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Great Transaction (2018-07-15)
Nice Quality Sweater

Prostak - US
It's already been 26-degrees here on the Homestead (2017-11-15)
... and this is quickly becoming my new favorite field work sweater... so warm I had to downgrade on Friday... solid construction... built to fight, work... to last!

awesome sweater (2016-08-26)
very handsome sweaters; fits well. I'm 6.0' and $235, and XXL fits great; length is perfect. Cant wait for colder weather to try it out.

Jumper (2016-03-21)
Item received in good time. Good quality, good colour, good wool. Will be ordering a second in the near future

wright - UK
1905 Rollneck Sweater (2015-12-27)
First off, kudos to your shipping staff. I've been between addresses and your folks were very flexible in getting the sweater shipped to a PO Box. I am very much obliged to you all for that. Second, the sweater still arrived quickly even with the shipping detour. Then third, the sweater is excellent. The size is a tad big in the middle, but that is just fine for me as it means I can work with the sweater. Also, the weave and the drape of the sweater is perfect. This sweater looks fits excellent and looks like something my grandfather lovingly passed down to me. Now I'm scouting about for some more items. Many thanks for the excellent service, and the excellent product.

Belstra - US
Lightning Does Strike Twice! (2015-01-22)
Ordered my second M1905 Roll Neck Sweater almost immediately receiving my first. The second sweater's quality is outstanding as well. Shipping from the warehouse in the UAE was phenomenally fast. Overall, thoroughly satisfied with both my sweaters.

Joseph - US, Kansas
Excellent Sweater (2015-01-09)
Ordered my initial M1905 Rollneck Sweater after reading the reviews. Ordered on a Sunday, sweater arrived in the mail on Thursday. To say the sweater is quality is an understatement. I went over the sweater with a fine tooth comb, no imperfections, pulls or any issues. Fit is perfect and the style is great! I liked the quality so much, I ordered a second one immediately.

Joseph - Kansas
Fabulous! (2014-12-31)
Bought as a follow up to the Jeep Sweater for last Christmas, which was a total hit. This turtleneck version was even more appreciated, if possible.

Oregon - US
US Cav. roll-neck jumper (2014-12-13)
I've now bought 2: 1-lge & 1- medium. This has to be one of the best quality, 100% woolen jumpers/sweaters/jerseys on the market! Wash per instructions... Superb, if you like khaki.

Morrison - PL
US M1905 Sweater (2014-05-17)
Well made, excellent value

Morrison - PL
captain (2014-03-27)
Warm, good quality, neck is perfect, warm, good buy

Grover - US
US M1905 Rollneck Sweater (Improved Run) (2013-11-21)
Nice fit. Both sleeves and waist are proper length.

Brinson - US
M1905 Roll Neck Sweater (2013-08-29)
This is the heaviest and strongest wool garment I have ever seen! I have your 5-button WWII-issue sweater, and this is heavier. I like the change in weave between the neck and chest area. Looks like it could stop a bullet! Keep it protected, however, with lots of moth balls. This little extra piece pushes any P.E. impression over the top.

Speer - US
Great sweater fast shipping! (2013-03-13)

Ketcherside - US
US M1905 Rollneck Sweater (2013-03-06)
Very Nice Product

Guidobono - US
PeterS (2012-12-24)
Great item, fits well, does not bobble like a cheap Christmas jumper...warm and has held its shape.

Pete - UK