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Great business (2022-03-28)
I am well pleased with the quality of this product an could not believe how fast the delivery was. Price was fair also. Your getting my business again.

Spangler - US
Amazing quality, best repro covers on the market (2021-06-12)
Absolutely hands down the best 2nd pat USMC canteen covers on the market as of 2021

Cole Kachadurian - US
Very good quality and fast delivery! (2020-07-12)
The cover I received didn’t have the reinforcement rivets which is a bummer because I plan to use this hard. So we’ll se how it holds up. So far so good!

Boido - US
USMC Canteen Cover (2020-05-26)
Great reproduction of the original USMC canteen cover 2nd

Langston - US
I was better then I expected (2020-04-19)
It is good to get an item of history that had been taken care of.

Twombly - US
Very great product (2019-08-08)
I was very impressed with the quality of this product. The color is amazingly close to an original and unlike previous reviews have stated, it fit onto my original cartridge belt perfectly. It holds the canteen with cup very easily, much better then some pattern 3s I had laying around from another vendor. Very happy with this product.

Meador - US
2nd Pattern Cover (2019-01-02)
Excellent reproduction with accurate mustard colored canvas.

Samuel - US
Fast delivery (2018-11-19)
Great item second one ordered very good quality.

Niedbalski - US
Fast delivery (2018-11-08)
Very good quality sturdy and well made for the price.

Niedbalski - US
Awesome replica (2017-07-11)
Very hard to see much difference from the originals. Fast shipping was an added bonus.

Berthelot - US
not impressed (2016-07-10)
The wire bale needed a good deal of work just to get it onto an original pistol belt plus the quality of the canteen cover was lacking.

Ignagni - US
USMC canteen cover (2015-06-05)
Lighter, less robust construction and slightly less well-made hardware (snaps a bit rough) than on the M1910 canteen cover. But it is well made and fits the canteen. WPG service was excellent as usual, much appreciated!

Phillip - UK
USMC Canteen (2014-02-06)
Fast delivery excellent canteen and cover

Fitz-Gerald - NZ
USMC 2nd Pattern Canteen Cover Feedback (2013-11-14)
lovely cover with canteen, thanks

Lee - HK
usmc 2nd pattern canteen cover (2013-08-27)
very pleased fit belt correctly good fit with canteen.

Herrin - US
Awesome (2013-07-14)
The material is thinner than I expected but I'm no expert. Fits the canteen, however the hooks required a little fiddling to fit the pistol belt. All in all I was very pleased

Perez - US
sweet (2013-01-25)
Im no expert in military kit, real or repro.But i know an can tell a well made product when i see one and this is it.

jack - nz
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