Canadian 1899 Oliver Pattern Leather Equipment Belt (2013-09-09)
After I received the first, I immediately ordered a second one. It will make a good friend of mine jumpy, when I put it under his X-mas tree.

1899 oliver belt (2013-01-26)
As always quality that I have come to expect from WPG and great customer service.

Brian - U.S.
Exact Replica (2012-11-27)
I have my Granddad''s and it is exactly the same except for color. I''ve done many purchases from Jerry, This is by far the best, totally satisfied.

Russell - United States
Oliver pattern belt (2012-11-21)
Buy one now. These are the best and a promise of more good Oliver gear to come I hope. It is a perfect match to the originals.

Tim - Canada